GRRL HAUS CINEMA is an ongoing program of short films and video art made by women, as well as non-binary, genderqueer, and trans people. A mix of local, national, and international artists present work from a variety of disciplines: narrative, documentary, experimental, and conceptual. With an emphasis on low budget and DIY, GRRL HAUS is a space for underrepresented voices in the arts today.

*Due to COVID-19 all submissions this year will be considered for our monthly online screenings and our 2021-2022 events*

GRRL HAUS is not your typical film festival, instead of having one big event - we have multiple events throughout the year. Our goal is to show as many quality short films made by women, non-binary, genderqueer, and trans people to an international audience.

We completely celebrate DIY culture and focus on sharing works to all different types of audiences. This can include audiences at international museums or to audiences at underground clubs. We believe that every audience deserves the chance to see these works, rather than just the typical film festival networking crowd. We want to reach all audiences and celebrate the inclusivity of creative and unique work in film.

In Berlin we host monthly screenings at Loophole and also screen with Mobile Kino and IL Kino. We hold our yearly end of the year event is at the historic Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, MA, USA where GRRL HAUS had its inauguration in 2014. At these events, GRRL HAUS Cinema has showcased over 500 filmmakers, including multiple musical performances, video art installations, art exhibitions and local vendors.

In 2019*, we had a total of 22 events including 5 visual art exhibitions at venues - RAW Berlin, Das Giftraum and Oblomov. There were 3 cinema screenings with Mobile Kino, 6 cinema screenings at IL KINO, 7 party screenings (with bands and DJs) at Loophole and lastly our end of the year event at The Brattle Theatre.

In 2018 we had a total of 12 screenings. 2018 venues included : The Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers, WORM Rotterdam, Loophole Berlin, IL KINO, Brattle Theatre and Dorchester Art Project.

We have multiple events scheduled for 2020 and are looking for short films for all the events! Submissions are open until November 1, 2020 and are accepted on a rolling basis.

Future screenings in 2020 will take place in -
Berlin, Germany - Mobile Kino
Boston, MA, USA -Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA)
Berlin, Germany - Loophole Berlin
Berlin, Germany - IL KINO
Cambridge, MA, USA - Brattle Theatre
& More TBA

*During 2019, we had over 470 submissions and selected roughly 200 films to screen at different events. We keep archives of all submissions, so even though we might not select your film for a current event, there is always chance that we will select it for a future screening.

The earlier that you submit the better chance you will have to be considered for all the events. As we are constantly planning more screenings, so there will always be more to be considered for!


Past and Current Partners, Venues, Curation Teams and Organizations:
Brain Arts
Boston Hassle
Brattle Theatre
Das Giftraum
Dorchester Art Project
DMP Sci-Fi Sleepover
GIF - Girls in Film
Institute of Contemporary Art Boston
Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers
Love Hotel
Mobile Kino 
RAW Berlin
Worm Rotterdam
Under the Underground

2019 and early 2020 events and curations:
Dreamlike, absurd and surreal shorts - IL KINO - Jan 22, 2019
Takes on family and relationships - IL KINO - Feb 26, 2019
Sex, erotica and fetish - Loophole - March 20, 2019
GRRL HAUS open theme - Loophole - May 15th, 2019
Open theme - IL KINO - May 21, 2019
Pop up video art show - RAW - May 25, 2019
Digital World - Loophole - June 17, 2019
Blood, sweat, tears// my body - IL KINO - June 25, 2019
Summer Mood - Oblomov - July 19, 2019
Open Air, Open theme - Mobile Kino - July 22, 2019
Featured Filmmakers Salon - Oblomov - July 24, 2019
Midsummer Party screening - Loophole - July 26, 2019
Local film showcase - Loophole - Sept 5, 2019
Unruly Body of Migration - Das Giftraum - Sept 5th, 2019
Documentary Shorts - IL KINO - Sept 16th, 2019
Girls in Film + GRRL HAUS - Mobile Kino - Sept 26, 2019
Fear and Madness - IL KINO - Oct 15, 2019
Cult sleaze camp trash rock n roll Halloween - Loophole - Oct 25, 2019
Forget me Knot - Das Giftraum - Nov 8, 2019
Short takes on the future - Loophole - Nov 18, 2019
Best of 2019 - Mobile Kino - Nov 27, 2019
GRRL HAUS CINEMA - Brattle Theatre - Dec 4, 2019

GRRL HAUS // DJ Set - Das Gift - Jan 11, 2020
14 Hour Sci-fi kino marathon - Babylon - Jan 11, 2020
Alchemise It - Loophole - Jan 22, 2020
Stupid Cupid - Loophole - Feb 14, 2020
GRRL HAUS at the ICA - Institute of Contemporary Art Boston - Feb 17, 2020

-Selected filmmakers will receive free entry to the event.
-Selected films will have the possibility of screening in other events in the future. This includes party screenings and exhibition screenings.
-Films and Directors name will be permanently listed on the GRRL HAUS CINEMA site, and in all of our social media pages.
- You will be part of the growing GRRL HAUS community, which will continue to promote women's work in the film industry.

- FILMS MUST BE DIRECTED BY women or non-binary or trans person (basically if you are a cis man then you DO NOT qualify)
- Films should be less than 30 min long
- Worldwide submissions accepted
- Films accepted can be documentaries, animation, fiction, narratives, music videos, experimental, video art, adult/erotica and in any language. We are open to everything!
- Films submitted must be in digital format.
- Filmmakers must agree to the use of their film stills and clips of films being included in promotional materials and trailers for the event
-If selected and if film is not in English, films must have subtitles embedded in the file.

Overall Rating
  • Thanks for selecting Hyphen! Fantastic venue choice at the Brattle. Large audience who loves films. I wish more photos would have been taken and posted of the event. Great selection in Cambridge and Berlin.

    June 2020
  • Mads Engel

    I live out of state and was working the night of this festival but GRRL HAUS was so kind and communicative. They put together an awesome trailer of all the films and they really curate an awesome lineup.

    January 2020
  • Duska Latas

    Interesting festival. Glad to be selected! Hope I can get to if one day :)

    January 2020
  • Gwendolyn Audrey Foster

    So honored and excited to have my short queer experimental film DADA SHIP play at Grrl Haus!!

    This festival is the best! Thanks for supporting truly avant-garde experimental underground filmmaking.

    December 2019
  • Great event and great host! It won't miss a good film.

    April 2019