The (MZIAIF) International Christian Film Festival (MZIAIF_ICFF).

The MZIAIF's (Mount Zion Institute Alumni International Fellowship, International Christian Film Festival is an outreach sub-arm of the MZIAIF designated to provide the needed global engagement to encourage film makers to tell stories that will preach the message of Christ without any discrimination. We also provide the forum for training, support, development and networking during the Film Festival. While we provide film ministry support to members of MZIAIF, the outreach also extends to anyone and everyone globally who are passionate about preaching Christ through faith and family films and other media projects.

To commence this vision, we engaged global members of MZIAIF in January 2021 with a trial 6- day Film Festival which was only meant for MZIAIF Members only. We had 85 submissions of movies within several categories ranging from Full length feature films, short films, animation, promos, spoken words to children’s productions. It was quite massive and great fun. Consequently, we officially announced our first official international film festival for October 4 Days, Oct. 20th to 23rd 2021. The 2021 film festival was a huge and massive gathering of film makers from over 60 countries with over 450 film submissions in several categories from over 70 countries. See more information about MZIAIF_ICFF 2021 on the film festival page of our website,

This film festival will continue to be an international gathering of film makers physically with a virtual engagement to share, brainstorm, learn, network and pitch their work and talents, demonstrating the love of Christ and joining hand in hands to help each other become relevant in what we all love to do.

All submission for the first year, 2021 were free, however this year there is a token tied to submission for various categories. However, because our organization is an outreach based mission and covers all the countries of the world with a mandate to extend the love of christ, we have sponsorship for certain countries and for anyone who would ask, hopefully, so read the submission details for the categories you wish to submit for. The sponsorship is an outreach gift from MZIAIF to the public. ALL submissions for MZI Members are completely free. To learn about how to join MZI visit, which is the official website of the Mount Zion Institute Alumni International Fellowship.

This year 2023, the film festival will be another international gathering of film makers to share, brainstorm, learn, network and pitch their work and talents, demonstrating the love of Christ and joining hand in hands to help each other become relevant in what we all love to do. Oct 17th to Oct 21ST 2022 at The King's Palace Auditorium, 5371 East 5th Street, Katy Texas, TX 77493.

There are ranges of awards and consolations prizes. There are also mission awards and sponsorships in different categories.

The MZIAIF Christian Film Festival is a global film festival open to all who creates their content to the glory of God. We admonish you all get creative and submit great films and projects under noted categories. Also open to individuals, churches, and outreach organizations who are willing to participate. MZIAIF_ICFF is a great choice for submitting faith and family centered films and media projects under the categories.


MZIAIF_ICFF reserves the right to automatically disqualify any movies that violates our mandatory rules. By submitting your projects, you will be given us full permission to download a digital copy of your projects for screening during the film festival, for promotions of MZIAIF_ICFF related events and for outreach purposes but you will still retain full ownership of your projects. Prizes and awards will be determined based on number of entries, donations and sponsorship received by MZIAIF_ICFF. MZIAIF_ICFF reserves the right to reject any submissions.

Mandatory Rules
1 There must be no nudity or sexuality explicit scenes.
2 There must be no racial slurs, curse words or offensive languages.
3 Extreme and String violence is not allowed and therefore prohibited.
4 Projects must be uplifting and should carry Christian values.
5 Projects should be family friendly.
6 Horror Films genre are not acceptable, for now.
7 Duration must be within the required and specified length.
8 Screenplay for already produced films are not acceptable for the screenplay category.
9 Every films made in other languages MUST be subtitled in ENGLISH.
10 There shall be no refunds, so please read instructions carefully before submission.

Overall Rating
  • Our team thoroughly enjoyed the festival. We loved our they made sure during the festival that the Gospel was preached and that God was glorified in it!

    November 2023
  • Adeoye Salisu

    The file festival was Amazing , Educative , encouraging etc. kudos to all the teams

    October 2023
  • Faranak Foroutan

    That's great. Thank you very much

    October 2023
  • The Festival was Awesome. Educative, insightful and Highly enriching spiritually. Looking forward to the next one.

    October 2023
  • Henry Poon

    The Festival did helped us a lot in promoting our film. It is our honour to receive the Documentary Feature 2nd Best Award.

    November 2022