Welcome to The Phoenixville Film Festival! A 501c non-profit organization dedicated to celebrate the work of independent filmmakers across the globe.

Phoenixville Film Festival is an annual event that takes place in the historic town of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. It's about 30 minutes outside The City of Philadelphia, and it's hosted at the famous Colonial Theatre. That's right—the same theatre from The 1958 film The Blob starring Steve McQueen.

The festival is a celebration of independent film that includes film screenings, filmmakers panels and workshops, after-parties and an awards ceremony.

The festival is aimed at attracting independent film fans and filmmakers alike. You'll get to spend four amazing days and nights exchanging ideas, making new contacts, and enjoying some compelling and interesting films encompassing a wide range of tastes.

The mission of the non-profit Phoenixville Film Festival is to bring artists and audiences closer together through cinematic story telling. Our goal is to provide a platform for artists to advance their craft, engage with the community, and promote their work.

We believe that film is a powerful medium that can be used to tell stories that matter—stories that inspire us, teach us, make us laugh, or cry, and more. We also know how hard it can be for artists to get their work seen, heard and appreciated by those who might be interested in it. That's why we're dedicated to creating opportunities for filmmakers at all levels of experience.

We want you—the filmmaker and the screenwriter —to feel supported by our team and valued by our community. We hope that this festival will be an opportunity for you to connect with other filmmakers as well as an audiences alike.

The program culminates with an awards ceremony on the last day of the film festival. During that time, we'll present the awards for the following categories

-Best Feature Film
-Best Documentary
-Best Short Film
-Best Animation Short Film
-Best Short Documentary
-Best Local Film
-Audience Award
-Best Feature Screenplay
-Best Short Screenplay
-Best Local Screenplay


You agree to the following terms and conditions of The Phoenixville Film Festival.

1. By submitting a film to The Phoenixville Film Festival, you grant permission to screen your film in a theatrical venue.

2. The Phoenixville Film Festival does not have a premiere requirement.

3. All films must be the original work of the filmmakers and all filmmakers must have the necessary rights. Films must not be owner by a major studio (Paramount, Warner Bros, etc) The festival is not liable for any rights issues.

4. All films must be in English or subtitled in English.

5. Films must be recently produced within the last 3 years. Please, no projects created before 2021.

6. The festival is unable to pay screening fees and does not offer any waivers.

7. The Festival disavows any responsibility for, and will not be held responsible for, any failure to contact the Applicant using the contact information provided in FilmFreeway. It is the sole responsibility of the Applicant to ensure that the contact information provided in FilmFreeway is correct through the end of the Festival period.

8. Only completed entries (including entry form, payment, and final exhibition film copy) will be considered. The Phoenixville Film Festival does not consider works in progress.

9. If your film has been selected, you will have 15 DAYS TO ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR ACCEPTANCE. If we do not hear from you within 15 days of notification, your film’s status as an official selection may be revoked. 

10. The Festival will attempt, but is under no obligation, to view a submission that arrives after the designated deadline without refund of the submission fee.

11. The Festival reserves the right to disqualify any film for non-payment of the submission fee. The Festival will attempt to contact the applicant with the information on the application form to resolve the non-payment status but is under no obligation to do so.

12. The Festival is under no obligation to, and does not, provide comments or feedback regarding the submitted Film to the Applicant or any other representative of the submitted film. The Festival will not be held responsible or liable for the contents of any internal comments or feedback regarding any submitted film obtained by the Applicant or any other representative of the submitted film or any third party.

13.No film submission shall be associated with any current member of the Board of Directors of Phoenixville Film Festival. For the purposes of this rule, "association" includes, but is not limited to, direct involvement in the creation, production, or significant financial interest in a submitted film.


1 . In order for submissions to be considered for competition, the script may not have been produced or filmed prior to this festival.

2. All scripts must be the original work of the writers.

3. Scripts must be in English.

4. Scripts may be of any genre or theme.

Overall Rating
  • Thea Lux

    Phoenixville really impressed me as a first year festival and I can't wait to see what next year will bring. Communication was stellar and they really made an effort to make the festival as filmmaker-friendly as possible (since they are filmmakers themselves!) I was sad to miss the in-person screenings, but the films they got were festival darlings and well-worth seeing.

    October 2023
  • Leslie Mills

    Fantastic festival in every way!!! So honored to be part of the Phoenixville Film Festival's first year and so wished I had been able to attend from Nashville as I'd planned. It really looked like such an amazing fest, well thought out, impeccably organized, and a wonderful lineup of films in a great theater venue & a multitude of networking events. Their communication was absolutely above & beyond from the start with all details and information. Highly recommend submitting & I hope to attend another year!

    October 2023
  • I entered Phoenixville because I knew the programmers who had recently run the Ft. Myers Beach Film Festival- and we loved that one. This awesome festival was in the quaint town of Phoenixville PA, in the theater where the original The Blob was filmed. Two of my scripts were accepted, and it was fun to hear parts of each of them read aloud in a group reading. Such a great vibe to the area, and I love all the people connected with this festival. They made you feel welcome and appreciated, and I love a film festival where I end up meeting people. Great films and the screenings looked great! Though it it rained the whole weekend, we were able to walk around the area and eat at some incredible restaurants! Will definitely come back!

    October 2023
  • I was unable to attend with my film "Guilt" but lived vicariously through filmmaker friends that were in attendance. Top notch communication from the staff. Looking forward to attending in the future.

    October 2023
  • Devin Araujo

    It was an incredible festival experience for its first year! There was so much to do at any time during the day from workshops to screenings and filmmaker mixers. The festival organizers were so kind, accessible, and welcoming. I can't wait to watch this festival grow!

    October 2023