Pizza Sutra is a collective of film makers and pizza reviewers from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Over the past 5 years, the team has produced many short films and over 50 frozen pizza review episodes. Our 2021 film, "The Lonely Ones" won the Milwaukee 48 hour film project and was shown in Washington D.C. (the whole crew even roadtripped to it!). The team is full of immensely talented writers, cinematographers, actors, musicians, and prop makers and we're amazed by their talent! Film has an ability to bring people of so many different talents together to make weird, beautiful, and amazing thing. We've seen it first hand.

Since we feel so strongly about film, we decided "LET'S HAVE OUR OWN FILM FEST!".

So... that's what we're doing! We're hosting the inaugural Pizza Sutra Short Film fest! will be hosted this summer in Cudahy, Wisconsin and feature 4 blocks of short films. One block will be dedicated to Wisconsin filmed shorts and another for student film submissions!

We will be screening a day’s worth of short films in the heart of Cudahy, Wisconsin at X-Ray Arcade. This popular (and very famous) music venue also doubles as a pretty sweet movie theatre with a large projection screen and state of the art sound. Did we mention X-Ray has a bunch of arcade games?! X-Ray is the perfect venue for our do-it-yourself punk rock attitude. We believe in passion. Whether that’s music, art, or film…do what you love!

We will also have pizza, pizza themed drinks, giveaways, and a ton of other fun stuff!

There will be awards (and trophies) for the following categories:

-Best Film
-Runner Up Best Film
-Audience Choice
-Best #Hometeam Wisconsin Short
-Best Student Short

All submitted films must be under 15 min in total run time. Films already available for public viewing will be accepted. Film makers need not attend physical event, but it is encouraged! (We'll buy you a beer). All genres and subject matters will be considered for screening and awards.

1. When film was made
2.City/town/village film was made
3. If film is online to the public
4. format(digital, film, animation)