Morocco Shorts started in 2019 at Rabat International Author Film Festival; the festival is based on on a long history of 25 years of festival experience, and it was then developed to be an independent film festival dedicated for short films filmmakers only.

Morocco Shorts International Film Festival accepts both Moroccan and international short films in different categories: Fiction, Documentary, Animation, Experimental, Web & New Media; applicants may be graduating students or independent filmmakers.

In addition to its rich and wide selection of short films, the program includes master classes, seminars and workshops around different topics in filmmaking in collaboration with national and international partners.

Morocco Shorts is organized in partnership with the French Cultural Center in Rabat, Rabat International Author Film Festival, Beirut Shorts, & Beirut Film Society.

Morocco Shorts offers the following awards:

International Competition:
Best International Short Fiction
Best International Short Documentary
Best International Short Animation & Experimental
Best International New Media

National Student Competition:
Best Student Short Fiction
Best Student Short Documentary
Best Student Short Animation & Experimental

National Independent Competition
Best Independent Short Fiction
Best Independent Short Documentary
Best Independent Short Animation & Experimental
Best Independent New Media

Audience Choice Award

Rules and Regulations:

Filmmakers are invited to submit their original work to Morocco Shorts International Film Festival (MSIFF) for the listed categories


2- For International submissions, a Moroccan premiere is recommended, but not mandatory, films that are previously screened in Morocco may have less chances of being selected.

3- MSIFF supports directors of selected international films who want to travel to Rabat - Morocco, to participate in the festival screenings and activities. (Conditions apply)

4- Submission fees are non refundable and non reimbursable under any circumstances; MSIFF does not reimburse any submission fees for films who are not selected for the festival program, or who withdrew their submissions at any time.

5- MSIFF retains the right to accept or decline any film, for whatever reason, without any explanation.

6- Applicants admit that they are authorized to submit the film, being the rights-holders or authorized representatives of the film.

7- MSIFF receives exhibition copy in QuickTime 1080p HD 8 bit uncompressed or Apple ProRes file or equivalent via a downloadable link.

8- All films must have adequate French or English subtitles.

9- Screening fees must be declared prior to or upon submission. If a screening fee is only indicated after the official selection has been announced, the festival retains the right to revoke the film's acceptance.

10- Morocco Shorts International Film Festival (MSIFF) holds the right to:
• Use the selected films for trailers and publicity usage
• Screen the winning films in other related events inside Morocco, and recommend the winning films to other international film festivals that collaborate with MSIFF after the approval of the filmmakers.