Hollywood Script Award is a unique screenplay competition designed for talented writers who want to get a feedback and promote their scripts. Our jury consist from working professionals with main focus on screenwriting. Screenwriters are responsible for researching the story, developing the narrative, writing the script, screenplay, dialogues and delivering it, in the required format, to development executives. Therefore they have great influence over the creative direction and emotional impact of the screenplay and, arguably, of the finished film. We do believe that having a good screenplay is an assumption of having a good film. For more information please visit our official website - www.HollywoodScriptAwards.com .

1) All submissions must be in PDF format via FilmFreeway.
2) All levels of experience eligible, whether it is your first script or your 100th...
3) All screenplays are considered complete once they are submitted to us. No revisions or updated copies will be accepted.
4) Submission fees are non-refundable.
5) Feature-length scripts must be a minimum of 35+ pages.
6) Short Scripts must be under 35 pages.
7) All the screenplays must be in English language.
8) We do not accept anonymous submissions.
9) Submissions must be original in content - you must own the property rights to the script.
10) One script submission per entry fee. You can submit as many scripts as you like but these must be individually submitted.
11) We guarantee that any of the scrips which we get will not be publicly presented.
12) We reserve the right to change the date of our anual event

In case of a question please contact us on : info@hollywoodscriptaward.com

Overall Rating
  • Katie Stenblom

    It was great! I hope to make it into more festivals like these ones. I have much to learn still, but I am so grateful I got accepted to that festival.

    January 2022
  • It is a honor to have LEGENDS win for Best Feature Screenplay. This is a competition that was important for me to do well in and I thank the organizers and judges who put their time in to make a well organized and high profile awards contest.

    December 2021
  • Eddie Thompkins

    Hollywood Script Awards was a smooth event run by genuine professionals who really know how to run an awards program. I was very honored to receive Best Writer! One of the few events where you can qualify for a prestigious glass trophy! 5 Stars

    December 2021
  • Thank you for choosing my screenplay, The Note, as an award winner! I look forward to submitting more of my work for your review.

    December 2021
  • Matt Townsend

    Fantastic festival, with great communication. Very honoured to have won with my Script 'Mia'. Many thanks!

    November 2021