This film festival promotes shorts, web series and mini-documentaries that are 30-minutes or less.

The festival offers a vibrant platform for independent filmmakers to display their work.

Submission Costs is $35.00 US dollars for all regular and extended deadlines.

All films and web content submitted to the PNMC Film Festival must be shorts.

*Submission Fee is $35.00 for the regular deadline and the extended deadline.

*Maximum running time for all shorts=30 minutes

Web Series submissions can have a maximum of four (4) episodes. Each episode a max time of 15 minutes. The series maximum total running time of 60 minutes. No exceptions.

The below are required, If not provided, the submission will be rejected.

*All submissions must be in MP4 format.
*All films must have a trailer.
*All films must have a digital poster.
*All films must have a short logline and a long logline, both.
*Phone, email & name of primary contact person.