The 3rd edition of the Pervolia International Film Festival also known as Pervollywood will be held from February 22nd to 26th 2024 in tavernas in the Cypriot coastal village of Pervolia. The festival was created to as an exciting new elements to the Pervolia Cultural Festival in Cyprus, now in its 14th year and comprises a charismatic open air cinema and Fringe events.

The festival aims to be a meeting point for filmmakers, a source for inspiration and new knowledge for experts, students and cinema lovers. PIFF is a hotbed for talent development and promotion of cinema as an attractive leisure for all target groups possible.

Best Narrative Feature - $1500 + Plaque
Best Documentary Feature - $1500 + Plaque
Best Animation Feature - $1500 + Plaque
Best Narrative Short - $750 + Plaque
Best Documentary Short - $750 + Plaque
Best Animation Short - $750 + Plaque
Best Experimental Short - $750 + Plaque
Audience Award - $500 + Certificate
Jury's Special Recognition Award - $500 + Certificate

We are mindful of the environment and this is why we make sure our awarded certificates/Plaques are made from recycled materials. There are also award prices presented to the runner-ups in each category.

Films selected as runner-ups in each category by the judges will be awarded certificates. Awards and Certificates will be presented on the final night to producers attending the festival or sent by email for local printing.

Some prizes and awards will be presented by sponsors. These will be announced as appropriate.

Productions must have been completed after 01 January 2022.
Pervolia International Film Festival requires a Cyprus premiere.
Film must not have a commercial, digital, theatrical or broadcast distribution agreement and must not be available on-line at the time of submission

Films entered must be in English or Greek or have English sub titles. Where sub titles are used they must be embedded into the film file positioned in the lower third. Films in Greek language will be considered only for Greek Night scheduling unless also subtitled in English. Music Promo films may be in any language and do not require sub titles. Cyprus Travel promo films must be in English or Greek with no sub titles.

Pervollywood, including Pervolia International Film Festival, Pervollywood Fringe, and all associated events is a family focussed event and film producers should ensure that all content is suitable for a family audience in a traditional Cypriot village community. Specifically, there should be no explicit sex, no bad language and no blasphemy.

Formats & Aspect Ratio
All films entered for main categories must be in HD formats. 16:9 TV, 1.85:1 Cinema and 1.35:1 Cinema aspect ratios are all accepted. Films entered only for Fringe categories may be in SD.

All films must be submitted through the official website ( or FilmFreeway. If submitting through the website, the film screener for evaluation must first be uploaded to Vimeo ( All submissions must be on-line. Films on DVD, Blu-ray or HDD will not be accepted. It is recommended that the evaluation screener is uploaded in final definition (not a low res basic screener) so that this version can be downloaded should the film be selected for screening.

All submissions must include a link to an on-line screener with passwords provided. Evaluation screeners not password protected (and therefore available for on-line open viewing) will be disqualified. Submissions through the official web site must link to screeners hosted with Vimeo.

All times include titles and final credit roll.
Feature - Min 40 minutes
Short - Max 30 minutes
Music or Promo - 6 minutes

Greek Night
A part of the Open Air Cinema schedule will be devoted exclusively to films with Greek language audio. To be also considered for other elements of the festival, films submitted with Greek language audio should also have English subtitles embedded located in the lower third.

Accepted Films
Once accepted, entries may not be withdrawn except at the sole discretion of Pervollywood. Where the evaluation screener was in a low definition (not recommended) producers of films subsequently accepted for screening must provide a link to an HD version of the submitted film within five days of notification date. DVD, Blu-ray or HDD versions are not accepted. A digital promotional pack must be provided for all accepted films within five days of the notification date to include synopsis, cast & crew outline, promotional poster or leaflet etc.

Screening & Publicity rights
By submitting a film, the producer grants the festival organizer full rights to screen the film at the festival and to use the film, clips, and stills in publicity for the event, subsequent compilations, re-releases, or promotion for a future edition of the festival.

These rules may be amended or additional clauses added at any time. Rules current at the time of submission will be valid for the submission. Amendments or additions will be posted on the official website

Overall Rating
  • Eline Pedersen

    What an awesome film festival! The communication from this film festival is outstanding! It was an honor to be part of the Pervolia International Film Festival.

    March 2024
  • Hedda Evensen

    Awesome festival, very proud and honoured to have been selected and screened! Hope to present some new work soon! Thanks to the Pervolia Film Festival team!

    March 2024
  • Antonella Cruz

    Very warm and well-organized. Thanks for having my short!

    March 2024
  • Petri Lahtinen

    A well-organised festival. I was delighted that my film was selected and screened in Cyprus as part of the 2023 edition. Thank you!

    March 2024
  • Jiipee Koskinen

    Thank you Pervolia Film Festival for inviting me to take part in this amazing Festival, and thank you for supporting new and original independent filmmakers. It was an honor! and a amazing experience

    March 2024