This Festival is a short film festival for filmmakers in Iraq and the KRG. The festival will take place in Sulaymaniyah and Mastifilm Company will organize this festival.

This festival is a part of UNDP Iraq's Citizen Journalism Project, supported by the Government of Germany, in partnership with CDO, Metro, and CDFJ.

1-The short film must be directed and submitted by a citizen of Iraq who is over the age of 18 years old. Professional and amateur filmmakers are the ones expected to participate.

2-It must be the first time that the film is presented to the public and the film must not be already published on YouTube or any other website.

3- Films that are produced in January of 2019 and later are accepted.

4- The film must have a peaceful and coexistence message and must not contain any violence or nude scenes.

5- Scenario and film script shall avoid labeling of any components of Iraqi society.

6- The duration of the short film must be between 4 to 15 minutes.

7-By submitting the film to the festival, the director provides the rights for the film to be shown/displayed at the festival.

8-By submitting the film to the festival, the director must own the rights of the film being submitted. The film must be created by the person making the submission.

9-The language of the film can be either Arabic, Kurdish, or English.

10- The films must have an English subtitle.