**ENVIRONMENTAL FOCUSED FILMS ONLY - See acceptable list below**

Showcasing stories of sustainability, stewardship, and the environment.

Presented by the Schoharie River Center:
The Second annual Mayfly Film Festival seeks to curate an inspiring program of diverse films that are focused on the environment, and our relationship with it. We welcome documentaries, short films, narratives, animations, experimental films, etc. As long as there is a focus on the environment, we want to see it.

Submitting is free with code: "SCHOHARIE"
We had to put a $5 fee to ward off unqualified films. Of course, if you choose to pay the fee, we appreciate the support!

Issues may include, but are not limited to:
-Climate Change
-Water Quality
-Greener Living
-Traditional Crafts, blacksmithing, timber framing, fiber arts, etc.
-Science and Research
-Green Space/Forestry
-and much more (contact us if you are unsure if your film fits)

The Mayfly is an insect that is very susceptible to pollutants. When researching water quality, the presence of Mayflies can indicate that the water is clean or getting better. They have existed since before the dinosaurs, and we hope that our actions will lead to seeing them around well into the future.

We believe that this sensitive and ancient species is a perfect mascot for our delicate environment and all the issues surrounding it’s survival.

**All submissions must have an environmental, sustainable, and/or stewardship focus**

-Films must be made after January 2018
-We accept all genres and mediums, music videos, documentary, experimental, narrative, etc.
-Submissions open to all nationalities and regions.
-If film is in a non-English language, please supply an English subtitled version

Films can be submitted into these categories ("film" includes narratives and non-fiction):
-Short Film
-Youth Short Film
-Feature Film
-Youth Feature Film

Overall Rating