The Planet Connections Festivity is New York’s premiere socially-conscious arts festival. The Festivity is designed to invoke the power of art in motivating philanthropy, community outreach and social change. Within the Festivity are multiple theater, film and music festivals. Planet Connections’ artists use their work to shed light on the causes that matter, while inspiring audiences to get involved. All of our artists raise awareness for an organization/topic of their own selection. We are also the country’s first eco-friendly arts festivity as all our artists work to create eco-concious art by revising their marketing, design and rehearsal techniques. Planet Connections artists are introduced to a community of like-minded theater makers, film makers and music makers. The relationships formed during the festivity allow our artists to find new audiences and forge new partnerships

The Planet Connections Film Festival awards honors according to audience and staff voting in each of our categories.

Best short and feature narrative film
Best short and feature documentary film
Best web-series

Selected films must be made available for Festival presentation in
digital video (DVD, BluRay, or Digital file). Flash drive with is the preferred format. Filmmakers whose films are selected must deliver their film in an acceptable final presentation format. Failure to provide the film in acceptable format may result in the film being dropped from the Festival.

Foreign language films must be made available with the original
language soundtrack and English subtitles or English dubbing.


Entry Fee
International entrants who do not pay by credit card must use an international money order paid in US dollars through a US bank.
Entry fees are not refundable.

Preview DVD
DVDs will not be returned.
• Key film still - 300dpi JPEG image.
• Film description and synopsis
• Complete principal cast and production credits listing

All film submissions must be shipped prepaid and packed in proper
containers to arrive on time.

DVD Labeling & Shipping:
Preview DVDs should be clearly labeled with the film title, running
time, and contact information (including name, address, and phone

Films selected for screening will be notified no later than May 10, 2015.

Shipping (accepted films):
It will be the filmmaker’s responsibility to cover the incoming shipping

Overall Rating
  • An intimate festival that truly celebrates independent film with an incredible lineup of socially conscious documentary and narrative films.

    May 2016