Top talent comes from music videos. We want to reward you for it.

Visualizing music is an art. No matter if it’s experimental, performative, direct, graphic, silly, or fun, it is an incredible feeling to see video that encapsulates the feeling of a track. So many of the best visual artists hone their skills in this genre. Spike Jonze, David Fincher, Gore Verbinski, and many other amazing directors even got their start in music videos. We want to find the next great auteur, the next great musician, and the next great music video.

We’re looking for the underground. We’re looking for the artist we haven’t heard of. We’re looking for people who just started out and we’re looking for experienced directors. We’re looking for the new idea. We’re looking for something we’ve never seen before.

We’re waiting for you. Submit now.

See some of our incredible winners on our website and social media, links available on the sidebar.

There are many different categories available to best honor the craft of music videos.

All entries are in the running for Best in Show, but we ask that all submissions are submitted into one of our subcategories. We're sure there will be at least one that fits your project.

For more information and descriptions of the categories, see the sidebar.

In order to get an award, you must possess the proper rights to nominate your project. You must be (for example) an artist, a director, a producer, a studio, a label, or any other entity attached to the project. By submitting a project, you confirm you have the proper rights and authority to do so.

We welcome any style, genre, subject matter, low or high budget, creative work possible. The only restriction is a 10-minute runtime maximum.

All entries are entered to the Best in Show category by default, as well as one category of your choosing. To be reviewed for extra categories, you can pay an extra judicial fee.

By submitting, you give Music Video Awards the right to rebroadcast your submission at any ceremony, physical or virtual, we may hold.

Not all categories may be awarded.

Any additional information you supply with your entry is greatly appreciated!

Physical entries will not be returned.

All entries must be received before the final deadline to be judged.

For non-english projects, please include the lyrics to the track in your submission.

Note that each categories position on the website is subject to change.

Overall Rating
  • Zan Zone

    This is such a cool film festival! Just music videos! As your Festival Description points out, so many excellent short films and film makers have come from the genre. It's an unusually complementary combination. Music and film together double the art of both. And - that's a good part of why we want to thank you so much for including our video in the recent MVA Festival's selections! See ya!

    December 2023
  • Joanne Postlewaite

    So great 'Walk with Me' was selected to be part of this wonderful festival. I look forward to submitting my future work, thank-you so much for having us and promoting my work.

    November 2023
  • Michael Chavez jr

    Thank you so much for having my music video next to other great artists i appreciate it more than you know and look forward to submitting again

    November 2023
  • Zian Chavez

    Thank you so much Music Video Awards, for the Laurel for Best Song for "We are the Most Beautiful People - The Song Music Video Awards. We shared far and wide! Please check out our sites on @wearethemostbeautifulpeople.

    November 2023
  • Everything about this festival was fantastic - from the producers and staff to the quality of content and the production itself, this is a top notch event that, if you love music videos, is not to be missed! We met many wonderful artists and loved seeing everyone's excellent contributions to the genre. Our whole team feels honored to have had our video selected to be in this fun and warm-hearted festival. Thank you Netrola and everyone who made this happen - you are the best!

    September 2023