About The OWTFF:

The Open World Toronto Film Festival provides an equal chance of winning for all entrants, regardless of size and budget. Entries are judged on Quality of Craft and Creativity. Our main goal is to help artists gain publicity, media exposure, and momentum, as well as pay Tribute to their Ingenuity.

At OWTFF we welcome filmmakers and artists from all walks of life. We also welcome productions from any countries and years.

The Open World Toronto Film Festival is days of Glamorous events with Red Carpets, Award Winners Gala (Snacks & Refreshments + Live Performance & Award Acceptance Speech), After Party, Networking Events, Industry Talk/Conferences and All Winners Masterpiece Screening + Q&A.

The OWTFF online Presence: We make a unique nice looking promotional page/info for each Nominee/Winner/Special Presentation (with specifications, trailer, credits, poster & links) which are permanently showcased & promoted on our website (OWTFF.COM). The Nominees & Official Selections/Special Presentation/Local Support are announced about 8 weeks before the Annual Event and the Winners 6 weeks before the Annual Event.

Submissions are judged with HONESTY, INTEGRITY and an OPEN MIND.

The names attached to the project do not enhance the chances of being a success at the OWTFF, but Talent, Creativity and Dedication surely DO. Our judges panel are Skilled and Established Film Industry Professionals, Agents, Directors, Casting Directors and Producers.

Winners will receive good exposure as we broadcast the list of Winners via Press Releases and mention them in Local/Worldwide Media Interviews. Also, by registering your work at the OWTFF, you will expand your online presence as we are constantly posting about our new submissions on Facebook , Twitter and on Instagram. @OWTFF

All Language film submissions are accepted but if the submission is anything other than the English Language, it must be subtitled.

All genres are very welcome to submit at the OWTFF; Animation, Drama, Comedy, Adventure, Action, Informative, Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Experimental and Romance. JUST SURPRISE US!

The OWTFF Awards!

The Winners of each category will be Awarded a Trophy in person at the Live Annual Galas (anyone who were prevented from receiving the award in person because of Covid is automatically re-invited to our next live Gala and we'll re-screened their project), also you will receive Guaranty Free OWTFF VIP All Access for themselves and their Family/Team. The recipient that are not able to attend the live event in person will be offered the opportunity to have a video conference interview to be played on the Big Screen at the OWTFF.

Rules For Submissions.

I, the undersigned, acknowledge and agree:

I have read, understated, and fully comply with all submission eligibility information, Submission Guidelines, Terms and Conditions of Entry, and Entry Eligibility requirements.

To the best of my knowledge, all of the statements in this submission are true.
This film or video is not subject to any litigation nor is it threatened by any litigation.

I understand that multiple entries are allowed and each may be entered in multiple categories. Each additional judging category is an additional fee.

I am duly authorized to submit this film to the festival.

I understand that all Decisions by judges, programmers and organizers will be final and NO REFUND of entry fee will be permitted.

I understand that the OWTFF only accepts downloadable digital version for screening.

I understand that all film submissions in a language other than English must be subtitled.

I hold Open World Toronto Film Festival harmless from any damage to the print(s) or media materials(s) en route or otherwise during the course of the festival’s possession of the project.

I hold Open World Toronto Film Festival its owners, management, juries, subsidiaries, agents, sponsors, affiliates, and etc. harmless from any and all claims of liability resulting from my entry.

I certify that I have full rights to the use of the music in the entered work.

I give permission to Open World Toronto Film Festival to use stills, titles, posters, trailers and/or information from the submission for promotional purposes.

I give permission to Open World Toronto Festival Film Festival to screen the project at the Event for which it was submitted.

I understand that the rules & criteria of submissions can be subject to change without notice.

Overall Rating
  • Really appreciate this festival and all the people who make it happen. Thank you for honoring our work in Dark Hearts!

    February 2022
  • Thanks very much for awarding my animated short "Mark of Love" ! best animation 2021 ! Very happy with it and what a way to end this year ! Great Team and Great experience from all the festivals i've made, this one is particular. And yes we need more voices like us from Africa in the 2d animation realm indeed !

    December 2021
  • Mousa Ghodratifard

    “OWTFF” is the great place that brings indie FILMMAKERS together. Thanks to the hardworking team of OWTFF.

    December 2021
  • Toma Enache

    It's been a great experience having attended this festival! A great team that does a fantastic job! Thank you!

    December 2020
  • santina vendra

    Great communication! Thank you to festival organizers for selecting:
    "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner: the Musical" by Santina Vendra as a Semi Finalist in your programming.

    December 2020