GRRL HAUS CINEMA is an ongoing program of short films and video art made by women, non-binary, trans and genderqueer artists. A mix of local, national, and international artists present work from a variety of disciplines: narrative, documentary, experimental, and conceptual. With an emphasis on low budget and DIY, GRRL HAUS is a space for underrepresented voices in media arts.

For 2022 we will have 2 calls for entry:
January 20th - May 13th : In consideration for spring and summer screenings with Mobile Kino Berlin
June 10th - Oct 20th : In consideration for fall screenings with Mobile Kino Berlin and December screenings with Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, MA, USA

*In addition all submissions will be considered for our monthly screenings at Loophole Berlin and our curated online screenings, which includes interviews with the filmmakers.

GRRL HAUS is not your typical film festival, instead of having one big event - we have multiple events throughout the year. Our goal is to show as many quality short films made by women, non-binary, genderqueer, and trans people to an international audience.

We completely celebrate DIY culture and focus on sharing works to all different types of audiences. This can include audiences at international museums or to audiences at underground clubs. We believe that every audience deserves the chance to see these works, rather than just the typical film festival networking crowd. We want to reach all audiences and celebrate the inclusivity of creative and unique work in film.

International Screenings:
Our international screenings are curated from our over 400 yearly submissions. Through these submissions we select our favorite short films. This includes our end of the year festival screening at the Brattle Theatre and museum screenings at the prestigious Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston.

Mobile Kino Screenings:
We hold 3-4 screenings through Mobile Kino Berlin a year. These screenings we curate around the best of our local short film submissions and a selection of international short films. We invite the filmmakers to Q&A’s following the screenings, where they discus their works.

Loophole Monthly Screenings:
Once a month GRRL HAUS hosts screenings at Loophole Berlin. These events focus on sharing local films by local filmmakers.
These events build up our sense of local community and follows through with one of our founding principles : sharing our excitement and love for low budget, DIY events and making them accessible to everyone.

Online Screenings / Gimme 5:
At GRRL HAUS CINEMA we were forced to cancel many of our events due to the pandemic, and every artist on our program list was left without a show venue. Energized and in defiance of the virus, we wanted now more than ever to keep going. We want the artists to keep going. We want to encourage them to stay active, to create, and most importantly to show their work. We want to reverse the status quo of art being left behind in times of crisis when it is needed most.

For past two years (and into the future) we have been running online screenings, which we have been curating and presenting live on our online platform. We have been hosting these themed screenings on our website and Vimeo, as well as promoting all the films on our social media platforms. We host 10-15 short films on our site for a week. And then we remove them and continue hosting other themed sets.

Through these screenings our audiences are able to watch amazing short films in the comfort and safety of their home. All of the online screenings are free to watch, so they are accessible to anyone in these uncertain times.

GRRL HAUS started in 2014 at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, MA, USA. Since then the event has showcased over 400 filmmakers, including multiple musical performances, video art installations, exhibitions and local vendors. In 2016 GRRL HAUS relocated to Berlin Germany and started hosting small screenings of local films. As we established are identity in Berlin we began to include music and arts.

Within the past few years we have grown to not just showcase films, but also art, music, dance, photography, handmade crafts and clothing, and even tarot, astrology and spiritual meet ups. The idea of GRRL HAUS is constantly expanding. We believe in no boundaries for creativity and are constantly looking for new ways to celebrate the work of underrepresented people.

For our complete history of screenings, events, exhibitions, concerts and parties - you can view all our teasers and selected artists on our Media page :


Past and Current partners, venues, curation teams and organizations:
Alamo Drafthouse
Brain Arts
Boston Hassle
Brattle Theatre
​Das Giftraum
Dorchester Art Project
DMP Sci-Fi Sleepover at Babylon Kino
Feminist Film Festival (FeFi)
GIF - Girls in Film
Institute of Contemporary Art Boston
Ilali Studios
Lesben- und Schwulenverband : LSVD
​Love Hotel
Mobile Kino
RAW Berlin
Worm Rotterdam
Under the Underground

Our 2021 selections and events:

Live Events:

