London Film & Television Festival (LFTF) is a film competition for filmmakers worldwide. We support film-makers from all backgrounds, who are either just beginning their careers or are seasoned professionals with a supportive and enthusiastic audience and a jury of renowned industry professionals.

Your film submissions help to support our educational programs and bring festival films to an audience that wouldn’t normally have this opportunity. Film industry specialists announce semi-finalists, finalists and winners. Our judges evaluate the quality of filmmaking, creativity, and storytelling ability as we aim mission is to promote films and bring them to an audience who would not otherwise see festival films.

Our Mission:
To contribute to understanding of the importance of global filmmaking. To give ilm makers from all backgrounds a platform to tell their stories and have them heard by an audience they might not otherwise ever reach.


Nominees, finalists, and winners will receive festival laurels.

David Lean Award for Best Feature Film
Richard Attenborough Award for Best Short Film
James Hill Award for Best TV Pilot/Web Series
Dinah Shurey Award for Best Student Short
Michael Apted Award for Best Documentary Film
Stuart Legg Award for Best Student Documentary Film
George Dunning Award for Best Animation Film
Richard Williams Award for Best Short Animation Film
Paul Berry Award for Best Student Animation Film
James Lebon Award for Best Music Video
Lydia Hayward Award for Best Feature Script
Elinor Glyn Award for Best Short Script
Cary Grant Award for Best Actor
Elizabeth Taylor Award for Best Actress

1. The winners of the main award prizes will be chosen by a Jury of film industry professionals specially selected by LFTF Executive committee for this edition.
2. Other additional award prizes may be given during the ceremony.

Film Festival Submission Rules and Terms of Agreement
London Film & Television Festival (LFTF)
The film festival works to highlight excellence in filmmaking. It is legally established and is managed by film industry professionals.

1. Submissions for the London Film & Television Festival (LFTF) is open to feature films, shorts films, animations, and screenplays of any genre.
2. All films must be presented in their original language with English subtitle. Screenplays must be submitted in English language.
3. Films must have been completed within 6 years of current edition of festival. Premiere status is not required.
4. The submitter must have all relevant copyright permissions for all materials included in the submitted work.
5. Films submitted for consideration in the previous LFTF editions are eligible for re-submission.
6. Finalists must provide online screeners available for public viewing on the day of the festival for a period of 24 hours.
7. All submitted films and/or videos must pay the necessary entry fee. Student entries are eligible for discounted fees.
8. Entry fees are non-refundable in case of any submission withdrawal.
9. All submission deadlines and important dates regarding festival screenings, award ceremonies and its venues are announced on the LFTF official Facebook page.
10. Any changes to the rules will be at LFTF’s discretion.

1. All entries must be submitted online via FilmFreeway.
2. Complete the submission form.
3. The films must be uploaded to the submission portal as required or send LFTF a link to your film or video preview upon submission.
4. Requested in the online entry form are available press kits which includes a synopsis in English, the director’s statement and biography, a full list of cast and crew and additional publicity materials such as trailers, film posters and stills.
5. Payment of entry fee.

1. All submissions are screened and evaluated by the LFTF Selection Committee.
2. Criteria for judging is based on creativity of visual images, production quality without prejudice to the cost of production, originality of storytelling and entertainment value.

1. All official selections are included in the festival programme for exhibition.
2. LFTF reserves the right to chose other shortlisted films to be screened in the film festival.
3. All films and videos for screening during the festival will be announced via LFTF official social media platforms.
4. The filmmakers and/or production companies must provide LFTF a copy of their films for screening at least 7 working days prior to festival. This is to make sure the festival have enough time to check for any technical concerns that may occur and resolve them prior to the screening.

1. All films must be of standard cinema aspect ratio and resolution (Square Pixels 1.0)
2. All film screening formats must be subtitled in English.
3. Provide LFTF with an HD quality screener.

1. The LFTF is hereby granted the rights to utilise an excerpt from any film submitted for promotional purposes of the festival. The individual or production studio submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorised to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements, rules and regulations.
2. In the event of any film being withdrawn from the festival screening for reasons beyond the festival’s control, for example copyrights impingements, LFTF must not be held liable and the filmmakers or production company agree to accept such liabilities if any.
3. The filmmakers and/or the production company allow LFTF to use their film’s Press Kit for promotional purposes.
4. The submission of any films to the festival means that the filmmakers and/or the production company agree without any reservation to all the rules and regulations of LFTF.
5. The Festival operates within and under the laws of the European Union.