The International Online Web Fest is a seasonal international online event of short films UNDER 15 MINUTES not available online yet and web series with at least 1 webisode under 15 minutes.

#IOWF is a festival which specifically helps independent filmmakers to raise their visibility through the web. We do so by creating and taking care of your communication on line.

Filmmakers competing in festivals that require they not to show their films online, they can submit their films and share the trailer, teaser or behind the scenes video. Judges will award the best films through private screenings.

Submit your film to #IntWebFest2017 and join our network on Twitter and Facebook.

Awards & Prizes

Awards will be given to the categories:
- Best Short Film;
- Best Web Series;
- Best Directing;
- Best Screenplay;
- Best Leading Male Role;
- Best Leading Female Role;
- Best Newcomer Actor;
- Best Newcomer Actress;
- Best Cinematography;
- Best Editing;
- Best Special and Visual Effects;
- Best Sound Design;
- Best Make-up and Hairstyling;
- Best Costume;
- Best Production Design;
- Best Original Soundtrack;
- Best Documentary;
- Best Animation;
- Best Foreign Language Short Film;
- Best Foreign Language Web Series;

nominated by a special jury and selected among all submissions in all following categories:
Best European ShortFilm
Best African ShortFilm
Best American ShortFilm
Best Asiatic ShortFilm
Best Oceanian ShortFilm
Best Animated ShortFilm
Best European WebSeries
Best African WebSeries
Best American WebSeries
Best Asiatic WebSeries
Best Oceanian WebSeries
Best Animated WebSeries

A cash-prize of 100 USD will be given to the "Best Web Series" and "Best Short Film".
To Best Web Series; Best Short Film; Best Foreign Web Series; Best Foreign Short Film; Best Directing; Best Animation and Best Documentary will be offered a complementary Annual Membership by our main partner, a platform where you can pitch your ideas for original Films, TV, Web/New Media projects, Documentaries, Game Show (valued each $299,00).

Rules & Terms

Rules & Terms
a) All webisodes must be under 15 minutes including credits.
b) All short film must be under 15 minutes including credits.
c) Each production submitted will be rated by our judges on a very specific 1-10 scale.
The best productions (shortfilm or webisode) of each category are determined by the highest number of Likes and Favourite or RT obtained by sharing the film/trailer on our official social channels in any given season edition and will be showcased alongside of the Official Selection.
Keep in mind for shortfilm only trailer or extract will be shared.
d) Please note that shortfilm has to be terminated from January 2016 to this day for being eligible to participate in IOWF 2017 and it has NOT to be online available worldwide at the moment of submission.
e) In case of webisodes, they can be already online, but they don't have to be published before January 2016.
If the submitted production does not show right away there is a chance it could in next season depending on the quality of competition.
f) All the finalists of IOWF 2017 (Season edition) will be announced after the closure of online voting period.
After that period, maximum 15 projects from all continents will be nominated and then they will partecipate at voting period by "Special Jury" (composed by specialists in filmmaking) for the IOWF 2017 award on 9th December 2017.
g) Before submitting your film to IOWF 2016 please read carefully and understand the regulations.
Projects submitted must be the original work of the participant, ended not before January 1, 2016.
It is possible to submit more than one project, but every project entails an application fee.

9 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Roberto Flores

    Very interesting festival. Truly diverse and international. Very glad to have been selected to participate.

    January 2017
  • false
    Adam Pedersen

    A great chance to have your work pooled with the films of others from all around the world.

    December 2016
  • false
    Tim and Zheng (Pattinson and Kang)

    A great opportunity to screen your work alongside other talented filmmakers, and a very diverse selection of films. Very happy to be included :)

    December 2016
  • false
    Ashley White

    Great festival with a lot of variety in the content chosen. My only suggestion would be improving your website and communication in future. We were notified that we were nominated for an award but I had to do a lot of digging through your website and Facebook Page to actually find out what category it was for and even then it didn't say who specifically was nominated.
    Huge appreciation for what you do though and thank you for the opportunity for showcasing our work! :)

    December 2016
  • false
    Christopher Rithin

    Video Review by WebVee Guide from 2016 Festival here:

    December 2016