Dec 5 - GRRL HAUS CINEMA // International and Local Short Films  at The Brattle Theatre
The Bearers of Memories - Miglė Križinauskaitė-Bernotienė, Joy Uncensored - Natasha Hawthornthwaite, [B]ELLAS - Clara Rodríguez Arasanz, Laia Suru Valverde, inside the thought - Çağıl Harmandar, Quarantine Land - Alara Drahsan, Woolgathering - Emma Bright, Bethany Clemens, Safe Passage (for Sheila) - Erin Fussell, Public Figure - Madalina Zaharia, Ryan Ormonde, DOMA - Beth Warrian, Sofia Maria Gracia, Theatre is Magic - Ashley Sengstaken, Earthen Energies - Sakinah Bowman, NIUNIU - Vincy Wang, You Don't Have to Take Orders From The Moon -Jaina Cipriano, “Same Water” by Solei - Alex Miklowski, These Old Bones - Catherine Giarrusso, Toni - Sam Elwood, Il Mio Sangue E infinito Nell’oscurita - Coco Roy, Guacamole is not my favorite - Cheyenne Harvey

Nov 29 -  GRRL HAUS // Local Shorts and Performances by Necorita and Casual Collision at Loophole
'This mechanical fluidity’ - Katie Grace McFadden, First Encounter - Justus Ray’m, The Horror Woman 3 a.k.a. based on a true story - GᾹZ collective, Letter To My Mother - Amina Maher, Blurry States - Alina Lara Steinberg, Behemoth - Emily Hagan, Vientre De Resistencia - Alejandro Muñoz, Jhoana Patiño, Rocio Becerra, Roberta Pupotto, Ondina Maldonado

Oct 25 - GRRL HAUS// with Waterflower and Elio Icaza at Loophole
Ofenheizung: Portrait of a Stove - Juli.Saragosa, TIME - Manu Aguilar, Main Character, Chapauko - Marie Bauer, Say a Word - Altair Hernandez, Murmures - Léa Morelli, Convection Retainer - Em Slater, Longer Nights - J Frisch-Wang, [B]ELLAS - Clara Rodríguez Arasanz , Laia Suru Valverde, Parallels - Fiona Mortimer

Sept 2  -  Best of 2021 Screening #1- with  Mobile Kino at Alte Münze
Mijo - Mazdey Snob, Earthen Energies - Sakinah Bowman, A Fashion Story - Flo Meijer,
Back in the island - Amande Valle, Hysteria - Charlot van Heeswijk, 24/7 Diva Heaven - Potface - Irem Schwarz, Entre Paredes - Ana Paula Teixeira, Itch - Susannah Farrugia, BBQ & Apocalypse - Io Alexa Sivertsen, Ylva Gulpinar , Christa Barlinn Korvald , Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid, Creature - Maggie McConnell, The Horse Guessing Game - Leilei Xia, Elena Steri –Heavy Rotations - Maren Sosada, Lost Time - Anna Radchenko, Circe - Lizzie Cater,
Reencuentro - Maria von Staa, Rise - Natalia Ludmila, The Knot- Kyra Garéy - Ksenia Bilyk, New Touches - Joyce Keokham

Sept 3 & 4 - GRRL Telephone - ILALI Studios
Featuring works from :
Indrani Ashe, Zha Babaieva, Aubane Berthommé Martinez, Sarah Boulter, Kannetha Brown, Tara Campling, Darkreconstruction, Charmaine de Heij, Maria De Paula-Vázquez, Monika Estrella Negra, Kiki Febriyanti, Sara Ferro, Brittonie Fletcher, Lauren Grudzien, Kate Jessop, Eili Bråstad Johannessen, Cara Kuball, Molly Leebove, Melanie Light, Jess Littman, Marija Lucic, Ana Minujin, Samera Paz, Olivia and Madeleine Peters, Jenny Plante, Colette Pomerleau, Shay Revolver, Allison Tanenhaus, Oona Taper, Kristina Tokar , Eva-Maria Unglaube, Juliane Vowinckel, Vincy Wang, Chris Weil, Keren Zaltz

Sept 10 - Best of 2021 Screening #2 -  with Mobile Kino at Charlottenburg S-Bahn
Scrubber - Sophia Di Martino, Tides - Rowan Gray, Bird - Sara June, My Pretty Paracosm - Antonia Ackermans, Dana - Lucía Forner Segarra, Happy In Hell - Saalika Khan, Dancing Variations - Joo Young (Judy) Kim, Color Dance -Vanessa Cardui, La Forza del Passato - Maria Papadouli, POWER CMY - Liz Rhaney, We Two - Grace Whitfield, Alchemical Botany - Onyou Oh, The Boks - Ziyang Chen, Sishan Chen, The Quest for Freedom and the Longing for Belonging - Noam Paul, FILM FOUND - Claudia Munksgaard-Palmqvist, The Dreamers - Hedda Bednarszky, Joy Uncensored - Natasha Hawthornthwaite

