Kanab Utah's official film festival returns April 29 - May 2, 2021. We were very proud to be the first in-person Film Fest of 2020 because we believe that it is so important to provide the proper stage for up and coming filmmakers, it was that important for us to make it happen. And this year is no different!

*SAFETY* We were very proud to be the first in-person Film Fest of 2020 because we believe that it is so important to provide the proper stage for up and coming filmmakers, it was that important for us to make it happen safely. And this year is no different!

The Festival will be held in scenic Kanab Utah, known for its beauty and proximity to 6 National Parks, including Zion, Bryce, and the Grand Canyon, as well as it's long and storied history of filmmaking going back to the 1930s. Between 1930 and the 1990’s, over 300 films were made in Kanab, and a handful more since including HBO'S Westworld. Kanab Film Fest aims to celebrates this rich movie-making history and brings it into the current day.

We've extended the Fest and it will be a 4-day long celebration of film, industry workshops, parties and networking! Film submissions to Kanab Film Fest come from all over the world,

judging and screening will be done in "Music Video", “Student”, “Utah Filmmakers”, “Comedy”, "Animation", "VFX", "Feature Film", "Short Film" and the "Micro-Short" (previously 'Rona Shorts) and the "Script to Screen Showdown Film" categories.

Please submit your film in the appropriate category. Kanab Film Fest organizers- Jeff and Britt Roth- can be reached through kanabfilm.com or by email to hello@kanabfilm.com. Look forward to seeing your work!


1. THE CITY: Kanab is located in Southern Utah, nestled within red rock canyons, surrounded by abundant magically unspoiled natural beauty. The locals are amazing and friendly, and the community is open and supportive.

2. THE SELECTION PROCESS: We take to heart the amount of work put into each film. Therefore, we are careful to ensure that each submission is reviewed at least ten times and watched in its entirety. We like to be transparent in our process and judge the story over the production value.

3. THE HISTORY: Kanab has a rich film history going back to the 1930’s. Lining the main street are plaques composed of historical information about the actors that appeared in Westerns filmed in our area.

4. THE FOOD: Despite being a rural town, we have some of the best restaurants in the state. On tripadvisor.com all of our restaurants have between a 4 to 5 star rating and we will not disappoint at the festival!

5. THE KFF HUB: Millions of visitors from all over the world visit Kanab to enjoy 6 National Parks all within an hour and a half drive. The international presence of tourists gives Kanab a vibrant culture rarely found in such remote towns. We also have the nation’s largest Animal Sanctuary located 5 minutes from downtown Kanab. Fear not, getting to Kanab is easy. We’re 3 hours from the Las Vegas Airport or an hour from the St. George Airport.

Bottom Line: At the Kanab Film Festival, we pride ourselves on building a unique experience for pass holders and filmmakers alike. April is one of the best months to visit Kanab because of the perfect weather and local hospitality. Beyond natural beauty, production value, budget, and stars, we value the power of a well-told story. We can’t wait for you to tell us yours.

*SAFETY* We were very proud to be the first in-person Film Fest of 2020 because we believe that it is so important to provide the proper stage for up and coming filmmakers, it was that important for us to make it happen safely. And this year is no different!

Best of the Fest
Best Student Film
Best Utah Film
Best Comedy Film
Best Animation
Best VFX
Best Feature Film
Best Documentary
Best Short Film
Best Micro Short
Best Music Video
Best Script to Screen Showdown Film

Script To Screen Showdown
The winner will have their script recreated by the guerrilla filmmakers for their part of the showdown. The winner will also receive an award, a zoom call with a Producer  + 1-month mentorship from optioned Screenwriter Heidi Stangeland ($495 value)


The following rules govern all film submissions to the Kanab Film Festival (“KFF” or the “Festival”)
General Eligibility for films (See Screenwriting below)

1. Submissions must be accompanied by the applicable submission fee PER ENTRY and a completed online entry form.

2. Officially Selected films will also be screened during our online festival section. We will live stream the entire event.

3. KFF screens films as digital files during the Festival. Please submit films in 1920x1080 29.97 fps H.264 format. Keep your film submissions under 4GB please.

4. We will not screen films with a watermark.

5. Films must have been completed within 10 years of the festival date. Films must be available for screening by the final deadline.

6. Resubmissions are welcome provided they are eligible according to all of KFF’s current rules.

7. Selection for screening will be determined no later than one month prior to the festival.

8. All films must be in English or have English subtitles at the time submitted. During final screening the film must only have English subtitles, not multiple languages are the same time.

