HiShorts! International Short Film Festival (formerly recognized as Hua International Short Film Festival) is currently the most influential and biggest short film festival in China. It collects global oriented short films within 3 to 40 minutes, including those of Narrative, Documentary, Animation, Experimental, Commercial and Music Video.
Hishorts! has already formed a rather professional operating system, and held abundant programs, such as screenings, master classes, forums, pitches, award ceremony, etc. Since the first launch in Hollywood in August 2017, Hishorts! has been successfully held for three consecutive sessions, and has set a new record for the number of films it calls for, with 5,388 entries from 120 countries and regions in 2022.
HiShorts! International Short Film Festival successfully invited Lee Chang-dong, an internationally renowned director and former Minister of Culture of South Korea, as the final jury; Xu, Bing, an influential Chinese contemporary artist who has been interviewed by German Chancellor Merkel as our art consultant; the prestigious Golden Palm producer Phillippe Bober (13 award-winning experiences of Cannes, Venice and Berlin International Film Festival) to serve as the final jury; Chinese sixth generation director Zhang Yang to serve as the rotating chairman of Hishorts!; famous actress Liang Jing as the ambassador. Besides, famous actor Liu Peiqi, Huang Lu, Wang Xuebing, Geng Le, Chairman Chen Guanzhong, Professor Dai Jinhua, Zhou Hao, and keyboard Pang Kuan …, nearly 100 outstanding representatives in the field of entertainment actively participated in Hishorts!.

HiShorts!国际短片节(前身华时代全球短片节)是目前中国最有影响力、第一大短片电影节。面向全球征集3-40分钟的短片,内容涵盖剧情短片、纪录短片、动画短片、实验短片、商业短片等单元,活动包括展映、大师班、论坛、创投、评审、颁奖等环节,已形成完整专业的运营体系。自2017年以来,该短片节已连续成功举办三届。2022年HiShorts! 征片数量和质量稳步提升。
以往HiShorts!国际短片节成功邀请到具有戛纳权威影响力的导演、前韩国文化部长李沧东担任终审评委,被誉为具世界影响力并得到德国总理默克尔接见的中国当代艺术家徐冰担任艺术顾问,著名戛纳金棕榈制片人Phillippe Bober(13 次欧洲三大获奖经历)出任终审评委,戛纳主席,两次金棕榈获得者Ruben Ostlund担任评委,第六代导演张杨担任轮值主席把关评审制度,著名演员梁静担任形象大使,另有著名演员刘佩琦,黄璐,王学兵,耿乐,香港著名作家编剧委员会主席陈冠中,著名电影评论家北京大学教授戴锦华,金马奖纪录片终审评委周浩,新裤子乐队键盘手庞宽等文娱领域近100位具有杰出成就的代表踊跃参与。

The festival includes 6 awards, with an exclusive Jury Prize.
「Best Narrative Shorts」
「Best Documentary Shorts」
「Best Experimental Shorts」
「Best Commercial Shorts」
「Best Animation Shorts」
「Best Music Video Shorts」
「Jury Prize」


1. Length: No more than 40 minutes (including the opening and closing credits)
2. Production date: No earlier than January 2022
3. Premiere Status: No Required
4. Format: The final version with CN-EN bilingual subtitles (except for no dialogue films); no more than 5GB in MOV/MP4 format with a minimum 1920x1080 resolution;
5. One of the creators (including director, producer, screenwriter) must have Chinese background (including regions of Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, and Taiwan; overseas Chinese).
6. If any version of the film (including re-edits) has been submitted to previous HiShorts! competitions, it is not eligible for entry.

1. 影片时长:不超过40分钟的短片(含片头片尾)
2. 创作时间:不得早于2022年7月
3. 首映要求:无首映要求
4. 影片规格:含中英文双语字幕的正式展映版本(无对白影片除外),不低于1920*1080,文件大小不超过10GB的MOV/MP4格式的文件;
5. 参赛作品的主创(包含导演、制片人、编剧),必须有一位是华人背景(包括中国大陆地区、香港特别行政区、澳门特别行政区、台湾地区籍身份或海外华人);
6. 若影片的任何版本(包括重新剪辑的情况)曾投递往届HiShorts! 厦门短片周竞赛单元,则不具备参赛资格。

Overall Rating
  • Matthew Baren

    Excellent communication, great programme selection and engagement opportunities.

    January 2022