*** Submit your project / short / documentaries & feel the difference ***
MNMISFF is a short film festival that invites participation from all corners of the globe. This year will be our 4th fesival in the beautiful and prestigious city of Howrah, the oldest in India. Howrah district is home to many great places like IIEST Shibpur, Botanical Garden, Howrah Railway Station, Howrah Brige, Vidyasagar Setu, Belur Math, Nabanna (new writers building), Shibpur Public Library (2nd Oldest in India), etc.

• Reimbursement of Sleeper Class rail ticket fare from any corner of INDIA for any one of arrival or departure ( Alloted to Festival Winner Only, if applicable).
• Reimbursement of Lodging fare for 23rd December 2018 at any one of the listed 'Delux Lodge' ( Alloted to Festival Winner Only, if applicable).

Winner of the Model N Movie International Short Film Festival 2018.
BEST Director award (National and Foreign)
BEST Cinematography award (National and Foreign)
BEST Video Editing award (National and Foreign)
BEST Sound award *
BEST Actress Award (National and Foreign)
BEST Actor Award (National and Foreign)
BEST ORIGINAL Story & Screenplay award *
BEST Costume award (National and Foreign)
BEST Production Management award
Best Political Film
Best Women Film (National and Foreign)
Best Children Film (National and Foreign)
Best Wildlife Film (National and Foreign)
Best Director (National and Foreign)
Best Documentary Feature (National and Foreign)
BEST Sound & Editing award *
BEST Cinematography award

• Golden Medals for "Noble Work".*
• 30+ Golden Medals for "Good Work".*
• More Number of Screening than MNMISFF2017.*
• More Number of Official Selection than MNMISFF2017.

More awards may be announce later...

The Duration of the project should be within 30 minutes.

Entry Fee :

General : 15 USD (Early), 20 USD (Regular), 30 USD (Late)
Children : 8 USD (Early), 9 USD (Regular), 10 USD (Late)
Student : 8 USD (Early), 9 USD (Regular), 10 USD (Late)
[For more details visit website]

Any submitted film/project which is publicly available in You Tube Channel or any other Public Video Platform will be considered ineligible for selection at MNMISFF 2018.
Once a film/project is submitted, it can’t be withdrawn under any circumstances. However the festival committee reserves the right to disqualify any submitted film/project based on feedback from Judgement Panel.
The decision of the Judgement Panel is final and cannot be challenged or over ruled under any circumstances.
By submitting a film/project in MNMISFF 2018, the entire film/project team takes complete responsibility of all kinds of copyright issues of the submitted film/project.
Applicants are requested to provide the following through Online form:
i. Synopsis of the film/project within 50 words.
ii. Crew and Cast List with their original names, contacts and responsibilities assigned for the film/project.
iii. Biography of the film/project Director within 100 words.

'Model N Movie Training Institute' reserves the right to launch trailers of the Officially Selected Projects in its Website and Social Networking Sites such as YouTube Channel, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. by taking clips from the film/project for promotional purpose only of MNMISFF 2018.