The Oregon Documentary Film Festival is a theatrical screening event on the Film Festival Circuit that screens international independent documentary films, series and experimental films. This event was founded by author and retired filmmaker Mikel Fair who worked on location in the Film and Television industry from 1999-2015. Multiple short films are screened in a "back to back" format in HD 1080p. Are you inspired by interesting people, historical events, political awareness, behind-the-scenes insights and thought provoking events? Do you enjoy watching films that tell a story? Are you a documentary enthusiast, docuseries binge watcher or story teller? If so, you'll meet a great community of documentary film supporters at our next event in Portland.

16 Award Categories For Documentary Submissions

1) Best Cinematography Award
2) Best Director Award
3) Best Editing Award
4) Best Experimental Film Award
5) Best Experimental Micro Film Award
6) Best International Director Award
7) Best International Film Award
8) Best International Micro Film Award
9) Best Micro Film Award
10) Best Oregon Film Award
11) Best Oregon Micro Film Award
12) Best Original Music Award
13) Best Picture Award
14) Best Series Episode
15) Best Series Micro Episode
16) Most Inspirational Film Award

All films are eligible, regardless if they have distribution or not. All films are eligible even if they have been accepted to other film festivals. All films and videos are eligible, regardless of when or where they were produced. Even if your film or documentary series is publicly available on YouTube or Vimeo, it is still eligible for submission. For exhibition purposes. all films are expected to provide a download link, so that we can compile and project them in HD 1080p. 23.976, 24, 25 or 30 frame rates are accepted for projection. Please do not submit 720p or Standard Definition films to this festival.

The submission fee does not include an event ticket fee if selected. Submission fees and event ticket fees are separate. There are no filmmaker passes.

Overall Rating
  • The best experience we have had so far at any film festival! Our trailer (Thalidomide in the USA) was an award finalist for editing; great communication and shareable interview with Mikel that got us lots of mileage!

    August 2022
  • Yvonne Vavrová

    Thanks, thanks, thank! Great festival! I am honored that our documentary film The GOLDEN CAGE received the Finalist Award as The Best International Director Nomination. It‘s a great honor for me and for my film crew! We love you! The communication, the hospitality was excellent! It is my best festival experience ever since 2000. I recommend for all filmmakers to participate in this awesome and intelligent festival event.

    August 2022
  • Courtney Deelen

    Amazing communication as always! We’re very grateful to have been nominated for Best Editing for our short documentary, No Girls Allowed! Super bummed that we couldn’t attend in person this year. Fingers crossed for next year!

    August 2022

    This was a great film festival experience. We are honored that our short animated film, Forest Under Stress recieved the Finalist Award as Most Inspirational Film and was shown to a full audience at Clinton St. Theater. We are blessed. The festivals hospitality, exspecially communicatioin, value, and networking rocks.

    August 2022
  • Our film wishes for the new year is selected as finalist for best picture. We are honored to be part of this great festival.

    April 2022