For our 2022 edition, we are getting back to the Roode Bioscoop’s roots as a home for anarchic cinema. Never has the screen been as vibrant or as critical of a medium as it is in our age of disassociation.

We welcome films that break down boundaries: between artistic disciplines, between borders, between society and those it often overlooks at its margins, between reality and what new worlds we can create. We support filmmakers, established and emerging, who challenge convention, and we also encourage submissions that excavate "forgotten" or unexpected art forms and upend established codes of stage and performance for the screen.

Jardin Rouge is led by the multidisciplinary international performance and visual art collective Snowapple and is a home for projects that have taken root in the soil of dance, theatre, animation, and other innovative forms of storytelling to create unexpected visual universes.



The Intergalactic Jardin Rouge is an invitation to leave a barren earth to create new experiences, free from gravity.

The festival opens the door to the unknown, to black holes, to hospitable planets and spaceships to offer us the possibility to dream bigger, far from our blue planet.
These last years have enjoined us to fold our wings, and walk around our few square meters of living rooms and cities, but today we want to mutate, to transform ourselves, to become a new chimeric being, human-animal, object-plant, extraterrestrial unfolding in the universe, and the multiverse.

The Jardin Rouge is a multicolored spaceship with no destination, whose stopovers will be random, sometimes in orbit, sometimes stopping for a few minutes on a smoky planet, sometimes meeting with the asteroids.


The Jardin Rouge Festival is a polymorphous and multidisciplinary international festival, which can be found in Amsterdam, where it was born, as well as in Paris, Mexico City, etc.
Supported by the artistic collective and the production company Snowapple, this festival defends emerging and confirmed creation, characterised by audacity, a search for new forms, a break with convention.

The aim of the festival is to create a space for freedom and creation.

The objective is to create moments where a varied public meets new artistic forms, shaking up the known.

A total festival, the Jardin Rouge includes a reflection on the senses, the visual, our position in the world, the relationship with the public, the fluidity of the arts, while favouring a non-institutional and underground approach aiming to make quality visual and musical performances and proposals accessible to all.

Le Jardin Rouge develops in places, theatres, cultural spaces having a real investment in a reflection on the accompaniment of the artists, spaces allowing performers a freedom of action, of adaptation, ready to transform themselves to pick up the spectator and surprise him.

Based on the notions of experimentation, laboratory and horizontal sharing, the Jardin Rouge defends the idea of proposing to artists to meet and confront their practices, but also to meet and exchange with the spectators in informal spaces and during training courses and quality workshops intended for both professionals and amateurs.

Together we celebrate creation, encounter and the joy of making mistakes!

By entering Jardin Rouge Film Festival, you agree to follow its rules and guidelines.

• This is an international festival and films in any language and from any country will be considered. For films not in English, English subtitles are required.
• Works in progress will be considered. Please include a title card in the submission screener describing what is yet to be completed.
• Premiere status is not a requirement for entry. Films that have screened at other festivals and online will still be considered.
• There is no completion date limitation for entry. Films will be considered regardless of when they were made.

• All screener copies must be uploaded by the corresponding deadline.
• If there is an issue with a submission, you will be contacted by a festival representative. If you do not fix the issue by the requested deadline, we may not be able to consider your film.
• No refunds will be provided for submission fees.
• Screener links can be updated by uploading a new video file, provided the original link does not change.
• For accessibility, we strongly recommend that all submitted films include English subtitles. Films in a language other than English must have English subtitles.

• Accepted filmmakers will be notified via email.
• Accepted filmmakers must be the sole authors of their submitted work.
• If accepted, entrants are responsible for delivering their festival exhibition copy, trailer, screener link, and other materials by the required deadline.
• All accepted films must have Closed Captioning in English.
• Accepted filmmakers are encouraged to attend the festival.
• Shipping expenses for exhibition copies and other materials will not be covered.
• Screening fees will not be provided.

Overall Rating
  • Lou Sumray

    I was delighted to have my animation accepted for this festival that feels quite unique in it's character and it was extra special in that I was able to attend a festival away from the UK for the first time in 2 years. It is a quirky, exciting set of events over a month, ( I stayed 4 days) that now includes a little film festival that also has an interesting eclectic, sometimes very bizarre collection of films which was interesting. Maybe there could have been more signposting in the venue for the films that were being shown ( I love the fact that they were shown in unusual settings like an intimate dressing room). I hope to return again one day when hopefully the pandemic has calmed down . Wishing the Festival all the bestir the future in these complicated times and hope it keeps its interesting character.

    April 2022
  • Stimulating.
    Recognize the suspiciousness of movie theaters and the suspiciousness of movies.
    I feel a sense of solidarity.
    It is an honor to be selected.

    March 2022
  • An art festival that looks really fun! If you are an art film maker, you can definitely enjoy it.

    March 2022
  • Thank you, Jardin Rouge for presenting my film Silent Fragments. It was a pleasure. Lovely festival with a great team. I hope, I'll manage to still join you for some of the upcoming events.

    March 2022