ONED was founded in 2019, We focuses on unconventional images, experiments, and extreme themes. From 2023 the official selection will be screened in China, and France. We cooperate with China's largest experimental culture company, Toulouse Art Fair in France. Hope to normalize the unconventional

We cooperate with the Toulouse Experimental Exhibition in France, and it has now developed into the largest experimental film festival in China.This will be a great opportunity to showcase in front of China’s avant-garde artists and audiences

We have signed contracts with more than 40 livehouses in China, focusing on experimental and avant-garde images, combined with electronic music performances, to bring a different film festival experience to the new generation of creators.We hope that the world’s pioneers and experimental video creators, electronic music, VJ, and AI creators will join us and enjoy the future world together.

Are you ready? China's largest avant-garde image art promotion platform, ONED, has reached a cooperation with Midi Festival. Over 100,000 people have attended the event in 3 days. We are ready to welcome you with the most avant-garde image works from around the world.

China event 08.20-23.2024,France event 03.2024
There are also 2 branch events, the UK and New Zealand, which we are confirming.

Will include screenings, live music, alcohol duels, ancestor worship, cosplay, but all to unconventional extremes

We pay special attention to Horrors, experimentals, VJ ,electric music videos, SCI-FI, AI

Best Horror Film
Best Experimental Film
Best VI
Best Music Video
Best Director
Best Image
Best Sound Design

The selection is divided into four different periods
We don't limit the genre of the film
In the first round, the finalists will be selected by the organizing committee.
Then voted by the creator jury
There is only one requirement
Films need to be unconventional, creative and bold.

Producing a high quality video is critical to ensure a good viewing experience. Only films in HD standard are accepted.

Only digital submissions via FilmFreeway are accepted, hardcopy submissions are not eligible.

Every film must come with English subtitles.

Disclaimer & Rights
By submitting your film to our festival, you agree that trailers, posters, and accompanying text for your film may be embedded on our website. Filmmakers/institutions submitting films must own the rights to do so and are responsible for the content provided. By submitting, the filmmaker allows the festival to screen the film (offline physical screening events of a communication nature without infringing any form of copyright)

Overall Rating
  • Douglas Martins

    We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in this incredible festival. Long live and much success.

    April 2024
  • charel fabry

    Thanks for including my short film Air Leak in your event !

    December 2023
  • It was a great honor for me to be part of this fantastic festival :) I am very grateful to the organizers that my film was part of the official selection at the ONED art/experimental film festival !

    December 2023
  • We were very excited to be part of this festival with our short film The Last Cherry Blossom. Grateful to the festival and team.

    October 2023
  • Muito interessante, gostei de participar.

    September 2023
    Response from festival:

    Hi,Diogo , Thanks for your understand and support.
    We have worked hard to improve ONED's screening capabilities and have now added 6 screening spaces. We wish will accept your new works in the future and provide opportunities for competitions and screenings in China.