Sept 1 - Experimental & Animation Shorts - Screening with LSVD
THE APPEARANCE - Heinrich Horwitz & Rosa Wernecke, Suddenly, Last Evening - Jenny Plante, Patch Work - Sarah Jenkins, Maintain Yourself - Ellie LaCourt, Migration- Daphna Miro, Rebellious Essence - Ana Čigon, Gamut - Shanon Han (Sun), Helfer - Anna Szöllősi, Ein Moment in Berlin - Kelly McKay, If we get lost just follow our glitter - Polyxeni Fotopoulou, 1st DAY & NEXT MINUTE - Sara Koppel, Coming into the Station - Tales From Pussy Willow S2 - Kate Jessop, You Don't Have To Thank Me - ella may sahlman, Lilies - Joni Renee Whitworth, Downhill - Erica Moriconi

Sept 8 - Drama Shorts - Screening with LSVD
Leaks in Exposure - Katharina Nesterowa, Quarter Past Two - Emma Nordström, Sparks - Netta Shalev, Knock Me Down - Erika Kramer, Saturday Night Web Series:Just Two Close Friends - Eylül Berivan Kızılırmak, Realness - Cristina García Zarzosa, Pink & Blue - Carmen LoBue

August 25th - Comedy Shorts - Screening with LSVD
Cumulonimbus - Tiffany Topor, FREI_RAUM - Charlot van Heeswijk, Mixed Messages - Kanchi Wichmann, Matches Made - Yin Yee Low, PAMÇKA - Elda Sorra, NOT YOUR ORDINARY SISTER - Maša Zia Lenárdič & Anja Wutej, SYNCHRONIZATION - ANNA KASIŃSKA, Wild Dances - Bina Bhattacharya, Flourish - Heather María Ács

August 18th - Documentary Shorts - Screening with LSVD
Birds and the Bees - Ana Minujin, Wrong Direction - Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid, From The Skin In, From The Skin Out - Jessica Renzelman, So, which band is your boyfriend in? - Suzy Harrison, VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN : A NON - EXHAUSTIVE PRESENTATION - Hannah Kugel, LA FLACA / THE BONY LADY - Adriana Barbosa, “A Mythology of Pleasure“ by Lara RCZ.

July 12th - GRRL HAUS with Mobile Kino. Berlin Local Shorts at Alte Münze Berlin
Becoming - Belen Resnikowski, Cream - Kelsey Gillis & Robbert Kornel de Koning
Bee - Emily Hagen, Not Your Ordinary Sister - Maša Zia Lenárdič and Anja Wutej
Quarantine - Alysha Si, Violence Against Women - Hannah Kugel, Eva - Julia Feige
Spatium - FemmeFraktale Berlin, Two Simple Letters - Miljana Nikovic, The Appearance - Heinrich Horwitz / Rosa Wernecke, La Milagrosa takes off to the woods - Sofia Jamatte, Lakune - Hoang Quynh Nguyen, Why It Takes Time Just To Go Somewhere - Svenja Schäfer, Ciara-Angela Mission Engelhardt, Inga-Marie Heidi Tekukwitha Ruxton

June 18  - GRRL Telephone preview exhibit at Loophole Berlin
Featuring works from :
Indrani Ashe, Aubane Berthommé Martinez, Sarah Boulter, Charmaine de Heij, Monika Estrella Negra, Kiki Febriyanti, Brittonie Fletcher, Lauren Grudzien, Kate Jessop, Eili Bråstad Johannessen, Cara Kuball, Melanie Light, Marija Lucic, Samera Paz, Olivia and Madeleine Peters, Jenny Plante, Colette Pomerleau, Shay Revolver, Allison Tanenhaus, Oona Taper, Eva-Maria Unglaube, Vincy Wang, Keren Zaltz

Online Screenings:

