A young and rarely avant-garde festival celebrating the creative documentary film. One of the most powerful catapults for creating cinema audience in Macedonia. It overwhelms, they say, with its warmth and quality. The wonderful Kurshumli An vibrates with film stories, workshops and live performances, doc-talks under a magical fig tree and music under the night sky. Out in the open, every summer since 2010.

ONION AWARD– for Best Film in the Main Competition Program
YOUNG ONION AWARD – for Best Film by first or second-time director
SLICED ONION AWARD- for Best Short Film
ONION SEED AWARD – for Best Student Film
MORAL APPROACH AWARD- for the film with best ethical approach



1.1. Objective
MAKEDOX aims to promote creative documentary film production in North Macedonia and to support documentary storytelling in general. MAKEDOX focuses on creating a stimulating environment for the exchange of experience and knowledge of documentary creation and promotion of films with cinematographic quality, offering the creative point of view of an author, both in terms of content as well as in form.

1.2. Dates
Creative Documentary Film Festival “MakeDox” is organized by the Association MAKEDOX. It will be held from 17 - 24 August 2023 in Skopje, North Macedonia and accompanied with the MakeDox Traveling Cinema (decentralized festival event) through 6-10 Macedonian villages in September 2023.

1.3. Eligibility
Submission to the Festival is open to creative documentary films of all running times, topics, style and production technologies completed and/or publicly screened after 1 January 2021
MakeDox Festival will give priority to national, regional, world and international premieres. Films that have been previously publicly screened and televised in North Macedonia are not eligible for competition unless the MAKEDOX’s Managing Board has given specific authorization. Films that were previously submitted to the Festival and were not selected will not be reconsidered for the 2023 Festival.

1.4. Entry fee

The submission to the festival and entry fee are divided by the following categories and deadlines:

Early Bird Deadline - from 21th of January till 15th of February
- 25 $ fee for the Main Competitive Program (Onion Award)
- 15 $ fee for the Newcomers Competitive Program (Young Onion Award)
- 10 $ fee for the Competitive Program of short creative documentary films (Sliced Onion Award)
- 5 $ fee for the Student Films (all films with the credit/logotip of Film Schools are eligible in this category)

Regular Deadline - from 15th of February till 15th of April
- 35 $ fee for the Main Competitive Program (Onion Award)
- 25 $ fee for the Newcomers Competitive Program (Young Onion Award)
- 20 $ fee for the Competitive Program of short creative documentary films (Sliced Onion Award)
- 10 $ fee for the Student Films (all films with the credit/logotip of Film Schools are eligible in this category)

Late Deadline - from 15th of April till 5th of May
- 50 $ fee for the Main Competitive Program (Onion Award)
- 35 $ fee for the Newcomers Competitive Program (Young Onion Award)
- 30 $ fee for the Competitive Program of short creative documentary films (Sliced Onion Award)
- 20 $ fee for the Student Films (all films with the credit/logotip of Film Schools are eligible in this category)

1.5. Acceptance of the regulations
Submission implies acceptance of these Film Entry regulations by filmmakers, producers and their agents and guarantees the accuracy of the data entered into it.


2.1. Competitive Sections
The “MakeDox” festival program in 2023 consists of four competitive sections:
- Onion – Main Competitive Program open to mid- or full-length creative documentaries from all countries of the world.
- Young Onion - Newcomers Competitive Program open to creative documentaries that are the director’s first or second documentary film (mid or full-length) from all countries of the world.
- Onion Seed - Competitive Program of Students’ creative documentary films of any length from all countries of the world.
- Sliced Onion – Competitive Program of short creative documentary films (up to 30 minutes).

2.2. Non-competitive programs
- Country in focus - program of creative documentary films from one country or region.
- Films for or about children
MAKEDOX might also include other non-competitive programs, such as retrospectives, special or thematically curated programs.

MAKEDOX retains the right to make the final decision on the program in which a film will be shown.


