It is the first meeting of the Italian Mojo community, it will welcome everyone who wants to know more about mobile journalism, who wants to understand how to use in a professional way such an ubiquitous device as a smartphone.
It is an unmissable appointment for who wants to learn, discuss, stay updated, watch and challenge him/herself.

Screenings: the best production of mojo in Italy and worldwide
Workshops: “hands on” classes about hot topics, with the best experts and professional
Debates: where is mojo going?

Awards: Two prizes, two categories. The best mojo product made in Italy, the best one made in the rest of the world

InstaAward: a topic kept secret until the beginning of our festival,then only 24 hours to produce a video story about it

Sezione Italia
This section is only for Italian authors and has no age limit.

Sezione Mondo
This section is for foreign authors and has no age limit.

the competition is open to every type of video work made with mobile devices. There is neither a minimum nor a maximum time limit.
The work has to be journalistic (i.e. news bulletin pieces, reportages, etc.), furthermore video fiction works will be admitted if they re-enact, reconstruct, explain, try to solve or explain real facts which are or were subject of media coverage.

Date of production:
the work has to be produced between January 1, 2017, and the closing date of the present competition (see below)