MAKE BELIEVE SEATTLE is an imagination-focused film festival located in the Capitol Hill section of Seattle, dedicated to shining a light on the best in genre cinema, while also expanding the definition of what ‘genre’ means for a new generation of cinephiles. The backdrop of the Pacific Northwest lends a mysterious and fantastical energy that already courses through its veins, and our diverse and unpredictable programming aims to take even the most ardent genre fans out of their comfort zones. Let’s make believe…together.

ATTENTION: If you submit for free as a Black or Native American filmmaker and DO NOT identify as Black or Native American, your film will NOT be considered and immediately disqualified. Cuz that's just a gross thing to do. Don't be gross.

JURIED AWARDS ($500 prize)
Best Feature - given to the best narrative or documentary feature
Best Short - given to the best narrative or documentary short
Best Mid-Length - given to the best mid-length film
Mindbreaker - given to the film that best breaks the brain

Best Feature
Best Mid-Length
Best Short

1. All submitted films must meet the criteria of a 'genre' film; if it does not, it will not be considered, and the entry fee will not be refunded;
2. By submitting to MBSFF, you are agreeing that, if your film is chosen, you will not receive a screening fee, but may have your travel costs covered;
3. All submitted films must have been completed no earlier than 1/1/2023;
4. If a rough cut is submitted for review and your film is accepted to the festival, you must inform us of any major changes made to the film before an exhibition copy is received;
5. We will require you to submit your film with captions, or work with our festival team to create captions for your film for exhibition.

Overall Rating
  • Squidems .

    It was an awesome experience to be part of this fest. I just wish I'd been around to catch more of the screenings!

    April 2024
  • Unfortunately, the journey was a bit too far to take part in your festival. However, the excellent communication gave me the feeling of being part of the live event. Gladly again!

    April 2024
  • Jack Dunphy

    GOOD PEOPLE, good movies. Thanks!

    April 2024
  • Misty Shipman

    This festival is awesome and a lot of fun! Highly collaborative, communicative, and a great value for filmmakers and audience-goers. The world needs more bold, inclusive festivals, and Make Believe is a great start

    April 2024
  • I am honoured to have my film 'No Flies On Me' an official selection at this great festival

    April 2024