Mad Kids Short Film Festival is an “ASD A.P.S. Mad Kids” project.
This is the 1st edition of this event.
Mad Kids is an Italian Swing Association committed to supporting and promoting initiatives related to the Swing Era.
We specialise in Swing Dance and we actively work to make known what Swing music meant to people in those years, and how it can be a great opportunity to engage with now.
Mad Kids Short Film Festival is created with the intention to spread the spirit of the Swing Music in a pandemic-ridden world where it is no longer possible to experience Swing Dancing through traditional way.

1. Deadline 5th of April 2021
2. Submission must be done via
3. No entry fee required

All films should provide a point of view on the Swing Panorama: what the swing music, culture, and value are - nowadays or in the past.
Music video clips and dance showcases won’t be accepted: all films must have a storyline.
1. All genres are welcome if they provide a point of view on the Swing Panorama as written above.
2. Maximum length 20 minutes ; 12 , 24/25 frames per second
3. Completed from 2000 to 2021
4. Premiere not required
5. Online digital submission only. Films for pre-screening must be uploaded via
6. Low-quality copies are accepted
7. All films with dialogue must have hardcoded English subtitles. Also if the spoken language is English
8. Please be sure that you have all rights, concerning thirds parties, needed in order to attend the festival, all film and music rights and clearances must have been obtained by the filmmakers (in accordance with copyright laws)