The Portland EcoFilm Festival is the premier environmental film festival in the US Pacific Northwest, showcasing the very best films about nature, environment, wildlife, outdoor pursuits, environmental justice and eco-conscious living. The fest features an Earth Day Film Showcase, an annual four-day festival in the fall, and a year-round film series. Submissions made through this site are in consideration for inclusion in our fall festival.

Our mission is to show the very best eco-films being produced today, to help filmmakers by building support for their films as they are being released into public view, and to connect our audiences to films that inspire environmental advocacy and appreciation. Our fest connects filmmakers and their films with supportive audiences, conservation organizations and environmental advocates.

Hosted in the US’s greenest city, Portland, Oregon, our festival is supported by the kinds of people and organizations who are interested in your film! The festival is a program of the Hollywood Theatre, a restored 1926 film art-house movie palace featuring state-of-the-art projection and sound. Our theater regularly wins local awards as Portland's favorite film venue.

Our festival was created by filmmakers – so we understand the importance of your film's festival release - and want to help you get the biggest audience and impact possible.

1. Screening fees: We pay a screening fee honorarium for every film we show during our four-day festival in fall.

2. Building support for your film: Where scheduling allows, we pair films with local community partners, conservation groups and advocates to help publicize your screenings and increase attendance and outreach.

3. Connecting you to your audience: post-film Q & A sessions and panels help you connect with audiences and promote your film's goals. Our post-film panels feature filmmakers and local conservation organizations, activists and experts to further discuss your film and engage your audience. We provide tabling space in our theater lobby, so you can promote your film's campaign, sell copies of your film, and add interested people to your email list.

4. Supporting films featuring environmental advocacy campaigns: If an advocacy campaign is part of your film’s goals, we offer ways to help you reach your goals through our social media, during our screenings and by connecting you to groups and community members who can help your campaign gain traction before and after your screening date.

5. Awards for filmmakers and film subjects: We grant awards for Best Feature Film, Best Short Film and an EcoHero! Our EcoHero Award is given to a filmmaker or film subject who has made a valuable contribution to the environment. ALL films accepted into the festival are eligible for our awards.

6. Spectacular screening venue and projection: We screen films in a professional theater venue – a restored historic landmark theater featuring state-of-the-art projection and sound. All films are tested and projected by professional projectionists, with the goal of impeccable projection and sound during your film’s screening. ALL films shown in our festival play in this premier venue!

7. Connecting your film to media coverage: We aim to bring media coverage not just to our festival, but also to a number of the films we feature in our prime festival screening slots. Films at our fest have received media coverage from numerous local publications and national publications including MovieMaker Magazine and Indiewire.

8. We support your film's distribution after your festival screening date with us has passed! We love using the reach of our social media to let the public know when your film is available for online viewing, or receives a nationwide theatrical run.

During our annual four-day festival, we grant awards for:
-Best Feature Film - All feature films programmed are eligible for the award.
-Best Short Film - All short films programmed are eligible for the award.
-EcoHero Award - Our award given to a filmmaker - or film subject - who has made a valuable contribution to the environment. All programmed features and shorts are eligible for our EcoHero Award.

Festival Rules, Terms and Conditions:

In order to reduce our carbon footprint, the festival only accepts films for consideration via online submission.

Only films completed after Oct. 2017 will be considered for selection. Works-in-progress will be considered, but only if a completed copy of final film can be provide to festival by 6/26/19.

Our festival features three awards: Best Feature Film, Best Short Film, and our EcoHero Award. All films selected for the Feature Film Competition and the Short Film Competition are eligible for our EcoHero Award - an award prize given to a featured filmmaker or film subject whose work has made a significant contribution to the environment.

The filmmaker/film submitter agrees that:

If film is selected for the festival, an exhibition copy of the film, in the format of BluRay or DCP, plus a backup exhibition copy in the form of DCP, Blu-Ray or DVD is required to arrive at festival office a month in advance of festival start date.

Any non-English language films must have English onscreen subtitles.

All insurance costs and coverage that covers the shipping of film exhibition copy to and from the festival are the responsibility of the filmmaker/film submitter.

All shipping costs covering shipping of the film exhibition copy to the festival are the responsibility of the filmmaker/film submitter.

Films entered into the festival for consideration must have previously obtained all legal copyright clearances, licenses and permissions for materials contained within the films (picture and audio). By submitting a film to the festival, the submitter certifies that they are the copyright owner of the film, or authorized by the copyright owner to submit the film and that it has been legally cleared for the festival's use.

Film submitter agrees to grant festival the right to exhibit the film at the festival, as well as for the festival to use up to (1) minute of footage excepted from the film, and all submitted press kit materials, in festival advertising and promotions.

If a legal claim arises in connection with the submitted film, the filmmaker/person/company submitting the film for entry agrees to bear all costs incurred by festival in defense of the claim, including full payment of all damages, due royalties and reimbursement of all incurred attorney fees and travel fees.

Submission to the festival is a Declaration of Ownership of copyright of the film, by the owner or authorized representative of owner.

By entering a film submission, you are indicating that you understand, comply with and agree to the festival's General Rules, Terms and Conditions and the submissions, eligibility and exhibition copies' requirements.

Overall Rating
  • Connor DeVane

    I can't think of a better place to have hosted the world premiere of my first feature documentary. A truly lovely experience all around (right down to the vegan pizza from Sizzle Pie!) The programming was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed all the other films I was lucky enough to watch. Really felt like a community centered experience

    October 2019
    Portland ecofilm fest crop
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Connor! We were so proud to have helped bring your inspiring and impactful climate film into public view! We appreciate the many visionary people featured in it and the way your film lifts many voices to provide a hopeful view of what we all can accomplish working together. Good luck with future screenings!

  • JP&K Films Juan P. Miquirray

    A festival seriously committed to the environmental issue. If you have something to say about the environment this is the place. In addition, the selection of projects is detailed and careful. The organizers make this event something intimate and are extraordinary in their treatment. They take care that your movie looks and sounds perfect. In short, a very good experience.

    October 2019
    Portland ecofilm fest crop
    Response from festival:

    Thank you JP&K Films! Our audience was very moved by your gorgeous film AN ISLAND IN THE CONTINENT and very much enjoyed having you with us for a discussion, and throughout the festival! Many good wishes for your film's continued success.

  • Great Festival! Our film sold out the theater, this shows how well run and well promoted the festival was. Our Q&A session after film was amazing with almost the entire audience staying.

    October 2019
    Portland ecofilm fest crop
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for letting us host your Oregon premiere for such an important and powerful film, Michael. One of the best Q & A sessions we've ever had for sure. Looking forward to DAMMED TO EXTINCTION's continued success as it comes into public view!

  • Irene Tejaratchi Hess

    Thank you for such a wonderful experience. I greatly appreciate how smoothly the festival was run, how Ms. Smallman responded with care and consideration to any questions I had, and how many wonderful films we got to see!

    October 2019
    Portland ecofilm fest crop
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for your kind review, Irene! Its been our pleasure and honor to screen your beautiful films at our festival. We appreciate your collaboration and support!

  • Deacon Warner

    Loved this festival! Dawn was really gracious to me as a visiting filmmaker and puts together an amazing array of environmental films. And love the Hollywood Theater!

    October 2018
    Portland ecofilm fest crop
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Deacon! We loved helping your delightful film be seen here in Portland. Thanks for attending and look forward to your future filmmaking adventures. Great having you at our fest.