"The only true realist is the visionary." (Federico Fellini)

FLIGHT - Mostra del Cinema di Genova is devoted to cinema as an art form.
In October 2020 the first edition of FLIGHT took place in Genova amid fears of incoming Covid-second wave, theaters on the verge of closing, guests stranded in airports due to cancelled flights.
But it was a success. We opened with "The Mirror" by Andrej Tarkovsky, introduced by his son, director Andrej A. Tarkovskj and we followed with over 80 screenings, 1500 attendees (in person and in streaming), 13 international guests. We had an exceptional press and media coverage (over 40 stories in the local, national, international and specialized press, two live interviews on the Italian national radio). The Grand Prix was awarded to “Zumiriki” by Basque director Oskar Alegrìa and to “Another World” by Manuela Morgaine from France (see full list of winners on our website www.mostradelcinemagenova.org) .
Encouraged by the success of the first edition, we are ready to take off for a second FLIGHT.

We will privilege, in our selection, films with a poetic or visionary value, experimental and thought provoking films, avant-garde works and innovative languages. Equal importance will be given to fiction and non-fiction works, to features and shorts, and the festival’s Grand Prix, dedicated to Eadweard Muybridge (Grand Prix Pigeon Flying, 2500 € cash prize) will be assigned to the Best Film, regardless of genre, duration and theme.
A one-of-a-kind work of art, created by an outstanding Italian artist and inspired by Muybridge’s Pigeon Flying, will also be given to the Grand Prix winner.
Ample attention will be devoted also to films out of competition, both as special screenings and as retrospectives. A special event will be dedicated to films and authors from Genova and the Liguria Region.
No other place appeared to us more suitable for our Festival than the city of Genoa, with its port and its contrasts, with its dazzling lights and the darkness of the old town, with a thousand languages and its dialect, its innumerable departures and returns.

The Festival is organized by two non profit cultural associations, Associazione Culturale 28 Dicembre and ACEC. Our screenings will take place in many different cinemas, film-clubs, art galleries, both in the heart of old Genoa and in other interesting and multicultural neighborhoods, in the aim of involving in the Festival the whole town. We will also try to find unexpected locations for special screenings. We are also planning to have screening in some of the beautiful small cities and villages of the Ligurian Riviera
For further information, please visit our website and our Facebook page, which will be kept constantly updated. Before submitting, please read our artistic and curatorial Manifesto on the Website:


In this page: Leonardo Da Vinci, "Codex on the Flight of Birds"

Aleksandr Balagura, still from "Life Span of the Object in Frame"

The Festival Logo, inspired by "Pigeon Flying, Plate 755" by Eadweard
Muybridge, was designed by Thomas Gori

The Eadweard Muybridge Grand Prix (2500€), will be awarded to the Best Film regardless of genre, theme and duration.

Other Awards:

Best Short Film – Fiction
Best Feature Film – Fiction
Best Short Film – Non Fiction
Best Feature Film – Non Fiction
Best Innovative Languages Film
Best Video Art Work
Best Animation Film

All the Jury’s Awards and Special Mentions will be motivated.

1. Deadline June 30th, 2021.
2. Early-bird deadline January,15th to February 28th, 2021: 20 $/film.
3. Regular deadline March 1st to May 31st , 2021 : 30 $/film.
4. Late deadline June 1st to June 30th , 2021: 40 $/film.
5. Films submitted for the Out of Competition section can be submitted any time before the final deadline for 15 $/film.
6. The Innovative Languages section of the Festival is dedicated to experimental and avant-garde films, for visionary and poetic films, for underground and linguistically radical films and more generally for all films whereby the assumptions of the cinematic language are challenged and innovated.
7. No waivers or refunds.

1. All genres accepted.
2. Short Films under 60 minutes, Feature Films above 60 minutes.
3. Films in competition may have been produced in any year, but we give preferred consideration to films produced after January 2017. Films out of competition may have been produced after December 28th, 1895.
4. Multiple submissions allowed.
5. As a rule, a high quality DCP or mp4 file should be provided.
7. Premiere status is welcomed but not explicitly required. Please let us know if your film has already been screened in Italy e se si tratta di opera prima
8. All films with dialogue must have English subtitles. Dialog list in English and SRT file should be provided for Italian subtitling. If an Italian version of the film or a dialog list in Italian exist, that would help us a lot.
9. Please ensure you have all the third-party rights needed to take part in the festival.

The artistic director will appoint a selection committee that will be in charge of the selection of films for the competition.
A prestigious international Jury will be appointed to award category prizes and the Grand Prix.
Entrants will be notified of the selection results no later than July 31st, 2021.
Please be sure your selected film has obtained all film and music rights and clearances, in accordance to copyright laws.
The Mostra del Cinema di Genova is authorised to use your trailer, or a short film excerpt (max. 5 minutes) for promotion of the Festival on TV, radio or on the Internet.
Selected films cannot be withdrawn from the Festival under any circumstances.

Overall Rating
  • Cautiva y Desarmada

    We enjoyed the FLIGHT experience throughout.
    The locations were great, especially San Salvatore (a refurbished church) has a unique atmosphere for a screening.
    The FLIGHT team is very friendly and the organisation had no bumps during our stay.
    Accommodating most filmmakers and guests in the same place made it easy to get to know each other.

    November 2021
  • Fred Périé

    Great festival. Great movies. Great people. The screening took place in an ancient church. Amazing place but with poor quality audio.

    October 2021
  • FLIGHT/Mostra Internazionale del Cinema di Genova is a wonderfully curated film festival, made by people who love cinema.

    October 2021
  • Great event.Unfortunately I couldn't attend but
    I confirm this festival is the one of finest event
    for seeking and making true cinema.It is my pleasure that my film selected in.

    October 2021
  • Robertie Valee

    A great Festival. I really enjoyed meeting all directors from all over the world who made so many good movies. Thanks to the organisation

    October 2021