Featured as a Trending festival on FilmFreeway (Sept/Oct '23), The Lytham International Film Festival is a yearly, live competition, screening the best rising, creative, talent from around the world.

Filmmaker Events, Award Ceremonies, Q&As and Entertainment.
Official selections screen in cinema, with select entries screening at our exclusive Outdoor Cinema evenings.

Situated in the historic and picturesque U.K. seaside town of Lytham, Lancashire, the film festival runs subsequent to the Lytham Music Festival, which sees around 20,000 visitors in attendance and alongside the Lytham Hall Music Festival and Lowther Food and Drink Festival which attracts an additional 10,000 visitors.

The festival accepts both Short and Feature Film entries.
Awards are granted in both categories.
Filmmakers need only enter a project once to be eligible for all of the current year's awards.

We accept films of all genres. Within that, we look for films with a unique voice.
Film is diverse and we strive to curate a programme which celebrates this.
Creativity and Imagination is at the heart of what we look for and celebrate.
Challenge us. Surprise us. Shock us. Make us laugh. Make us cry.
Whatever your story, tell it with originality and passion.
Above all, be bold and be compelling.

Alongside our main event, the festival is also proud to host two special categories:

-The John Parr award for Best Music Video.
A special selection specifically for music videos, judged and awarded by music industry veteran John Parr (St. Elmo's Fire, Man in Motion).

-The LYIFF After Dark award for Best Horror/Thriller.
A special selection of darker films screened in our outdoor venue, after dark, for added chills and generally not for the feint of heart (please see the rules and terms below for unacceptable content).

John Parr is also the deciding judge for the Best Original Score award.

Opportunities for Networking and Promotion are provided at the event and include:
Filmmakers Welcome event, drinks and social.
Live Q&A sessions for attending filmmakers (filmed and made available for the filmmaker to use for personal promotion).
Awards Ceremony (filmed and made available for the filmmaker to use for personal promotion).

All films should be produced to a high standard.

Fiction, Non-Fiction and Experimental/Artists Films accepted.
We don't accept works in progress.

The Festival has two main submission categories:
Short Film (up to 30mins)
Feature Film (60 to 120mins)

Awards each year may include (but are not limited to)

A list of the previous year's winners and awards can be found on the festival website.

When submitting your film to the festival you will be able to indicate which Performer categories you wish to be considered for.
The jury will allocate your film to the relevant genre/s.

The festival organisers and judges reserve the right to select additional categories for your film or to change the selected categories for your film and/or the festival without charge or notice.

Physical awards are presented to the relevant attending filmmakers.
All award winning films receive an official certificate along with presentation folder, a digital certificate and a winners laurel.

Submitting your work:
Entry accepted via FilmFreeway only.
Your film must be accessible at the time of judging.
Films which are unavailable or inaccessible for viewing will be disqualified.
There is no premiere status requirement.
Films may be completed any year, however preference is given for films completed in the last 2 years.

The Festival has two submission categories:
Short Film (up to 30mins)
Feature Film (60 to 120mins)

When submitting your film you will be able to indicate which Performer categories you wish to be considered for.
The jury will allocate your film to the relevent genre/s.

All mojor recognised genres are considered, including Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Science-Fiction, Animation, Documentary, Experimental, Music Video.

The festival organisers and judges reserve the right to select additional categories for your film or to change the selected categories for your film without charge or notice.

All submissions not in English must have English Subtitles.

Entry Fees:
All entry fees are listed on FilmFreeway.
Entry fees must be paid at the time of submission.
Films received without the correct entry fee will be disqualified.
You may submit more than one film, although each entry must be submitted separately and each entry is required to have paid the corresponding submission fee.
The festival offers no refunds in any circumstances, this includes (but is not limited to) disqualified films or films which are not selected or films which do not win an award.

By submitting to the festival you acknowledge and agree that you have permission to submit the film and have acquired all necessary legal rights allowing you to do so and that the submitted film does not infringe the rights of any other parties or individuals.
The festival and the festival organisers accept no responsibility or liability for breaches of copyright or other intellectual property rights, and you agree to indemnify the festival and festival organisers against any such claims and liability.
By submitting to the festival you agree to the screening of the submitted film at the festival event.
By submitting to the festival you agree that portions of the submitted film, including stills and moving image, may be used for any promotional purposes relating to the festival events.

The festival will accept works of all recognised genres for consideration.
The festival shall disqualify, without refund, any works deemed pornographic, hateful or violently inciteful.

Official selections will be required to provide the festival organisers with a copy of the film to be screened.
Video Format: prores422/h264
Audio: 48khz
Aspect: HD or 2K
Additional deliverables:
High resolution Poster
High resolution Film Still
Mini Synopsis
Name of Producer
Name of Director

Official Selection:
All submitted works shall be judged by the festival jury.
The decision of the jury is final.
Filmmakers who successfully reach the shortlist for the screened event will be notified via FilmFreeway and their status updated to FINALIST, for which laurels will be provided.
Notification of entries progressing into the screened event (Official Selection) shall occur at the end of the submission timeframe. At which time successful Finalists will be updated to SELECTED via film freeway.
Only films updated to SELECTED screen at the event.
The submission timeframe is detailed on FilmFreeway.
Neither the festival, nor the festival judges will provide feedback or reviews to filmmakers relating to their films and/or their related selection status.

Overall Rating
  • Very interesting festival. Communication with us was the highest point. Congratulations to everyone involved in the festival.

    September 2023
  • Thank you for choosing Borne to screen among your top 7 films of the festival. I was blown away by the quality of the other films. Ed the director was very welcoming. I can't wait to come back with another film!

    September 2023
    Response from festival:

    Claire, we can't wait to welcome you back!
    Your film went down so well with the whole of audience. Both times! Very worthy of any "best of" selection.
    So glad to see the film continuing to do well.
    We can't wait to see what you produce next!!

  • Unfrozen None

    Great festival and screening! They took very good care of our director and she had a lovely time. Very nice. :)

    September 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much for the kind words. We know it isn't always possible for selected films to send a representative to the festival, but it certainly means a lot to us when they do and we want them to have the best experience possible.
    Best of luck for your continuing festival run.

  • Natasha C Smith

    It is truly an honor to have my film "Delta Lovers" recognized as a finalist at the Lytham International Film Festival. I am incredibly excited and grateful for this acknowledgment. "Delta Lovers" was a project fueled by passion, despite limited resources and support. Alongside Elizabeth Ellerman, we managed to overcome challenges in scripting, casting, and shooting within a single day. While uncertain about the outcome, our shared creative commitment drove us to deliver our very best. I feel deeply privileged to have had the opportunity to share our work with your audience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    September 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you, Natasha.
    You passion is evident throughout your work. We're so glad you chose Lytham International as one of your festivals.
    Very best of luck with the rest of your run!

  • A well organized festival. Created by lovers of the seventh art. Congratulations to all of you!

    September 2023
    Response from festival:

    We strive to do our best for our filmmakers and we sincerely appreciate the recognition.
    We'll always be happy to consider your work here at LYIFF.