3.1. Jury
The MAKEDOX Managing Board appoints an independent international jury for each category.
Exception is the Onion Seed that doesn’t have to be international. In evaluating the films, each jury shall follow their own criteria and follow the Festival Rules.

3.2. Awards
The official awards of MakeDox 2023 are:
- Onion Award – for Best Film in the Main Competition Program
- Young Onion Award – for Best Film by first or second-time director
- Onion Seed Award – for Best Student Film
- Sliced Onion Award – for Best Short Film
- Moral Approach Award – for the film with best ethical approach.
All films included in any of the programs will be considered for the Moral Approach Award.
The official awards consist of an artwork or a statue. Special awards can be given by the Juries, MAKEDOX, professional organizations, citizens associations, media, etc.


4.1. Entry Form
Films can only be submitted through the online submission platform FilmFreeway.
The films can be submitted by directors, producers, distributors or national film authorities responsible for representing the films. The submission fee is defined in part: 1.4 Entry fee.
4.2. Submission deadline
The deadline for submissions to MakeDox 2023 is 5th of May, 2023.
The Festival is not obliged to view late entries.
4.4. Preview copy
All submissions require English language subtitles, with exception of films with English or no dialogue. To complete the submission, the “MakeDox” Festival requires a downloadable preview copy with a valid password until 28th of August 2023.
4.5. Archive
All submitted films (screeners) shall remain in the MAKEDOX archives and may be used for educational purposes. For any kind of public projection, permission from its authors will be required. For easier storage, films can also be stored in a digital database.
4.6. Submission costs
All costs of the film submission to MAKEDOX are the responsibility of the participants who are entering the films.
4.7. Selection
All films presented at “MakeDox” Festival are selected and invited by the Festival Program Department. In case the Program Department decides not to include a submitted film, applicants will be notified as soon as possible and no later than 5th of August.
4.8. Announcements
The full screening schedule will be announced in August 2023, one week prior to the festival on the MAKEDOX website.
Announcements of the selected films as well as film programs are at the discretion of the “MakeDox” Festival.


5.1. Participants’ obligations.
Participation in the Festival requires the unconditional adherence to its regulations as set out here.
5.2. Catalogue and publicity materials
All contact persons of selected films will receive a request for catalogue and publicity materials upon confirming participation in the “MakeDox” Festival. The requested materials should be sent as soon as possible, but no later than 15th of June 2023. “MakeDox” Festival accepts no liability in the event that its publications reproduce inaccuracies in the submitted materials.
5.3. Required materials
Following materials will be required for all selected films:
- Screening copy of the film in one of the following formats:
MP4 HD H264 / MOV with English subtitles
FULLHD / 1920x1080 (if not possible, HD Ready / 1280x720 or FULLHD 1029X1080 are accepted)
Blue Ray can be accepted
- A long line ( up to 160 characters)
- A short synopsis (up to 500 characters) and a long synopsis (no limit)
- Director’s biography/filmography
- Director’s photography (Resolution: min 1748 x 2480 / min JPG 300 DPI)
- A minimum of three film stills (Resolution: min 1748 x 2480 / min JPG 300 DPI )
- A film poster in a digital format (Resolution: min 1748 x 2480 / min JPG 300 DPI )
- A Trailer and/or selected clips (1280x720 (HD READY) or 1920x1080 (Full HD))
- Press and/or promotional materials (poster, leaflet and/or press dossier)
- English language dialogue list with time codes
Delay in delivery of the above mentioned materials can cause a canceling of the film selection.
The number of films in each program will depend on the running time of individual films. Every selected film will be shown not more than three times during the “MakeDox” Festival and not more than twice during the Traveling Cinema.
Films will be shown with both English and Macedonian subtitles.
MakeDox reserves the right to use up to 3-minute excerpt of the films selected in one of its programs, for promotional purposes (excerpt of short films will not exceed 10% of their total running time).
A director or an authorized person who has submitted the film or accepted the invitation to participate in one of the programs is obliged not to withdraw the film from the “MakeDox” Festival one month before the beginning of the festival.
The directors, producers and distributors of the awarded films shall commit to mention the award in official and promotional materials of the film as well as during the film’s distribution.
The Festival retains the right to reject film copies of low technical quality that could create problems during screening.


