• All types of projects will be acceptable in General Categories. (Including animation, cartoons , etc.)
• For more details visit : www.modelnmovie.com/BHow

• You can download the 'Pre-Fest Brochure' for ready reference.

• Please email us if you need any further information.
• We will try to be in touch with you within 24 hours to resolve any queries related to your film or submission.

* All Selected 2018 Entries will get Participation Certificates.
* Films entered into multiple categories may win multiple awards.
* Special Jury awards are given for the following categories:

Best short
Best Documentary
Best children's Short
Best women's Short
Best wild life's Short
Best political's Short
Best music video

* Festival Awards :
Winner of the Model N Movie International Short Film Festival 2018.
Best Children Film (National and Foreign)
Best Women Film (National and Foreign)
Best Wildlife Film (National and Foreign)
Best Music Video (National and Foreign)
Best Political Film (National and Foreign)
Best Documentary Feature (National and Foreign)


BEST Director award (National and Foreign)
BEST Cinematography award (National and Foreign)
BEST Video Editing award (National and Foreign)
BEST Sound award (National and Foreign)*
BEST Actress Award (National and Foreign)
BEST Actor Award (National and Foreign)
BEST ORIGINAL Story & Screenplay award (National and Foreign)*
BEST Costume award (National and Foreign)
BEST Production Management award (National and Foreign)

Other Prestigious FILMAWARDS

• Golden Medals for "Noble Work".*
• 30+ Golden Medals for "Good Work".*

All winners will receive “winner” laurel with a winner prize presented at our live screening on Event Date. Winners and selected nominees that cannot attend the event will be contacted by MNMISFF2018 team to send the awards to the provided address.

All selected and winning nominees will be contacted by the MNMISFF2018 team a month prior to notification date to for further information.

The Maximum Duration of the project should be within 30 minutes, There is no lower time duration.

The decision of the Judgement Panel is final and cannot be challenged or over ruled under any circumstances.