We are devoted to horror, thriller, sci-fi. Around 25 award category which includes special effect, most gory, best death scene, etc. We aim to promote the horror, thriller, and sci-fi genre with the utmost care and a variety of award categories that separate and pop out the best of the best works.

We also have two other categories for the short and feature films which do not belong to Horror, Thriller & Sci-Fi.

We believe in giving proper exposure to the filmmakers, screenplay writers, and the crew without whom a film can not be completed.

This award declaration happens quarterly in a year.

Category of awards:
- Best Horror Feature Film
- Best Thriller Feature Film
- Best Sci-Fi Feature Film
- Best Horror Short Film
- Best Thriller Short Film
- Best Sci-Fi Short Film
- Best Direction
- Best Actor
- Best Supporting Role
- Best Cinematography
- Best Special Effects
- Best Music/Sound
- Best Editing
- Best Screenplay
- Best Feature (other category)
- Best Short (Other category)
- Best Web Series (season wise)

Scene Awards:
- Most scary scene
- Best Gory scene
- Best Ambiance
- Best Romantic Scene
- Best Original Concept
- Most Disturbing
- Best death sequence
- Best erotic scene
- Best Zombie Scene
- Best twist
- Best plot
- Real horror picture you clicked
- Any composite horror picture you created

Winners get :

- Laurel
- Certificate (digital)
- Online promotion in our social media
- Exclusive video interview post in our website and social media
- Winners can apply for a Horror Bowl Medal (courier charges to be borne by the applicant)

1) All submission should be through FilmFreeway only
2) Any production year will be accepted
3) There is no constraint on budget of the movie
4) Filmmaker/screenplay writer can submit as many projects they want
5) There is no premiere so no premiere rules applies
6) Old and new both films will be accepted
7) Previously submitted film can be re-submitted if it did not win in any category
8) Improperly submitted films will be disqualified
9) There will be 2 segments of internal screening by our judges panel and their decision will be the final

Overall Rating
  • My experience with the Horror Bowl Movie Awards has been a good one from the very beginning. The festival is well organized, the communication is effective, it counts with different categories so that our films can have more opportunities to be considered and shine in its own genre and production value. Definitely, I would recommend it to any emergent filmmaker. Thumbs up!

    October 2021
  • As a low budget self funded filmmaker, I value every official selection. I used to give 5 stars to show my appreciation, but then I realized my reviews need to help other filmmakers to decide if to submit to certain festivals. That's why I sent the following email to this festival " Thanks for updating the results on your website, but I don't see nomination, or award winner. I am not trying to be picky, but we need it to update our record and post review for your festival. We want to know if we there will be any such status change or it is only official selection." I got no communication & can't find status. They called me trying to "negotiate a win". They said they wish they can show my email. "so I am showing you what I sent them".

    My film" A video that will change your coffee" was officially selected. We found the website showed only "officially selection" but "no nomination" nor "winner" I emailed and asked if that's the final result or there will be "nomination" or "award winner". I asked so I can share that in review . They emailed and accused me of trying to negotiate a win." I won 1099 IMDB festival awards" and was rejected over 5000 times but never complained on festivals when I did not win. I asked because their result showed official selections but media tabs showed intervew with winners, which means either they did not update winning result, or winners are not listed in result. There was no communication. Calling someone names for trying to give a fair review with simple questions is really as low as I have ever seen.

    September 2021
    Response from festival:

    Sherry, since you brought it down to this, we are forced to say that these are not the exact lines you used in your email. You have forced us to the extent where we are considering putting the screenshot of your email and our response copy marked to FilmFreeway posted on our social handles in our defence. We are bringing this to FilmFreeway's attention. You might have forgotten that everything is documented.
    Hi Sherry, we have the email with us where you are clearly trying
    to negotiate a win after you saw the published result on the site. The site has the winners and the official selections listed properly as always. Since you are an experienced filmmaker, you would know only the final results are published on the website. If we were really rude we would have published that email which you sent to us. But we are just letting it go. We reported this incident as this was the first time a filmmaker was writing to us, trying to influence our decision about their work and also suggesting that they shall write a negative review because they didn't win. Please note that all of it is documented and FilmFreeway, very responsibly, as always, took cognisance of the situation. We wish you nothing but the best for all your projects always.

  • I was delighted to win the Horror Bowl Award for Best Short Documentary for my film HAUNTED THRILLS. I recommend the Horror Bowl Movie Awards to indie filmmakers everywhere.

    September 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you, Mike.

  • Pedro Jaen R.

    good festival! Interesting content. You help greatly to promote new films and authors.

    September 2021
    Response from festival:

    We are glad that you liked what we do, Pedro. Thank you.

  • Thank you, great festival/awards festival!

    September 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Justin! You just made our day.