INSOMNIAC FILM FESTIVAL presents a selection of the year’s most creative films from Toronto’s distinct youth film community.

Organized and founded by a team of young programmers, INSOMNIAC aims to celebrate works emerging from the lives and experiences of young Toronto filmmakers. We curate films that blur the lines between age, genre and budget, reminding us of the creativity behind intelligent and powerful low-budget filmmaking.

Works in progress are certainly accepted for submission - just let us know where the film is at and what's left to do! ALSO pssssssst - the waiver code is INSOM4000! And it’s all yours to use! If you have any further questions/concerns, just send us an email or give us a call! We love to talk!

INSOMNIAC FILM FESTIVAL liberates our audience!!!

- Audience Choice: BEST FILM
(You'll get a sweet sponsored Awards Package!)

- Audience Choice: BEST PERFORMANCE
(You'll also get a sweet sponsored Awards Package!!!)

INSOMNIAC FILM FESTIVAL is a celebration of youth talent in Toronto and the surrounding areas, but when we say YOUTH we mean that in SPIRIT - not in AGE! As such, we have no hard cut off for filmmaker age. Similarly, we have no hard cut off for duration of film. Make your film as long as it needs to be! Don't let us stop you!

We also certainly encourage genre & genre-bending films; comedies; music videos; commercials; web-based content; vlogs; video art; experimental works; etc, etc, etc. We love all movies and are excited to see yours!