Festival Start: 22 January 2022 – Festival End: 29 January 2022

Welcome to IKSFF 2022. The International Kolkata Short Film Festival 2021 was a grand success. Just in its first year, IKSFF got a huge response worldwide. More than 3500 short films, documentaries, and PSAs from over 110 countries got submitted. It also received the support and association of many eminent personalities and popular brands. Now in its second year, IKSFF is back with more vigor.

A few key points:
>> We will screen 100 selected films online.
>> All films selected for screening will get laurel from us.
>> There are a total of 9 categories with awards for each.
>> The festival will be showcased both online and offline. The online festival will be showcased on Eventizer www.eventizer.co.in.

In the situation of Covid-19 pandemic, International Kolkata Short Film Festival 2022 or IKSFF 2022 giving an opportunity to the short films to show their films in online mode, using Eventizer, an online platform for cine lovers, critics, actor-actress and others so that they are enabled to feel the pulse of the whole world sitting in their home.

Kolkata, a culturally rich city of India is the hub of many budding filmmakers, actor-actress, other important personalities related to the film industry, and obviously huge cine-lovers since the past century. The objective of IKSFF 2022 is to empower short films of different countries and to nurture the development of newborn filmmakers.

The festival provides a platform to inspire professional as well as budding filmmakers for showcasing their talent online. It also will give them interaction and advertising opportunities for their short film at the international level. Cine lovers can purchase tickets through Eventizer and can watch these remarkable short films from different countries.

In its second year, IKSFF 2022 https://iksff.eventizer.co.in/ is all set to continue the success and achieve greater heights and has already started the submission procedure with FilmFreeway as our Global Submission Partner.

For the first year, we kept the submission completely free. But as expenses are inevitable we have introduced a nominal fee for submission this year. This will help us to sustain and grow and achieve newer heights.

We thank all who have been associated with IKSFF for making it a success. We envision seeing IKSFF at a new height. Please be with us and help IKSFF achieve new milestones. Your support is highly anticipated.

We will screen all selected projects virtually and also send ‘selection laurel’ to the filmmakers by mail. Then from the selected films, five are nominated for each award category. These nominated films will again get ‘laurel of nomination’ and will honor on our website and social media accounts. From these nominated films, the award winner will be declared. The winning film will get ‘winner laurel’, a certificate, and a medal with their film name and name of the award category embedded on it. We will conduct a special offline screening in our city for the award-winning films.

There are a total of 9 categories with awards for each. The categories are::

1. Best Short film
2. Best Documentary film
3. Best Public Service Announcement (PSA)
4. Best Director (Short film)
5. Best Director (Documentary film)
6. Best Actor (Short film)
7. Best Indian (Short film)
8. Best Cinematography (Short film)
9. Best Animation (Short film)

All these award-winning films will get Laurel, Certificate, Medal (or Memento), Both online and offline screening, and social media promotion.

Call for Entry Opens: 1 July 2021

Early Bird Deadline: 31 August 2021
Regular Deadline: 15 November 2021
Late Deadline:15 December 2021

1.1 Festival Mission & Objective

International Kolkata Short Film Festival which will take place for the second time from 22 January 2022 to 29 January 2022, is now open for entries. The IKSFF will strive to screen short movies. We would like to invite both professional (established broadcasters, film or television production companies/distributors, and independent filmmakers) and non-professional filmmakers from anywhere in the world to participate in the festival. The festival and judgment of the competition will take place in Kolkata, India.

1.2 About EVENTIZER: Eventizer is an online ticketing platform that helps promotion, showcasing, and ticketing of various events online and is also intended to nourish online events and digital festivals of different colors. Short Film Makers can also showcase their films with ticketing through Eventizer.

1.3 Festival Dates
22 January 2022 to 29 January 2022

1.4 Eligibility
>> Submission to the Festival is open to Short Film, Short Documentary, Short Animation & Public Service Announcements.

>> All the films Submitted by Film Makers to the Festival under Short Film, Short Documentary, Short Animation, Public Service Announcement Categories and Created after 1 January 2015 will be included under the Competition Section of the festival program. If any filmmaker wants the screening of his/her film which is completed before 2015, it will be accepted but will be excluded from the competition.

1.4 Entry Fee
IKSFF charges a nominal entry fee to the contest. For details kindly see the Categories & Fees section.

1.5 Number of Submissions
Filmmakers may submit any number of films under the Festival’s Film Categories like Short Film, Short Documentary, Short Animation, Public Service Announcement

1.6 Festival Submission Categories

a) Short Film (Less than 30 Minutes)
b) Short Documentaries ( Less than 30 Minutes )
c) Short Animation (Less than 30 Minutes)
d) Public Service Announcements (Less than 6 Minutes)

1.7 Participation

Participation in the IKSFF -2022 implies acceptance of the Rules and Regulations by filmmakers, producers, and their agents.


2.1 Submission Deadlines

The final deadline for submitting the films is 10 November 2021. The films which will be submitted after the mentioned date will not be accepted by the Festival Authority.

2.2 Press Kit / Publicity Materials
Please include HIGH-RESOLUTION photographs (JPEG, TIF or EPS formats). The following formats will be required for the press kit and Festival Directory
i) Production stills (4)
ii) Director’s photographs (2)
iii) Poster
iv) Movie Stills (2)
v) Press clippings, brochures, pamphlets
vi) A 20 seconds Trailer to be submitted with each film.