9. We prefer that shorts not be publicly available online.

10. KFF reserves the right in its sole discretion to reject or disqualify any ineligible entries, without a refund.

11. Kanab Film Fest reserves the right to show any portion of your officially selected film in our promotional material.

Originality and Permissions; INDEMNITY

1. Films must be the original work of the applicants.

2. We strongly encourage filmmakers to submit their film only after it is fully finished. That said, because KFF’s focus is on story, minor technical changes will not affect the final decision of any film. Should the film be accepted to play during the Festival, the filmmaker will have the opportunity to supply the Festival with their most recent version.

3. Once an entry payment has been received we cannot provide a refund. If a payment is disputed by an entrant for any reason, the entrant may be subject to any transaction fees or similar amounts incurred by KFF in connection with the dispute.

4. You MUST include your physical address either in your entry or in your cover letter. Please do not submit a film without giving us your address, which we need for our records.

Scriptwriting Contest

1. We are accepting Shorts written in English. Global entires happily accepted.

2. Scripts must be in PDF format and must be submitted electronically.

3. A title page with contact information must be included with every submitted script.

4. The script must be 5 to 10 pages in 12pt Courier (or Courier Final Draft) with standard screenplay margins and spacing, and pages must be numbered.

5. The script must be an original and unproduced at the time of submission and the submitter must own 100% of the rights to the script when submitting. No adaptations.

6. All entries must be received on or before midnight (Pacific Time) on the date of the deadline and must be paid in full to be considered.

7. There is no limit to the number of different scripts you may submit. Duplicate entries of the same project, however, will be automatically disqualified.

8. Once a script has been submitted, no substitutions will be accepted. No corrected pages or revised drafts allowed.

9. The decisions of the judges are final and shall not be disputed. The contest and its coordinators may not be held responsible for any errors or omissions by the judges.

9. By entering the contest, consideration of the script is given for the sole purpose of choosing a winner for the contest.

10. The entry fee must be paid in US Dollars and are nonrefundable. Winners who may be awarded a cash prize shall be responsible for his or her own income tax.

11. Previous winning scripts are NOT eligible. (Other scripts by the winning writer are still eligible.)

Overall Rating
  • Rob York

    What a fantastic little festival! I highly recommend attending in person. Between the festival directors, the desert red-rock resort town feel, the community involvement, the parties and the films, this turned out to be really great weekend. Given it was only year 3, the quality of the industry workshops also surprised me. Met awesome people, saw good films, ate a lot of great food and drinks (the cuban food at the opening night party was delicious!) And the Moqui Cave venue for the after-dark screenings was really cool. 100% worth the trip.

    May 2021
  • Wons Ly

    Wow this festival was an amazing experience! I’m not sure if there is anything quite like this anywhere; its got everything you’d find at a world-class film festival, but its also nestled amongst some of the most breath-taking and unique natural surrounds that mother nature has to offer. Just google ‘kanab utah’ image search to get a sense of its beauty. The festival tickets we had included amazing parties, delicious food, the drinks, the views, the films of every genre and style, the mixing and meeting and making friends with cool creative people. Meeting fellow filmmakers is definitely a highlight, everyone is so open and interested in connecting and sharing ideas, looks like I’ll be collaborating with a few of my new talented friends made over the weekend! Did I mention the location is incredible, its like everywhere you look outside you’re in an old time western cowboy movie! Kanab county seems to have a lot of eating and accommodation options too, not that I had time to really check them out, the festival just had too much on offer. A super interesting and creative Utah escape and if you’re a film lover, I highly recommend getting to the Kanab Film Festival next year.

    May 2021
  • Lori Lyle

    Kanab Film Festival was one of the best and most fun I've ever been to. The quality of the films was stellar, and the hospitality, comfort and viewing experience were all perfect! The area and weather were great for some extra sight seeing and the venue was perfect for watching great films. Thank you Kanab Film Festival!

    May 2021
  • This festival is such a great time. You can tell that the owners are experts in hospitality. You can sense the support from the whole community while you are there. And what a charming and beautiful city! I felt like a VIP while I was there. Events, meals, snacks, screenings, raffles, forums, and catered afterparties were all provided for the filmmakers. I'll be submitting my films again for years to come.

    May 2021
  • Will Stamp

    Such a great time — had an absolute blast.

    May 2021