Chrysalis Pictures Proudly Presents The Moving Parts Film Festival Sponsored by FILMOCRACY. In its 4th year this interactive online film festival includes guaranteed distribution with Filmocracy for all winning films, and a chance to connect with other partnering distribution services.

Filmocracy is a gamified movie streaming platform that rewards users with virtual popcorn for discovering independent films. They have committed to helping their festival partners by building a virtual festival environment through which the energy & excitement of the festival experience is brought online.

In year 4 the Moving Parts Film Festival will including certificates, laurels, panel discussions for each winning film, workshops, staged readings, and distribution. The overall winner of our festival "Best at Moving Parts Film Festival” will receive a distinguishing Certificate, Laurel, and feature on our Social Media.
There is no limit to how many films you are able to submit. There is only One Overall Festival Winner per year, although films may win in other categories and receive certificates and laurels.

Moving Parts Film Festival is a quarterly event. We feature the best in Independent Film. Featuring Short Films, Feature Films, Documentaries, Web Series, Music Videos, and Animations of any genre from all over the world.

Each season our judges watch review and rate all submitted films. The highest-rated film among our judges from ALL Seasons within the year will be designated Best at Moving Parts Film Festival (distinguishing feature on our Social Media, Festival Winner Certificate, & Laurels from MPFF)

The festival also encourages budding filmmakers through live & online classes, and workshops; giving them the tools and insights to the filmmaking process from idea to distribution.

We will announce all winners in each category per season. There are 4 seasons per year as MPFF is on a quarterly basis, and those winners will receive Laurels from MPFF. Winners will be announced starting in September, December, March, and Ending in June. This will be for the entire year. Filmmakers will have four separate occasions to enter and win. There is No Limit to how much you are able to submit per season.

We are unable to provide a specific review of not-selected films. We are unable to give refunds once a film is submitted via FilmFreeway.

The Moving Parts Film Festival was created in 2017 by Chrysalis Pictures with a focus on social justice filmmaking. The festival originally brought together 25 filmmakers who were given the topic challenges of social justice; four original film categories: Women’s Rights, LGBTQ, Prison Reform, and Immigration. In 2018 the film festival opened itself to a wider audience featuring the best in the International Content Creation and providing a safe place for artists to develop into better visionary filmmakers. In 2020 our vision is to grow even wider making our festival accessible to an International Community by switching to an online model. Moving Parts Film Festival wants your help to see the inclusion of #BIPOC, #Women, & #LGBTQIA communities represented in film.
We hope to support our filmmakers by having their films seen by an International Audience and aiding them in getting Distribution Deals with our Selected Partners.

*** NOTE: We will not play any film online unless we have permission. Should you choose to not screen online you are still eligible for Winning Best at Moving Parts Film Festival, Certificates, & Laurels. The filmmaker will forgo any possibilities of Film Distribution.

We also provide distribution opportunities for all films. Please inquire if you are interested in the Festival Staff, and they will get more information from you, the Filmmaker.

We reserve the right to push our timeline back and award festival winners at a later time in the calendar year (than previously stated) due to unseen circumstances, and to ensure we are doing the best work possible for our Filmmakers.

If your film is in need of assistance with submission costs we are under a 501c3 NonProfit Umbrella. We are able to assist qualifying filmmakers with a submission waiver. Filmmakers must email Info@ChrysalisPicturesProductions.com and fill out our application proving their need. Our Staff will review the submission, and if assistance is granted you will receive a personal code for a One Time use of your film of choice. If you as a Filmmaker or anyone from your team distributes our waiver code to another Filmmaker, or you or anyone from your team submits additional films using your specific code your film will be automatically disqualified.


Each winning film selected is guaranteed distribution with our Festival Sponsor FILMOGRAPHY. Other Distribution opportunities are available for selected films. Please inquire with Festival Staff if you are interested in exploring these opportunities. As a liaison to Distribution Companies, MPFF will receive a 10% commission of any sale between your film and our connected distribution company.

Best at Moving Parts Film Festival is granted One Time per year. The only way to qualify for this honor is to be one of the four top-rated films in the season. Judges will choose from the top four films to pick the overall Festival Winner.

