The JXN FILM FESTIVAL™ is an in-person event with some virtual options. The week-long celebration of independent filmmaking includes festival screenings, professional development workshops by industry executives, masterclasses in acting, screenwriting and/or directing, networking and community building opportunities, and much more.

The 2024 JXN FILM FESTIVAL™ will be every bit as transformational and edifying as previous editions. We are delighted to offer this platform for emerging and veteran independent artists to showcase their art and to gain invaluable professional wisdom and opportunities.

Judges' Awards:
1. Best of... Each winner in this category receives an award and certificate.
2. Honorable Mention...Honorable Mentions are the runner-ups in each category (Certificate)

Special Awards:
1. The Ezell Sultan People's Choice Award: This award is named for Ezell Sultan, a member of the Jackson film community who died unexpectedly a few months before the first JXN Film Festival. All Level 3 (Nominated) films/projects are eligible and are selected by a community vote.
2. AARP Soar Award. This award honors a work submitted by someone 50+.


1. All films must be in English or have English subtitles at the time submitted.

2. Films must be submitted as an online streaming video via the participating submission platform FilmFreeway.

3. To submit a single project into multiple categories, you must complete a separate submission (and subsequent transaction) for each category of interest.
FOR EXAMPLE: If you want to submit a single project into three separate categories, complete a separate submission and payment transaction for each of the three categories. The system will only allow one submission at a time.

4. There are no more than FOUR nominees per category. If a category does not have a suitable submission, the JXN Film Festival reserves the right to cancel the category.

5. All Submission Fees are non-refundable.

1. The Festival does NOT screen films on Blu-Ray or HD-CAM. If you cannot provide your film as a digital file for exhibition, DO NOT SUBMIT your film. You must permit the JXN Film Festival to Download the film for the exhibition.

2. SELECTED Films will be eligible for the next round of judging at the Festival.

3. SELECTED films with the highest scores will be NOMINATED for the “Best of” in each category.

4. Only films NOMINATED for "Best of" categories will screen during the festival. JXN Film Festival Staff determines other screenings.

5. Filmmakers whose projects are NOMINATED will receive a PROMO CODE valued at the cost of ONE ADMISSION TICKET to the Awards Gala. This does not guarantee your seat unless the code is used by June 15. You may purchase additional tickets for your guests/supporters at the same time.

6. The Festival encourages all submitters and selected filmmakers to purchase tickets to the gala to support the educational outreach of the festival.

Level 1: SUBMITTED--Film/Project submitted to desired category or categories
Level 2: SELECTED--Film/Project eligible for next round of judging
Level 3: NOMINATED--Film/Project eligible for an Award
Level 4: AWARDED--Film/Project won "Best of" category
Honorable Mentions: Runner-up in each "Best of" category

Overall Rating
  • 槐 谢

    非常感谢贵电影节,愿贵电影节越办越好!very thank you,and i think there will be better and better

    August 2023
  • Wayne Diu

    Thanks to Maximus, Candice, and Esther for organizing the festival and screening my ultra low-budget feature "The Dental Plan" in the beautiful (and very comfortable!) Capri Theatre. I got a chance to meet other filmmakers between screenings, at the evening get-together, and at the gala, which was also superb. In short: a wonderful experience at a wonderful festival!

    August 2023
  • Kudos to the team at JXN Film Festival for - quite an Amazing Experience. Maximus Wright, Dr. Candice Jackson, Esther Young, and Team JXN put forth a Herculean effort with the festival's offering of movie screenings, mentoring, screenwriting, educational, pitch sessions, for this year's event. They were able to secure top tiered talent to conduct each session, resulting in exceptional outcomes.

    I attended the Black-Tie Gala at the close out ceremony on the last evening, with my 83 year old mother as my featured date. I was more than elated to have 2 projects nominated and selected as Award Winners - Cotton's Sack (Best Screenplay), Pharaoh Taharqa - Warrior King (Best Musical Score), and also receiving the AARP MS - SOAR Award, was truly a tri-fecta of a night, for which I am Forever Grateful!

    For those Screenwriters, Directors, Actors, and Creatives, I strongly encourage you consider participation in any upcoming festivities, and especially... next year's JXN Film Festival.

    Will Sims
    Ruach Films
    Tru-Spot Technologies

    August 2023
  • Margret Hutton

    The festival was great because it gives artists a chance to showcase their work. In essence, it is great for exposure, networking, and acquiring knowledge about the film industry.

    August 2023
  • Jordan Rice

    The festival was absolutely amazing! My film "Breakup Weekend" was selected and won Best Short of the festival! It was wonderful to meet with other filmmakers from all over North America. JXN Film Festival has a passionate team who are dedicated to connecting filmmakers.

    August 2023