Rojava Film Komin ( AVRIN )
A cinema organization specialized in cinema training and
production and organizing cinematic work in Afrin province
The Komin was established in Afrin province in 2017

LELOUN: A film festival takes place inside the camps in the shadow of the devastating war of people, stones and trees. It receives films from all over the world from amateurs and professionals of the seventh art, accompanied by artistic activities within a cinematic week preceded by an official art opening, interspersed with a closing ceremony, coronation of winners and the distribution of prizes.

The name of Mount Leloun is mentioned in many ancient historical sources with different names.
In the Torah, “Mount Nabo” is attributed to the Rafidid deity, which was famous during the ninth century BC in the region of Mesopotamia, which is the home of the ancient Kurdish empires.
In the Kurdish language, the word Leloun
It is called olive fruit before it ripens when it is crude, and means extra bitterness(Lilan) means mirage or lilan, and it is a plural of singular (lol, lil, or lilose), which means defla, a well-known plant that is extensively found in Wadi Lawilk, which is located at the northwestern end of Mount Leloun.
As for the popular account of the people of Mount Leloun in regard to the name, it is said that it is Lalan, which means lilies (meaning Mount Lilies), and it is known from the nature of Mount Leloun in the spring of the large number of wild lilies

Best short film 400$
Best feature film 1000$
Best documentary 300$
Special judgement commitee prize 300$

Short film length: 45 minutes
The length of the feature film ranges between 60 – 120 minutes
The maximum length of the documentary is 100 minutes
The festival accepts films produced from 2015 onwards
Every film must be translated into English beside its mother language

Overall Rating
  • Shamim Mehedi

    Very bad experience for me.

    March 2021
  • hamed shayesteh

    Very nice festival very nice hospitality

    November 2020
  • Martin Emiliano Diaz

    The festival send fake selection

    October 2020
  • Great festival. Thank you for letting our film "Lebenspanorama- A portrait on the search for Reincarnation" be part of the festival.

    October 2020
  • Jacqueline Soares

    It is always very cool to be able to participate in a different festival, which helps to spread the culture.

    October 2020