NEGATIVE SPACE is a different kind of film festival, providing a venue for talented creators to showcase their unique work in a supportive community.

This year's festival will be held at PhilaMOCA in Philadelphia, on March 18, 2019. It will start at 7pm and end at around 930pm.

Mainly what I am looking for are shorts that are unique and not like the boring/unimaginative/generic camera tests or "message" vehicles playing at dozens of other film festivals. Having a nice camera is cool…But it doesn’t always make for the most compelling film. What I am interested in is something special that is genuine and from a passionate creator. You can shoot something on hi-8 or VHS and submit it (as long as it is easy to play)! Budgets not necessary.

Send me your short you made 2 years ago that no one ever saw or make a new one…Either way, the DEADLINE is March 11.

I am looking forward to showing some interesting and entertaining films!

Mostly looking for filmmakers from the Philadelphia-New York-New Jersey-Delaware area, in hopes that the filmmaker will realistically be able to attend the event.

Please, no shorts longer than 25 minutes (unless it's like...26 minutes with credits).