Insomniac Film Festival is BACK (and with a twist)… we present...


This year’s festival will showcase a curated selection of films alongside live performance pieces. It will be a multi-dimensional, multi-media, multi-multiple experience. Films will burst out of the screen, interacting with performers and audiences in a way unlike any Insomniac that has come before! And so... WE WANT TO SEE YOUR MOVIES!!!

Since 2014, Insomniac has annually presented a selection of creative films from Toronto’s distinct community of low-budget/DIY filmmakers. Organized and founded by a team of young programmers, Insomniac aims to celebrate risk-taking work that blurs the lines between age, genre, budget, and form. We want to celebrate the creativity and power of intelligent low budget filmmaking!

Please note that if your film is selected for Insomniac: Reloaded, we may ask to collaborate with you on potential opportunities for fun audience engagement. If you want your film to fly out of the screen, then this is the show for you! Of course, if you’d prefer for your work to be shown without audience interaction/performance elements, we’d still be happy to showcase it! This is still the show for you!!!!

Works in progress are certainly accepted for submission - just let us know where the film is at and what’s left to do! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!


We are open to anything! So submit everything to us! We also certainly encourage genre & genre-bending films; comedies; music videos; commercials; web-based content; vlogs; video art; experimental works; skate videos; etc, etc, etc. We love all movies and are excited to see yours!

Overall Rating
  • Sharon Isaac

    Extremely impressed with Insomniac for showing my first short film. Communication was first rate between the promoter of Insomniac and myself. Through the showing of my film at the festival, I received another message of interest in marketing the film. Kudos to Insomniac for screening it !

    August 2019
  • Nick White

    Had a really great time at Insomniac. Very friendly and helpful team with excellent communication, a very nice and diverse program of films, and the venue and whole operation were top notch. I thank them for having me and my film and look forward to attending again the future.

    July 2019
  • Great little selection of short movies! Happy to have been a part of the showcase!

    July 2019