IOWF® is a renowned online web festival dedicated to the promotion of short films, new media and digital arts under 30 minutes in length.
Now in its 7th year, the International Online Web Fest® has grown into an internationally respected annual awards event. It was one of the first web-fest that allowed to submit both categories: Web-Series and Short Films.
The festival’s growing reputation is built upon a commitment to discovering new and diverse voices, with 99% of the lineup coming directly from submissions.

In the first five editions, the Annual Awards Ceremony was held in London (UK). Now in 2021, after pandemic situation, IOWF event moved to Milan (Italy).

#IOWF is a festival that specifically helps independent filmmakers to raise their visibility through the web. We do so by creating and taking care of their communication online.
Filmmakers competing in festivals that require them not to show their films online, can submit their films and share the trailer, teaser or behind the scenes video. Judges will award the best films through private screenings.

Please visit our IMDb page:

"Official Selections" will receive:
International Online Web Fest Laurel

All winners will receive:
IMDb Award Credit
Winners Laurel
Screening on IOWF+Play
Promotion across our Social Media & Website.

Our Award categories are:
- Best Short Film;
- Best Web Series;
- Best Directing;
- Best Screenplay;
- Best Actor;
- Best Actress;
- Best Newcomer Actor;
- Best Newcomer Actress;
- Best Cinematography;
- Best Editing;
- Best Special and Visual Effects;
- Best Sound Design;
- Best Documentary;
- Best Animation;

nominated by a special jury and selected among all submissions from various Continent (Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania).

Rules & Terms
a) At least one webisode must be under 30 minutes including credits.

b) All short films must be under 30 minutes including credits.

c) Every short film or web series needs to have a teaser trailer to be shared.

d) Please note that short film has to be terminated from January 2020 to this day for being eligible to participate in IOWF 2021 and it has NOT to be online available worldwide at the moment of submission.

e) In the case of webisodes (or Seasons), they can be already online, but they don't have to be published before January 2020.

f) To be eligible for award consideration for the 7th IOWF Awards year, a short film or web series must fulfill one of the following qualifying criteria between January 1st, 2020, and July 15, 2021.
This qualification must take place within two years of the film’s completion date:
1) The project must have won a qualifying award at a competitive web festival, as specified in the Short Film/Web Series Qualifying Festival List. Proof of the award must be submitted with the entry. The Qualifying Festival List may be obtained from the IOWF Staff via e-mail.
2) The project must be a PREMIERE and it has to keep the Status until December 2021 (LIVE or Online Screening at other Festivals is allowed, but just for a limited time).

g) Short films and or Web Series must be submitted to the IOWF exclusively via FilmFreeway.

h) Dialogue or narration must be substantially in English or the film must have English-language subtitles.

i) Before submitting your film to IOWF 2021 please read carefully and understand the regulations (don't hesitate to write us if any doubt occurs). Projects submitted must be the original work of the participant, which ended not before January 1, 2020.
It is possible to submit more than one project, but every project entails an application fee.

Overall Rating
  • Tom Bridger

    Though our project didn't win, we were honoured to be part of such a great line-up. Festival was smoothly run and there was a great variety in the line-up selections. Hopefully see you next year!

    July 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thanks very much, Tom! Of course we will be waiting for you, hopefully 🤞🏻in person at the LIVE event.

  • Italia Sicilia Gela

    I had the pleasure to partecipate with my webseries twice @IOWF(Yes we also won the last edition as Best Documentary :)), I always enjoy the very rich selection that give me an opportunity to find new productions and get to know inspiring filmmakers. We had a boost of visualization after the end of the last IOWF, it worked as great exposure for our work "Italia Siclia Gela". We are looking forward for the next edtion. It's all thank to Nick's great work! Iacopo

    March 2020
  • It was a great honor to participate in this festival, and we are thrilled you enjoyed our web series TGC: Rem. It's an excellent opportunity to get more exposure for your web series. Although I didn't get many notifications or emails during the process and had to do a bit more digging to find out what was happening, it was still a great festival to be involved with. I hope to return in a future season!

    January 2020
  • How Happy I am to review this festival.
    Yhe last of the year. I was very happy about folowing the online anouncement. I Was very excited every award they posted. When I read our winning was a expolsion of happy. Thankyou !
    Your quick answers on social media was fantastic and made me feel great. Thankyou ! See you again in 2020 !

    December 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thanks very much Sergio, and congratulations again!

  • I received an email saying that my project was selected, and then, short after, I received another asking me to do a review of the festival. I did not understand if I was nominated in any category and I did not see a list of winners or something. I thought it was an annual festival but there was an award held on June 15 and there will be another on December 6th. Am I still competing or not?

    July 2019
    Response from festival:

    Dear Thiago,
    we see that probably a problem has been with the first notification. Because as you can see here, we informed you that:
    "This is an email to notify you that International Online Web Fest has updated the judging status of 'On a Short Leash'.
    We are honored to inform you that your project has been accepted in the Spring Session of International Online Web Fest 2019 for the pre-selection."

    But you had to keep in mind that it was NOT an "official selection" yet. Because you needed first to send all mandatory materials to participate in the semi-finals.

    If you already provided them on FilmFreeway, you were kindly requested to SEND a simple REPLY to that email notification (within Tuesday 11th June) to let us know you've been informed.
    Since we never received your reply, we were not sure you've been informed about it.
    We would be very happy to help you with the selection procedure steps. Please contact us privately to sort it out.

    Best regards.