(HIGHEST RATED AMONGST JUDGES) (distinguishing feature on our Social Media, Festival Winner Certificate, & Laurels from MPFF)

Winners EACH QUARTER in each category will receive Laurels for their winning film.




















A Filmmaker or Producer can submit their film(s) online through FilmFreeway. We DO NOT accept submissions any other way. If you email your film it will be disqualified.

All Waivers must go through FilmFreeway

All genre films will be accepted.


All selected films get the notification through email only. Festival will not publish any film without submitter permission. We require all filmmakers to sign a contract with MPFF. If we do not receive your contract within the designated amount of time we reserve the right to remove your film, and will not offer any refund to the Filmmaker. We send notifications through email to all filmmakers

A filmmaker can request to change or replace the online link to the film or trailer anytime or vice versa.


All selected films will be available on the website for the full screening week. Then all films will be removed permanently. The filmmaker (Submitter) can request to remove, replace the film link with trailer or vice- versa anytime.


All foreign films that are not in the English Language must include Subtitles or be disqualified.

All Films must be original works.

All Films and Pilot Presentations must be completed.

Filmmakers will be asked to sign an agreement with the festival. If the agreements are not returned by selected due date you forgo your acceptance into the festival, and will not be featured on our platform. Filmmakers will not receive a refund.

Programming may change last minute due to logistics within the festival. The Festival Directors hold the right to change and or remove any programming leading up to and throughout the festival.

We do not give refunds for technical difficulties during the festival.

Filmmakers will be asked to promote their films festival screening leading up to the festival. Official Selection may depend on how many people the filmmaker can promise to attend their screening on our website or per your channel if you choose distribution as an option.


Each entry will be accompanied by non-refundable fees. The entry fee and services fee is not refundable for ALL FILMS (Selected and Non- Selected).

Entries will not be processed without an entry fee payment unless its an approved waiver through our application process. All films are processed digitally. We will never ask you for a hard copy. Unless we decide to place it in a Theatrical Screening (TBD)


By submitting your film to our festival you agree that your film and trailer can be uploaded/embedded on our website. The filmmaker that is submitting the film must own the rights to do so and is responsible for the content they are providing. By submitting, the filmmaker allows MPFF to create a page for their film without infringing upon any copyrights. Filmmakers can make a request to remove the film link at any time.


The decision of the Festival Committee is final and no correspondence will be entered into. The decision of jury members will be final and accepted by all. No inquiries or arguments will be entertained. The organizer's reserve the right not to award any or all of the prizes. Festival Directors reserve the right to make all final decisions about the festival.


The applicant agrees to have read and accepted the rules & regulations for participation in the Moving Parts Film Festival. The applicant confirms that he/she has the requisite authority or has obtained the requisite authority from the producer/right holder to enter this film into the Moving Parts Film Festival. Filmmakers must sign an agreement and return promptly to the festival in order to participate. Under NO circumstance, the authorities of Moving Parts Film Festival will not entertain or answer to anyone else apart from the applicant.

Overall Rating
  • Tonya Pinkins

    I saw some amazing films. The selections were excellent.
    I met other filmmakers
    We won Best Feature so we are very excited and grateful

    October 2021
  • Loved 1 Productions

    An amazing event , thank you !!!!

    March 2021
  • Julia Verdin

    I am the festival agent for this film which is part of my BESTFOR FESTS lineup. We won !!!!!! The filmmakers were totally thrilled with the experience and the communication We totally recommend this Fine Festival. Congrats Bruno Chatelin

    November 2020
  • Kacey Cox

    I am the festival agent for this film which is part of my BEST FOR FESTS lineup. My filmmakers won and were totally thrilled with the experience and the communication. We totally recommend this GREAT Festival. Congrats Bruno Chatelin

    November 2020
  • It was such an honor to be an Official Selection for The Moving Parts Film Festival. Monica and Adam were incredible hosts. The communication was excellent. They responded quickly, kindly and worked to solve any issue for their first virtual festival. They layout on Filmocracy was fun and user friendly. The quality of films screens was top notch. The panels were informative and I loved the Filmmakers Mental Health Check In. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I would love to return.
    Shanna Riker- Director/ Producer of The Leap

    October 2020