#MoStopMo - The Stop Motion Shorts Festival: 2023
Saturday, November 25th 2023
The #MoStopMo YouTube Channel

All screenings are free however donations are welcome via Venmo and Paypal

#MoStopMo is an officially recognized IMDb Festival Event

The #MoStopMo Stop Motion Shorts Festival is an officially recognized IMDb festival.

All submitted shorts of the 2023 #MoStopMo Stop Motion Shorts Fest will receive direct feedback a jury of award-winning and renown industry professionals, be featured in the online screening or both.

All submissions will have their film's link hosted on the #MoStopMo website

Selected submissions will be highlighted during the 2023 Festival

All qualifying submissions eligible for listing on IMDb will formally be awarded credit on IMDb.

Selected shorts of the #MoStopMo Stop Motion Shorts Fest will be screened via #MoStopMo's YouTube Channel.

If you have created a Stop Motion short, and it is a complete, stand alone story (not an exercise or a trailer for a longer short), you are eligible!

#MoStopMo Stop Motion Shorts Festival 2023:

If you have created a Stop Motion short in the past 2 years (2021 - 2023) and it is a complete, stand alone story (not an exercise or a trailer for a longer short), you are eligible!

IMPORTANT: Failure to follow the below listed rules will forfeit your entry to the festival, including your entry fee, so please follow directions carefully :) Once submitted, all fees are non-refundable.


All entrants muse be at least 18 years of age, have authorized or original content in their short, including character and music.

All entries must demonstrate the use of ACTUAL Stop Motion Animation techniques in part or full, (EXAMPLES: physical sets, props or puppets; in camera techniques, including clay, pixilation, sand, paint...)

FILE FORMAT: Each entry must be formatted to HD 1080p mp4 file, and made available for download via our FilmFreeway site.

Selected Shorts screening at the #MoStopMo Film Festival will be notified ASAP. If you have not heard back from #MoStopMo within 2 weeks of entry, please follow up via email at info@mostopmo.com.

All submissions received within 2 weeks of the Deadline will be followed up within 2 weeks.

By entering The #MoStopMo Stop Motion Shorts Fest, you give the organizers of the festival permission to screen your film and to use any promotional stills or descriptions for festival advertising.


#MoStopMo is proudly presented by Mondo Machine and Dellarocco Studios (www.dellaroccostudios.com)

Overall Rating
  • Muriel Green

    The folks at #mostopmo were very welcoming and communicative. I had a blast participating in this festival, and I feel like my piece got more exposure because of the online distribution. The panel even provided critical feedback about the work I submitted.

    January 2023
  • Very cool selection of films! It is really nice that it happens online so it can be accesible to everyone, really enjoyed the experience !

    December 2022
  • Honored and flattered to be selected among so many good films. The online screening was interesting, engaging and inspiring. Looking forward to the next edition :)

    December 2021
  • Zeb Blair

    Fun and accessible. There were so many inspiring shorts. Very well curated.

    December 2021
  • A great way to build some stop motion animation community!

    December 2021