*To Support and Promote Independent Filmmakers*

Kalliste Zoe Productions and MM STUDIOS presents a showcase event to support and promote independent filmmakers from all around the world who have the perseverance and courage to create, collaborate and invest in their own movie dreams. The screening features an array of short independent content including TV pilots, parodies, dark comedies, suspense thrillers, animation and more! Let's continue to gather upcoming film visionaries and enthusiasts, while enjoying many beautiful pieces of cinema.

ICS Mission Statement: to explore, discover and share independent content as well as provide an opportunity for filmmakers and movie supporters to join a cinema family that gathers talented visionaries and creators for an evening filled with laughter, new connections and original content. ICS honors and highlights Professional Artists and Entrepreneurs who truly appreciate Cinematic Art. Please join us on our dedicated journey to support, develop and showcase beautiful stories from all around the world on the big screen.

ICS aims is to have at least four showcase events/year, one for each season. However, these will all depend on the number of submissions received from filmmakers around the world. If we develop enough submissions, we can potentially create a portfolio of content ready to screen on the go; more showcases based on a specific genre or theme regardless of the time of year.

Spring - April 29th (Submission Deadline: March 31st)
Summer - July 29th (Submission Deadline: June 30th)
Fall - November (Submission Deadline: September 30th)
Winter - January (Submission Deadline: December 15th)

We currently host the event in Los Angeles, CA which has fantastic, open venues to network and showcase films.

There will be 3 selected winners at each showcase with an "Honorable Mention" that includes a personalized Trophy as a souvenir to take home with the Film and Honorable Mention as well as an online streaming distribution deal with an award-winning platform called where the filmmakers can host and monetize their content.

There is also a Raffle Giveaway for all guests who attend and make a donation/contribution to ICS at the door. Previous Prizes have included signed movie posters, DVD copies, comedy show tickets, gift cards, sweet treats and more!

Are you an independent filmmaker ready and willing to invest in your career? Do you want to showcase and/or test your content in front of a live audience? Looking to network and meet more filmmakers? Then you have found the right family!

The Independent Cinema Showcase has made it possible for a community of filmmakers to share and split the costs of an incredible showcase night to promote and support each other's future career goals as independent artists. Kalliste Zoe Productions, the main sponsor, has negotiated with venues a special arrangement so that each filmmaker only has to pay a portion of the theatre rental costs, ranging from $25 to $75 for the evening, depending on the length of film. Our maximum length for submissions is 30 minutes. Filmmakers are essentially paying for their screening time.

The ICS family will provide an open lobby area where filmmakers can set up a table to display and promote their film as well as a flyer for the evening with the films’ information so people can follow/connect/support after the event. There will be a videographer capturing the event as well interviewing the filmmakers behind the scenes. All you will need to provide is:

1) A private, downloadable link to your film (best HD quality) - the theatre projectionist will convert the file into a DCP for the screening event.
2) Film Information for Flyer: Title, Movie Poster Image, Genre, Writer & Director, Quick Synopsis/Logline and any social media links for proper tagging during promotion.
3) Each Filmmaker accepted must budget for their screening time that ranges from $25 to no more than $75.

Overall, this is a professional networking and exposure opportunity to showcase independent content with a new audience as well as an event that filmmakers can truly enjoy while promoting their art. Join us and share your story!