The Moving Parts Film Festival is a branch of Chrysalis Pictures a 501c3 Nonprofit Production Company that focuses on creating ground breaking original works for the purpose of having a deeper understanding of all cultures and people. Within the safe haven of Chrysalis Pictures; a collective of diverse artists explore personal truths to elevate the beauty of perseverance, and use their creativity to propel change. We are committed to outreach and teaching creativity in our community helping others to find their own artistic voices.

The Moving Parts Film Festival is in its 2nd year, and it features the best in Independent Filmmaking. Featuring Short Films, Feature Films, Documentaries, and Web Series from all over the world. The festival also encourages budding filmmakers through classes, and workshops; giving them the tools to create their own content and place their careers into their own hand.

Category Awards:

*MPF Award Certificate, and Laurels Best Short Film

*MPF Award Certificate, and Laurels Best Documentary Short Film

*MPF Award Certificate, and Laurels Best Feature Film

*MPF Award Certificate, and Laurels Best Documentary Feature Film

*MPF Award Certificate, and Film Festival Laurels Best Web Series

*MPF Award Certificate, and Film Festival Laurels Best Screenplay

Distribution opportunities are available to selected projects the festival.

All Films must be original works. All Films and Pilot Presentations must be completed. If you want to submit a pilot presentation that is currently in post production; please send the script first, and then the finished pilot before July 1, 2018. Screenplays must be original works. Both Pilots, and screenplays will be performed live at The Moving Parts Festival by selected actors in Los Angeles.
If your screenplay is accepted into the festival you forego the right to cast your own screenplay. Chrysalis Pictures and The Moving Parts Festival will select a cast for your screenplay.
Acceptance into the festival will arrive to selected writers and filmmakers no later than August 15, 2018. Selectees will be asked to sign an agreement with the festival. If the agreements are not returned by August 22, 2018 you forego your acceptance into the festival.
Moving Parts Film Festival does not pay screening fees for any film participating in the festival.
Filmmakers may be asked to participate in a Q&A for their film.
Filmmakers will be asked to promote their films festival screening
All submissions will be reviewed and curated by the Moving Parts Film Festival Selection Panel. If accepted, you must supply a presentation copy of your film.

Overall Rating
  • Maureen OConnell

    This is an amazing film festival! The standard is so high and you feel so lucky to be a part of it. The staff are so friendly and communicative. I wish them every success! and hope to be back in the future.

    September 2018
  • Well done team !! Keep doing the same

    September 2018
  • This review is subject to change, as I am waiting on a promised video, but in the meantime I have to warn writers away from this festival if they reside outside LA or are unable to represent their work in person. This year, the organizers technically infringed the copyright on my script “Selah Selam” by removing my name/attribution from the work on all festival Facebook posts and commercial promos (metro-la, eventbrite, evensi, eventbu, eveneri), where it was replaced with a reference to a script “director” who also headlined the Q&A following the reading (one of the organizers). To this day, the festival has never publicly acknowledged that I wrote the screenplay, so I am obliged to state on FilmFreeway that I am the sole author of “Selah Selam,” and anyone wishing further information about it should contact me. What is saddest of all about this situation is that I wrote this script not to sell tickets or to enable anyone else’s narcissism but to try to make the strongest statement I could against racial injustice, religious intolerance, and violence against LGBT groups and women.

    September 2018