2.3 Submission Materials
None of the above-listed submission materials will be returned.

2.4 Selection
Festival programmers select and invite all films presented at the festival. Films selected for the IKSFF-2022 will be announced before the festival date on our website. Filmmakers selected to participate will be notified prior to this date. The nominated film list will be published on the website and on our official Facebook page.

3.1 Participant’s obligation
Participation in the festival requires unconditional adherence to its regulations as set out here.

3.2 Satellite Channel Exhibition
All the films selected under the Competition Section of the Festival are requested to give absolute clearance for the one-time exhibition of their film in a Partnering Satellite Channel.

3.3 Catalogue materials
All contact persons of selected films will receive a request for catalogue materials upon confirming participation in the festival.

3.3.1 Required catalog materials
In order to compile the Festival Catalogue for each selected film, the Festival must receive a duly completed entry form and press kit. The requested materials should be sent/submitted as soon as possible upon acceptance of the invitation. The Festival accepts no liability in the event that its publications reproduce inaccuracies in submitted materials.

3.3.2 Credits
In principle, the catalogue will include the following technical and artistic credits: original title, international title, country (ies) of production, year of production, premiere status, format, running time, director, production company, producer, sales company, print source, screenplay, cinematography, editing, production design, sound, music, principal cast.

3.3.3 Catalogue Writings
Catalogue writings are entirely at the discretion of the Festival.

3.4 Publicity Materials
The contact persons of the films participating in the Festival will receive a request from the Press office to send publicity materials. These materials will be used in Festival publications and for distribution to the press and festival guests. Each film should be submitted with a trailer of 20 seconds.

3.4.1 Excerpts
After the official selection of a film, the Festival is qualified to use excerpts from the film, with a maximum of 3 minutes or a total duration of the excerpts not exceeding more than 10% of the running time of the film, for promotional purposes both nationally and internationally. In the event that excerpts are not available, and it’s being understood that under no circumstances the entire print may be lent out, the Festival is qualified to copy, under its strict supervision, one or more excerpts from the film for promotional use prior to, during and after the Festival.

3.4.2 Promotion
For the promotion of the entire selection and of each selected film, the Festival website is allowed to use any photo or digital film clip (less than 3 minutes duration or the total duration of the excerpts not exceeding more than 10% of the film running time). The 20-second trailer of the film may be used for promotion.

3.5 Programming
General scheduling and the timetabling of public screenings are entirely at the discretion of the Festival Management.

3.6 Subtitling
Selected films will be screened in their original version. In principle, if not with English dialogues, films must be subtitled in ENGLISH. An electronic subtitling system should not be used for any film.


1. Best Short film
2. Best Documentary film
3. Best Public Service Announcement (PSA)
4. Best Director (Short film)
5. Best Director (Documentary film)
6. Best Actor (Short film)
7. Best Indian (Short film)
8. Best Cinematography (Short film)
9. Best Animation (Short film)

4.0 Use of the Submission Materials:

4.1 Promotion: IKSFF/Eventizer will promote the festival and its awards by featuring extracts from submission on radio, television, and digital media throughout the world. IKSFF reserves the right to use the extracts of all submissions in these promotional activities.

4.2 Screening: IKSFF/Eventizer is entitled to screen the submitted productions both Online and Offline to the public during and after the festival for an unlimited period of time for both Commercial and Non-commercial purposes.

4.3 Images: Entrants warrant that IKSFF is entitled to use all the submitted images for promotional activity of the Festival throughout the world in different digital media for an unlimited period of time without making any payment for such usage.

4.5 Film Library: All submissions will be retained at IKSFF World Film Library for educational and archival purposes. For such purposes, IKSFF does not pay any fees to entrants.

4.6 Editing: IKSFF reserves the right to edit the information supplied by the Entrants for publication in the Festival Souvenir (For both Online & Printed versions)

5.0 Judging Process:

There will be three rounds of Judging

Round A: In this round, A IKSFF Jury panel will decide whether the film covers all the entry guidelines properly. Then the panel will shortlist the best movies and prepare a list of 100 films for Round B.

Round B: In this round, the Screening Committee will decide the Nomination. A list of nominated films will be decided in this round.

Final Round: In this round, the full bench of Judges with the Festival Director, Festival Chairman, Festival Executive Director, Chief Advisor, Chairman of the Screening Committee will decide the Films for Awards in a different category.

Overall Rating
  • Kolkota is the cultural capital of India having produced some of world's finest filmmakers, artists, Nobel laureates etc. It is also the birth place of India's first film society and cinema culture that is at the heart of every film festival. International Kolkata Short Film Festival is doing a great job in focusing on the shortest form and highlighting films that get no theatrical or television exposure. I was happy to be nominated for best director for one of my projects in 2021 edition. Unfortunately Covid made it impossible to travel to Kolkota at that time.

    July 2021
  • mahmut taş

    thank you very much to all festival management.

    April 2021
  • Giovanna Giovanini

    Very interesting festival, I am very glad to be at it! :)

    February 2021
  • Indira Dhar Mukkherjee

    Excellent festival and amazing experience

    February 2021
  • Very good Festival. One of best film festival in kolkata or west bengal.

    February 2021