Kathy’s producer, writer, & filmmaker debut, is the short film “A fine time to Wine” screened in three festivals , winning Best reality short film at NASEN film festival, the world fair film festival in New York City , the Biofilm Intl film festival in Mumbai, India.
Kathy began her career as a film make up artist, and has two professional credits on two movies called , ” Star Crystal”, which she was working right next to ken Diaz ( key on Buffy the vampire slayer), and the next movie was called “Double Blast” with Linda Blair , & Joe Estevez. The next project was to produce a seven minute short film reality TV show, that had won 3 film festivals, and lastly, the animation feature project “Dogsworld “, was reinvented to the new script called “Dogs in Gods World”, and was just selected at the Salt & Earth film festival,Texas Faith and Family film festival, and the Christian Film Festival and entered for best screenplay, and best score. Dean Cain is a sponsee and announcer at the Texas film festival.
When Kathy began her career as a make up artist, she gave credit to her father, who was a prop maker at one of the largest prop rental houses in Hollywood. she would observe the props he made, and then was privileged to go behind the scenes of major movie studios, & thats where it all began.
Kathy enjoys creating stories and organizing production companies, and even has A California real estate license. so in conclusion, if any questions that you would need to ask, please feel free to do so.
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