Detailed shipment information will follow upon acceptance of the film.
Unless authorized by the MAKEDOX, the film copy must be made available for the whole festival period and must arrive in Skopje before the 1st of August 2023. The sender is requested to inform the MAKEDOX of the means of dispatch, date of shipment, and Airway bill number.
In case MAKEDOX shares the film copy with another festival, it is the responsibility of the participant to inform both festivals of the correct shipping addresses and all contact details.
The film must be sent prepaid by sender. No collect shipments are accepted unless authorized by the Festival. MAKEDOX will pay for the inbound expenses of the film and the sender shall bear the outbound expenses of the screening copy. MAKEDOX will note cover any additional costs for tax and custom clearance in the country of return.
A pro forma invoice must accompany the film copy stating the name of the sender, the title of the film, format and length. Please state: “Temporary export. For cultural purposes only. No commercial value. Insurance value for custom purposes is only not higher than 10EUR. No commercial transaction involved.”
All screening copies will be returned within four weeks after the Festival. It is the responsibility of each participant to inform MAKEDOX in due time on the details of the return address as well as the desired date of arrival of the screening copy.
MakeDox shall be responsible for storing and safekeeping of the film copy only from the moment of receipt to the moment of its return.
Damage to the film copy must be reported to the Festival in writing within a month after return and prior to any following screening.


By submitting the Entry Form, the applicant authorizes MAKEDOX to use and publish all the above specified materials in the festival catalogue, on the Internet and in the press.
After the official selection of a film, MAKEDOX is qualified to use excerpts from the film, a maximum of 3 minutes, nationally and internationally for promotional purposes (excerpts of short films will not exceed 10% of their total running time).


The authors of all selected films are invited to take part in the “MakeDox” Festival. MAKEDOX will provide the necessary accreditation and promotion of their film.
Subject to availability of funds, MakeDox may invite the director or other representative of a film and cover their travel and/or accommodation expenses.


All entries of films made to MAKEDOX presuppose knowledge of and an acceptance of the rules and regulations set herein.
These rules and regulations are written in Macedonian and English languages. For the purposes of interpretation, Macedonian version shall be authoritative.
The MAKEDOX Management Board will decide upon all matters that are not covered by these rules and regulations in accordance with the Festival regulations and the Statute of MAKEDOX.
In case of any dispute, the competent court in Skopje shall have jurisdiction over all issues related to these Rules and Regulations.

Overall Rating
  • We are proud to have presented our short 'Land/Scape' at MakeDox. We did not participate in person, but followed the online updates. Great festival for emerging artists with amazing audio-visual contributions.

    August 2021
  • A unique festival in a wonderful setting - wish I could've been there! A top-notch celebration of documentary cinema as an art form.

    August 2021
  • Alexandre de Villeneuve

    Thank you for selecting the movie ! Sorry not to attend because of Covid-19

    September 2020
  • Sean Stiller

    I was unable to attend this year's festival but all of my interactions with the team were very professional. I hope to submit next year and make it in person!

    September 2017
  • Laura Belinky

    Great experience. Beautiful place, high-quality outdoor screenings, excellent program and very interesting talks under the fig tree.

    Worth noting that all the screenings are outdoors, in a beautiful ancient building, which makes it a unique experience.

    Full disclosure: I got invited to this festival with my short film. I had never been in the Balkans and it was very interesting to be there. The highlight for me was the location and the programming, with well lined up multi-layered, beautiful films. Meeting very experienced documentary directors at the fig tree talks was especially nice.

    September 2017