Every filmmaker gets FEEDBACK included with the price of submission regardless if their film is selected or not.

Our CATEGORIES ARE BASED ON BUDGET so micro-budget shorts don't have to compete with fully funded films.

Winning filmmaker walks away with our £1,000 FILM FUND.


Our festival jury is comprised exclusively of award-winning filmmakers. We understand filmmakers frustrations with the festival circuit because we’re frustrated too! Rather than just bitch, we decided to do something about it! We started our own festival to give filmmakers the festival experience we wish we had. We believe in authentic inclusivity as we honour great indie shorts and help fund indie talent's future projects.

Although our organisation has been running since 2009, we held out first annual film festival event in March 2020 (which was Sold Out!), then transitioned online for our 2021 edition, and we're excited to reopen submissions for our 2022 event which we plan to return to being held as a live event.


We review all films submitted each month and announce a list of 9 MONTHLY FINALISTS.

Those 9 MONTHLY FINALISTS are comprised of the TOP 3 films in each of our 3 budget based categories: Micro-budget (£0 - £999), Low Budget (£1000 - £4999), Sponsored (£5000+).

Each month we choose 3 OFFICIAL SELECTIONS (1 per category) to screen at our annual gala event!


Only Official Selections will screen at the gala and are eligible for awards. Monthly Semi-Finalists & Finalists are not screened. Finalists from previous months are still eligible to become an Official Selection any month leading up to the annual gala.


Kino Short Film has been running since 2009. It is a unique platform that supports all levels of filmmaking, from absolute beginners to career professionals. There are over 1500 filmmakers in our collective, and we pride ourselves on being approachable in an all too often intimidating industry. We are infamous for our unique Short Film Open Mic which gives filmmakers an outlet to screen for free without having to go through a curation process. Additionally we offer a Short of the Week series, workshops & classes, networking opportunities, and short film production support.

To qualify for the £1,000 FILM FUND, filmmakers must be nominated in one following categories:

Best Micro Budget Short
Best Low Budget Short
Best Sponsored Short

NINE NOMINEES (three per category) will pitch their idea for their next short film project to a live audience. Nominees will receive pitch coaching from our sponsor Greenlit.

The WINNER of the £1,000 FILM FUND will be selected by the audience based on the combined factors of their nominated film and the vision for their future project.

The festival jury will act as Executive Producers on the selected project to help stretch the fund for a micro budget. The winning filmmaker retains all rights to their work.


Additional Nominees based on jury selection (not eligible to win the film fund) will be named in the following categories:

Best Drama Short
Best Comedy Short
Best Horror Short (Award Sponsored by Fun Size Horror)
Best Documentary Short
Best Animated Short
Best Lockdown Short

Best Performance in a Drama (Sub-genres can qualify based on the tone of the performance)
Best Performance in a Comedy (Sub-genres can qualify based on the tone of the performance)

Best Director
Best Cinematography
Best Original Screenplay
Best Editing
Best Original Score
Best Production Design
Best First Time Filmmaker

PRIZES: All Award Winners will receive Laurel & Statuette (if requested), plus additional special prizes from our sponsors for certain categories.


• Submissions are open to anyone.
• All film must be 20 minutes or under (including credits).
• All genres accepted.
• No premiere status is required.
• All submissions must include production budget.
• Films depicting real-life illegal or exploitive acts will be rejected.
• All films, not in the English language, are required to have subtitles.
• Films must have completed post-production after January 2018.
• The payment of an entrance fee is required.
• Entry fees are non-refundable.
• By submitting your film to The People’s Film Festival you confirm you own the rights to distribute and showcase the film.
• The People’s Film Festival will not be held responsible for any copyright issues or infringements.
• By submitting your film you acknowledge that The People’s Film Festival reserves the right to promote your film on our website and social media.
• The internal jury of The People’s Film Festival will select the official selections at their sole discretion.
• The films are judged on the quality of the project as compared to their production budget.
• Entry does not guarantee acceptance into the festival.
• Official Selections will be automatically eligible for special awards.
• All winners will receive Festival Laurels and winners who attend the festival in person will also receive award statuette. Award statuette available for winning filmmakers not in attendance only if filmmaker agrees to cover the price of shipping.
• The People’s Film Festival does not make your film available online to the public without your consent.
• By Submitting to The People’s Film Festival you agree to be put on our mailing list.
• The People’s Film Festival director has the right to make decisions about matters not provided by these rules.
• Rules and terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of The People’s Film Festival.
• By submitting you declare that you have understood, and agreed to the rules and terms of The People’s Film Festival.


• Kino London will provide a £1000 film fund each year, following the annual ‘The People’s Film Festival’ event.
• The recipient will be decided by "The People", the audience present at the annual gala awards show.
• The fund will be provided to the named filmmaker from the winning project.
• Funding may contribute towards, or cover, the full budget of the film project. Any remaining funds not utilised for the film, will kept by Kino London.
• Funding will be provided in a number of formats, including but not exclusive to, direct total payments, installments, cover for production costs, equivalent value of crew and cast hire, subsidising of production by Kino members.
• Funding must contribute towards pre-production and production costs. Funds will not be provided solely for post-production or distribution purposes.
• The filmmaker must present a project plan to the Kino London jury within three months of being selected, to include project proposal, story outline, proposed budget, timeline, and distribution plan.
• Filmmakers will be expected to complete the film within twelve months of receiving funding.
• All films must acknowledge Kino London in the credits as a funding partner.
• TPFF Festival Director and Jury Members must be named as Executive Producers on the final project.
• The filmmaker will retain all the legal rights to their own work, but they will grant Kino London the right to screen the final film and the right use all production stills, promotional materials, and the filmmakers likeness for their own marketing.
• Filmmakers will be expected to present the film at a Kino London event within six months of completing the film.

Overall Rating
  • Jared Watmuff

    Dustin and the team at the The People's Film Festival are such are passionate, friendly bunch. We had a fantastic time being part of this year's festival, enjoying the company of some very fine films. Can't wait for next year's!

    March 2021
  • Grace Parry

    Dustin and the Team are incredible! For once a festival that truly puts all its focus, energy and attention on the filmmakers and their stories. The feedback was thorough and communication was excellent. I'm excited to see the future of this festival- Dustin has a great eye for welcoming new talent and creating a strong sense of community. Cannot recommend this festival enough!

    May 2021
  • Desiree Faust

    Critique and feedback is pivotal in the life of a filmmaker, as is a sense of community and acknowledgement. With its roots in Kino London’s Short Film Open Mic, the People’s Film Festival, newish on the London and international scene, is fast becoming important because of what it offers to short filmmakers. Each film gets a full critique by other filmmakers, in turn the filmmaker gets the chance to dialogue with ‘judges’ about their film, a generous and caring gesture. Similarly the People’s Film Festival offers £1000 towards a winning film maker’s next project, and the people themselves get to vote in the winner! Hence the name ‘people’! The quality of film making and narrative, and the range of films and categories on offer was pertinent. I found myself taking down names to grow my own film community. It felt like I personally belonged, thank you for the privilege to be part of the People’s Film Festival. I will be there next year!

    April 2021
  • Chris Kyriacou

    Considering the length of time this festival has been running it's amazing how great it is. The level of communication is brilliant and the organisers very welcoming. As filmmakers themselves they really understand the needs of those submitting films. Their live events are a great networking experience. As a viewer, the line up of films is fantastic with a very high level of quality.

    April 2021
  • Best experience I've had at an online film festival, thanks for nominating my film, thanks for your feedback and thanks for supporting independent cinema, especially now!

    March 2021