The Moving Parts Festival is a branch of Chrysalis Pictures based in Los Angeles, CA. This festival is unique because it incorporates two elements. The First Element is hands on and personal; challenging 25 Filmmakers to collaborate with strangers and create short films based on a topic and an overall theme. Last year the theme was Social Justice, and the four films made for the festival were topics including LGBTQ, Women's Rights, Immigration, and Prison Reform.

The Second Element of the festival starting 2018 in its 2nd year is a call for submissions for Short Films, Documentary Short Films, Pilot Presentations (TV/ Web Series), Pilot Screenplays, and Short film Screenplays. Screenplays will all be performed live by selected actors in Los Angeles.

Awards & Prizes

Category Awards:

*MPF Trophee, Award Certificate, and Laurels Best Narrative Short worth$175

*MPF Trophee, Award Certificate and Laurels Best Documentary Short worth $175

*MPF Trophee, Award Certificate, and Film Festival Laurels Best Web Series worth $175

*MPF Trophee, Award Certificate, and Film Festival Laurels Best Screenplay $175

Possible distribution opportunities will be presented to selected projects the festival.

Rules & Terms

All Films must be original works. All Films and Pilot Presentations must be completed. If you want to submit a pilot presentation that is currently in post production; please send the script first, and then the finished pilot before July 1, 2018. Screenplays must be original works. Both Pilots, and screenplays will be performed live at The Moving Parts Festival by selected actors in Los Angeles.
If your screenplay is accepted into the festival you forego the right to cast your own screenplay. Chrysalis Pictures and The Moving Parts Festival will select a cast for your screenplay.
Acceptance into the festival will arrive to selected writers and filmmakers no later than August 15, 2018. Selectees will be asked to sign an agreement with the festival. If the agreements are not returned by August 22, 2018 you forego your acceptance into the festival.