Helsinki Education Film Festival International (also known as HEFFI) is a platform for filmmakers and educators established for the purpose of improving education and learning experience through films.

HEFFI's objective is to provide a channel for educators and filmmakers in Finland and around the world to show, share, exchange ideas and methods, including non-traditional ways that will open greater opportunities for collaboration for further development of education.

The Finnish educational system is considered among the best, if not the top, in the world. Thanks to the government, this prestige is due to its progressive commitment to excellence in improving the quality of education offered in academic institutions in the country.

Finland is in constant search for new ways how to adopt to the ever-changing need and circumstances of our generation. If a method is proven by research, Finnish schools will soon implement it.

According to a latest survey conducted by a leading video production company in the US, majority of educators around the world recognise and believe the importance and advantage of videos in learning experience. The Millenials which make up the biggest generational group in the US have grown attached to media technology.

The role of videos in our generation's learning is remarkably undeniable. Different online digital platforms are amassing followers by the millions, both youth and adults. Videos and films are the latest, most commonly used, and most engaging medium of information in our time.

HEFFI is specifically designed for this purpose - to educate the new generation through films.

Certificates/Plaques/trophies and/or give-aways from Finland


Films have to be submitted only via FilmFreeway.

Films must not be more than four years old and have no prior released versions on Social Media or other public video platforms: Youtube, Vimeo, etc. Submission fee is not refundable.

Once a film is submitted, it may not be withdrawn for any reason. Submission fee has to be made at the point of submission.

Filmmakers should have all required rights and releases for all the persons presented, possess the rights or have permission to make use all images, music and content that is included in the entry.


All films accepted to screen at the festival must be in PAL, DOLBY DIGITAL SOUND. Films accepted to screen at the festival must be submitted on a thumb drive and sent by mail. In addition, the submitter must provide a tracking number of the parcel and a link to a backup copy of the film online.

Due to theater requirements, the theater must have a physical copy of the film.
HEFFI does not mail back thumb drive or copies of the film unless a prepaid envelope has been received from the filmmaker. Thumb drives will be given back to filmmakers at the festival.


By submitting to Helsinki Education Film Festival International (HEFFI) we have the right to preview your film. If accepted, filmmaker must submit the film in the requested format.

Helsinki Education Film Festival International (HEFFI) holds the right to withhold this video file for Helsinki Education Film Festival International archives. If accepted you fully grant HEFFI the non-exclusive right, royalty-free and license to showcase this film/video during the Helsinki Education Film Festival International.

Entrant(s) agree that clips from the entry and all publicity material submitted can be used for promotional purposes on radio, television, in print, web and at live events.

The submitter/filmmaker will indemnify and exempt Helsinki Education Film Festival International from and against all kinds claims, liabilities, damages, losses and expenses that might be incurred for any reason including trademark copyright, credits, screening, publicity and loss of or damage to the material.


The venue and date of the final event are subject to change. The satisfaction and well-being of everyone is our priority. Due to the unpredictable nature of the COVID pandemic, the organisers are dependent on the health measures and requirements imposed by the Finnish government. Please be guided and updated by our website and social media accounts (i.e. facebook, twitter, instagram).

Overall Rating
  • Very focused festival, great communication. Wish I could have travelled to participate in person! Thanks for selecting Becoming Unlimited.

    February 2023
  • Bengt Danneborn

    We just love HEFFI. A really cosy filmfestival in the heart of Helsinki that gives you the opportunity to meet and connect with professionals, not just for a chat, but to bond with people and colleageues from countries around the world. Thank you for this imprortant film festival and good luck in the years to come. Susanne & Bengt

    December 2022
  • Bertrand Lemeunier

    Here is a festival of great quality!
    From the first contacts, to the selection, to the award ceremony with videos and the winners, it was a great pleasure to be part of it and to present our documentary "Growing on Two Wheels" in Finland.

    Thank you very much for the award "Best Travel Educational Film"!

    November 2021
  • Preston Chase

    Thank you so much for giving me such an honour to display my first film Mr. Emancipation: The Walter Perry Story at the Helsinki Education film festival international. I was thrilled and over the moon to be part of it. I must say excellent communication and I look forward to entering future projects. I hope one day to attend in person

    October 2021
  • Martin Thaw

    I feel very honoured to have my film “The Vengeance of the Animals” selected and be a part of Helsinki Education Film Festival International 2020. The team at the festival is very professional and friendly to work with. The quality of the selected works for 2020 is very high; this makes the festival a highly respectable one. The mission of using films from international filmmakers to provide a diverse educational platform for the locals is very meaningful. Excellent experience! ~ Martin Thaw

    October 2020