The 10th Annual Legacy Film Festival on Aging will be presented Friday through Sunday, Oct 2-4, 2020 at the 146-seat New People Cinema in SF’s Japantown.

The Legacy Film Festival on Aging in San Francisco celebrates the aging process as profound and meaningful, often challenging, and always courageous. We seek submissions from filmmakers that portray the full range of later life in all its humanity, complexities, challenges, richness.

Every day in America, 10,000 men and women are turning 65. There are similar statistics world-wide. AGING IS ‘IN’, we say. No longer unacceptable are the words such as ‘seniors’, elders’, or ‘older adults’. What’s wrong with ‘old’ and ‘elderly?’ Our filmmakers have portrayed this unique, ever-changing experience honestly and artfully, and always with compassion and love for their subjects.

Moviegoers’ written evaluations of our festivals are overwhelmingly positive:
Wonderful conversations with filmmakers and audiences in a comfortable setting, Fabulous, top-notch festival, International viewpoints on the richness and variety of aging. And more: Eye-opening, Exquisite: the world needs this, A privilege to watch.

We feature films that offer the triumphs and challenges of aging -- and dying -- through documentaries, feature films, shorts, animation, reflecting cultural experiences from countries around the world, as well as the work of local filmmakers.

Important points:

• Each 2 or 3-hour film program includes a lively post-screening Q&A with filmmakers and/or key experts and the audience.

Please see our website for more information:


All filmmakers whose films have been accepted and screened at the 10th Annual Legacy Film Festival on Aging will receive a laurel logo.

All accepted films will be eligible for a $150 award in the following three categories:
* Best Short
* Best Narrative
* Best Documentary


• Film must portray people 55+ years of age and older.

• Intergenerational stories with one key subject 55 + years are welcomed.

• Both foreign and American short and feature-length narrative, documentary, experimental and animation films are welcome.

• Films should dispel stereotypes about aging and older adults, and educate viewers
about aging in an entertaining and compelling manner.

• All foreign language films must have English subtitles, including their songs, that are clearly and boldly differentiated from the background.

• DCP file in hard drive and back up mov.file

• Mov file (Pro-res, mp4, H264) in hard drive

• We will accept DVD & Blu Ray with back up DVD & Blu-Ray copies

For back up, If its DCP or Mov files, the back up can be DVD or Blu Ray; also it can be another DCP or Mov file.

note: We won't be able to accept any downloading DCP file from link.

• In special cases, DVD hard copy format may be accepted. DVD entries must be labeled with title, name of artist, date of completion, and length. Must be accompanied by a self-addressed postage paid mailer with the title of the production on the mailer.

• All entries will be notified before or by June 15, 2020.

• If chosen, final film must be sent by August 1, and be available for screening by October 2.

• Final film format: For the shorts films: we would like to receive Mov files. For the Feature length film films: DCP, Mov, Blu-Ray, & DVD.

• Films may be eligible for future Legacy Film Series and distribution: see

- An exhibition print for Festival screening , DCP preferred. NOTE: SEE IF ADD OTHER FORMAT

- JPGS will be requested for reproduction on website and in program book. Resolution requirements: for website resolution, 72ppi; for print, program and flyers 300ppi.

- Trailers will be required as well.

Every care will be taken to safeguard films and publicity materials while they are in the possession of the Festival. However, if loss or damage occurs, the Festival cannot accept or assume responsibility.

- The submission will not be returned to the filmmaker.

- If student, please send proof of student i.d.

We look forward to seeing your films, and thank you for submitting to the Legacy Film Festival on Aging. If you have any questions, you can email us at: