The Napa Valley Film Festival showcases an outstanding presentation of independent filmmaking, while also working to build a sense of community around the art of visual storytelling. Film screenings and networking events are accompanied by the world-class food and wine of stunning Napa Valley, fueling lively conversations with old and new friends.

The 7th Annual Napa Valley Film Festival takes place November 8-12, 2017. The festival runs from Wednesday through Sunday – what we like to refer to as an extended weekend, the best kind.

Notable NVFF features:
- Screening venues clustered in walkable Festival Villages throughout the Napa Valley
- Food and wine events in each Festival Village, ranging from wine pavilions and culinary demonstrations to select epicurean delights for VIP guests
- Approximately 100+ new independent films, accompanied by sneak peaks of studio releases
- Tributes to notable industry figures and a stunning gala party

Film Program
NVFF welcomes films of various genres and lengths. Programmers are looking for films that entertain, inspire, enlighten, and captivate audiences. NVFF also features a selection of bold and boundary-pushing films in a dedicated venue called The Lounge. For a full description and breakdown of our categories and program sections, please visit the NVFF website.

Visiting filmmakers have the opportunity to present their films multiple times and in different festival Villages in order to experience the venue and audience variety of The Napa Valley. This also permits our film-loving audiences to enjoy as many screenings as possible between sampling the various food and wine throughout the Napa Valley Film Festival.

Awards & Prizes

Juried Awards:
Meadowood Best U.S. Narrative Feature, with a cash prize of $10,000
Meadowood Best U.S. Documentary Feature, with a cash prize of $10,000
Best Ensemble Cast
Best Screenplay
Best Documentary Short Film
Best Narrative Short Film
Best Lounge Feature Film
Best Lounge Short Film

Audience Awards:
Favorite Narrative Feature
Favorite Documentary Feature
Favorite Documentary Short Film
Favorite Narrative Short Film
Favorite Short Feature
Favorite Actor
Favorite Actress

Rules & Terms

Completion Date:
Films must have been completed no earlier than January 2016.

Exhibition Formats:
The NVFF operates up to 14 individual screening venues. Acceptable exhibition formats vary by venue and may include (but are not necessarily limited to) HDCam, DCP, and Blu Ray disc. The festival requests DVD and/or Blu Ray disc back up copies to accompany all exhibition formats. By entering your film you agree to work with NVFF to provide compatible exhibition format(s) and back ups.

Foreign language films must be made available with English subtitles.

Prior Screenings:
NVFF does not require premiere status. Entries may not be televised or widely available online before November 1, 2017.

Distribution Status:
Films with U.S. distribution may be considered but are not eligible for competition. NVFF does not pay screening fees for films.

Support Materials:
Accepted films are requested to provide an electronic press kit including:
- Production still photos, images that accurately represent the look of the film (NOT on set photos)
- Director’s photo and biography/filmography
- Director’s statement
- Credits list
- All photos should be print-quality (300dpi) files.

Shipping Costs:
Submitters of accepted films agree to pay for shipping the exhibition copy of their film to NVFF to arrive to the festival office at least one week prior to the start of the festival, or by the date requested by the NVFF technical team (whichever is earlier). NVFF covers return shipping of accepted films’ exhibition copies and back up materials only. NVFF does not return marketing materials such as posters or postcards after the conclusion of the festival.

*NVFF does not provide feedback for films that are not selected for the 2017 program.

By submitting your film for consideration to the 2017 Napa Valley Film Festival, you are telling us that you have full authority to do so, that the film is cleared for potential festival exhibition, and that you accept full legal responsibility for the intellectual property therein. Submitting your film to us constitutes permission to exhibit your work at the 2017 Napa Valley Film Festival. If your film is accepted to be part of the program, you will do your best to work with us to have the film’s director and other key personnel (actors, writers, producers, etc) attending the festival to present the film and interact with the Napa audience. The Napa Valley Film Festival is also hereby granted the right to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted and accepted for exhibition at the Festival for promotional purposes. You shall also indemnify and hold harmless the Napa Valley Film Festival from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.

13 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    greg runnels

    The staff was amazing and our host family was very nice. We were lucky enough to stay for four days. NVFF really knows how to make the filmmakers and attendees feel special. Top notch moderators run the Q&A sessions.

    December 2017
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    Justin Ferrato

    Napa Valley was a fantastic experience as a filmmaker- the programming team was so accommodating and organized. We had 3 screenings throughout the festival which we weren't expecting.
    There were parties/events every night which I find are the most valuable elements of a festival.
    If you can get in, I highly recommend Napa Valley FF. What a wonderful experience!

    December 2017
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    Nick Pollack

    Thank you so much for every aspect of hospitality we were extended while attending the amazing Napa Valley Film Festival.

    The parties were off the hook, the screening venues had such a wonderful rustic charm that we rarely get to experience living in the city, and the people who attended were so nice to us at every turn. Plus everything seemed to run smoothly, something to be particularly congratulated given the fires and rebuilding stage the area was going through at the time.

    We met some lovely people - film makers and Napa / SF locals - who we have stayed in contact with after the event, who have extended genuine invitations to visit and stay with them if we ever pass through their cities.

    My producer and I remarked throughout the festival that we didn’t see one bad film - the curating of the festival was impeccable and we feel humble having been a part of the very select group of film from around the world.

    Six days for the festival was the perfect length - any longer would have felt too much, and any less time would have felt like a rush.

    It was the perfect place to premiere our film and I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending it to anyone, should they be lucky enough to be invited to screen their film.

    November 2017
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    Joe Russell

    Had a great time at this fest and met some great people!

    November 2017
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    Karin Argoud

    Really great festival ! Great people great audiences! Thank you!

    November 2017