Mórbido turns 15 years and it’s time to celebrate the survival of the modern apocalypse.
In those terms, Mórbido 2022 will have a hybrid identity. The festival will take place in theaters, on the LATAM Pay TV channel Mórbido TV, online and in a drive-in Cinema.

25th Oct through 31st Oct
The 2022 short film selection will be broadcasted through Mórbido TV. (Basic Pay TV, Latin America, not Brazil).

FEATURE FILM SELECTION / Cinemas + Drive In + Online
25th October through 31st October
The 2022 feature film selection will be shown:
- Cinépolis Diana, Cinemanía Loreto, Autocinema Coyote.
- Cinépolis Klic (November 1st-6th).

This year prizes will be awarded in two different categories:
• Films from Latin American
• Films from the Rest of the World

In each category Mórbido Fest will award the following prizes:

• Gold Skull: Mórbido award for feature films
• Silver Skull: Audience award for feature films
• Wood Skull: Press award for feature films
• Bronze Skull: Special Mentions for feature films

Mórbido accepts fantasy, horror, sci-fi and weird cinema films of all productions techniques and budgets produced between 2021 and 2022.

Accepted running times for entries to the festival are:
· Fiction Feature Films: minimum running time 60 minutes.
· Documentary Feature Films: minimum running time 45 minutes.
· Short films: up to 20 minutes.

In order to be eligible for the 2022 Official Selection, it is imperative that submitted feature films have not been screened at any other fantasy and horror film festival in Mexico. We are looking for Mexican, Latin American and World Premieres.

In the case of short films, these have no restrictions if they have been exhibited at other fantasy and horror film festivals in Mexico. Nevertheless, our selection team will be keen to select short films that have not been screened at other fantasy and horror film festival in Mexico. We are looking for Mexican, Latin American and World Premiers.


To enter the selection process all filmmakers must complete and send the following documents and materials:
1. Present the films through /
2. 3 Stills from the film at 300 DPI in either JPG, TIFF or PSD format.
3. Vertical Poster of the film with a minimum resolution of 300 DPI in JPG or TIFF format.
4. Links to all available social media of the film.
Any fee generated by any of these services (Festhome / Filmfreeway) is independent of the inscription fee to the festival.
5. SUBTITLES are the responsibility of the producers
If the feature or short film is in Spanish no subtitles are needed.
- In any other language, Spanish subtitles are required.
- In case of not having the subtitles burned, please send a srt file.

If the submission is not complete, the film will be disqualified.
Entries submitted to the festival will be reviewed by two or more members of the selection committee. All programming selections are made at the discretion of the festival management and their decision is final.

Upon confirmation of a work in the official selection, the representatives will have 6 working days to send any missing material and confirm all the information on the registration form. In case it is not complete, it will be automatically disqualified.

Mórbido will recognize as the sole representative of the selected work the person who signed the registration form, thus the festival will recognize her/him as the sole responsible for negotiating all aspects related to the participation of the work in the festival.
The confirmation by the representative of the selected work implies the irrevocable acceptance of all the rules stipulated by the festival.

Screening formats in the Official Selection are DCP, Blu-Ray and QuickTime H264.
Submitting films to Mórbido Fest implies full acceptance of the festival’s guidelines. Any situation not included in this call for entries will be considered and resolved by the festival’s management.

All promotional materials (stills, posters, trailers & social media) are essential for the timely promotion and publicity of selected films. These materials can and will be reproduced by Mórbido publications & website as well as pay TV and press in all platforms.

If your short film is selected for Mórbido 2022, you accept that your film will play on Mórbido TV. We ask for Basic Pay TV broadcast rights for a 3-week window for the territory of Spanish-speaking LATAM (without Brazil).

The festival will establish the order and play date of the selected works.

In case of any doubts, questions or need for further clarification, please write to:

Overall Rating
  • My experience with the programming team was really nice. Glad that my short film "Dead End' could be a part of "Morbido Fest"!

    November 2022
  • Morbido is a wonderful festival and a great platform to meet awesome filmmakers and their work. The people at the festival really make you feel at home since day 1. Hope to come back soon. A must for fans of the genre.

    November 2022
  • Jean-Baptiste Canac

    Dear Morbido Fest Team, you bloody rock! Thank you for having our short film Wendy & Vee in your fantastic festival, for your great communication and support. I hope I can attend in person next year! Long live Morbido.

    November 2022
  • Dan Repp

    This is one of the most passionate group of programmers I have met. They genuinely want to help the films they program and ask in depth questions in the Q&A's. Thank you to their whole team for the incredible experience.

    December 2021
  • Thank you so much for selecting my animated short film Monster Encounters to be part of Morbido Fest. It's been an honour. Amazing communication and an awesome selection of films, I hope I can visit Mexico and the festival in person sometime.

    November 2021