July 30th - August 13th - GRRL HAUS// at the Brattlite Virtual Cinema
Belen Resnikowski, Kelsey Gillis & Robbert Kornel de Koning, Emily Hagen, Not Your Ordinary Sister - Maša Zia Lenárdič and Anja Wutej, Alysha Si, Violence Against Women - Hannah Kugel, Julia Feige, FemmeFraktale Berlin, Miljana Nikovic, Heinrich Horwitz / Rosa Wernecke, Sofia Jamatte, Hoang Quynh Nguyen, Svenja Schäfer, Ciara-Angela Mission Engelhardt, Inga-Marie Heidi Tekukwitha Ruxton

April 16th - 23rd - GRRL HAUS// Let's Have a Party - Short films with The Brattle Theatre
OH SH*T! - Elsa van Damke, Tequila Acid Party - Liesbeth Eeckman & Joel Rabijns, Flourish - Heather María Ács, Tormento - Nunofyrbeeswax - Maren Sosada, Alles Easy - Luisa Ricar, The Sound of Sinking Ships - Oona Taper, Lowfy - Ksenia Bilyk, Simon Guder, Wrong Direction - Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid, Blood - Guerrilla Davis, Adonis Emory, Sammay Dizon, Go Easy On Me - Kyra Garéy, Appetite - Xuemeng Li, Katrin Larissa Kaspe

March 4th- 10th - Feminist Film Festival (FeFi) in Slovenia
Washed - Daphna Miro, FREI_RAUM - Charlot Van Heeswijk, Synchronization - Anna Kasinska, On a Dimly Lit Path - Janaye Brown

March 22nd- 29th - Best of Animation Shorts
A Key for the Kid - Thea Lorentzen, Waste Away - Elly Stern, Wade - Sabrina Richert & Genevieve Lefevre, Helfer - Szöllősi Anna, 6 swans - Maria A Norris, Reverse Wormhole - Sarah Banks, Gamut - Shanon Han (Sun)

Gimme 5// Filmmaker interview and online screenings
My Walk Home - Lindsay Heatley, Pearl - Kyra Garéy, Nowhere But Here - Carolina Romillo Marín, Cream - Kelsey Joan Gillis, Keep your mouth shut, my dear - Lily Rinae, Dirt - Roma Flowers, Helanius J. Wilkins, Andy Hasenpflug, Red Dunes - Dalia Glazman, You Don’t Have To Take Orders From The Moon - Jaina Cipriano, I Exist On the Internet - Dir. Ambie Drew 
On a Dimly Lit Path - Dir. Janaye Brown, DIY DOC : Trendy Shit Town - Dir.  Breana Del Gatto, Letter to My Mother, Dir. Amina Maher, Miss Psychorama 1986 , Dir. Jenny Plante, Beneath the Remains, Dir. Dina Fiasconaro

What our selected filmmakers receive:
- If selected for one of our live screenings - filmmakers plus one of their guests will receive free passes to the the event.
- Selected films will have the possibility of screening in other events in the future. This includes our party screenings and exhibition screenings.
- GRRL HAUS regularly recommends, curates and juries for other film festivals. We keep an archive of all our submissions and often send recommendations to other festivals/ programs/curation teams.
- Films and Directors name will be permanently listed on the GRRL HAUS CINEMA site, and in all of our social media pages.
- We heavily promote all of our selected artists work. This includes making trailers for all events and making feature posts on individual artists on our social media channels.

- Films must be directed or written by a women or non-binary or trans person. Co- directed or Co-written also acceptable.
- We accepts films in any genre. If you don't know where your film fits in our category listing - please select "other"
- Films should be less than 30 min long
- Worldwide submissions accepted
- Films submitted must be in digital format.
- Filmmakers must agree to the use of their film stills and clips of films being included in promotional materials and trailers for the event
- All languages are accepted. Non-English language films must have embedded English subtitles
- The submitter must be either the director or producer of the work (or have the permission of the director/producer and email of the director/producer must be provided).
- Entries must be submitted by individuals 18 or older.

Overall Rating
  • Loved being part of this festival, thanks for a great experience

    June 2022
  • Grace Porter

    A truly wonderful to have been a part of!

    October 2021
  • Really love the vision and style of this festival!

    October 2021
  • Natalia Ludmila

    I was very happy that my short was part of GRRL HAUS CINEMA Best of 2021. Thank-you everyone!

    Communication and exchange with the organizations was very smooth and timely. Will definitely recommend and look forward to their future selections.

    September 2021
  • eylül berivan kızılırmak

    it was just so exciting to take place in this festival. also the communication was very easy and helpful.

    September 2021