The human rights film festival in Western Austria.

More than six years ago, the idea of this festival was conceived. At its core, it was intended to promote fundamental human rights, common values and to portray the world and its individuals as one common unity.

Ever since it has expanded – reaching and transporting more and more people each year.

Over the course of seven days, the festival intends to give insights into the diversity of human rights related topics, as well as set impulses on what each of us can do for the protection of our human rights.

Around 70 NGOs, initiatives and institutions from Austria, and beyond are invited to share these values through their platforms.

The 6th edition of the HUMAN VISION film festival is taking place in Vorarlberg, from March 6th to March 12th, 2022.

We are very much looking forward to your submissions.

• All films - documentary and fictional features, animations and experimental films - produced after January 1st 2019 are accepted.
• All films must have a minimum running time of 60 minutes.
• Only films that haven't had a premiere or a theatrical release in Vorarlberg, Austria can be submitted. World and Austrian premieres may be given priority.
• Films may have been released theatrically in their country of origin.
• Films must not have been broadcast on the internet or on TV.

• In this section, ONLY short animations and experimental films will be accepted.
• All short films produced after January 1st 2019 are accepted.
• All short films must have a maximum running time of 30 minutes.
• An Austrian premiere is NOT a must.
• Premieres may be given priority.

• Screeners must be in original language with either English or German subtitles.
• You can upload your films via the HUMAN VISION film festival’s FilmFreeway account.
• Entry Fee: free of charge!

• The festival’s selection committee makes the first selection of films, videos and new media works
• Selection decisions made by the festival committee are final
• Priority might be given to works that are examples of formal and technical innovation
• We will inform all directors who submitted a film, about the final selection of the competition programme. Due to the great amount of entries, we unfortunately can´t give individual statements or feedbacks. Thank you for your understanding!

If a film is selected,

• An application e-mail with all the necessary documents and the viewing copy must be received by
• The following exhibition formats are accepted for the festival: DCP and on request master files (Pro Res HQ)
• Use three minutes of a feature film and one minute of a short film for broadcasting purposes on television and on the internet
• Publicity material (press books, posters, stills, etc.) must be received by the festival organization to promote the festival

The applicant is responsible for the one-way shipping costs of the projection print to the festival. The festival will bear the costs for returning the print to the sender.

The deadline for films to arrive in Vienna is November 1st, 2021. Works that arrive after this date will not be guaranteed inclusion in the festival.
The festival will return the material within four weeks after the festival unless otherwise arranged. Please bear in mind that the consignee is responsible for the re-importation charges at the country of destination.

The films and videos will be insured from the time of reception by the film festival to the time of their return to the shipping company. Transport insurance in both directions is the responsibility of the participants. Upon gaining possession of the film or video from the shipping company which, in consultation with the festival organization, is responsible for shipment of film or video, the festival will only then accept limited responsibility for the film or video extending to the time that the festival
organization returns the film or video to the shipping company. The definition of this limited responsibility only includes a refund of laboratory expenses for making a new print of the roll or rolls of film damaged, or in case of a video, a duplication of the videotape. This refund will be calculated according to current German laboratory prices. It does not extend to negatives, positives or any other type of film component. In case of faulty projection, the festival cannot be held responsible for immaterial damage suffered by director, producer or distributor. Complaints will only be considered if you lodge them within 6 weeks of the festival’s end. Press kits, photos, videocassettes and other material are not included in this limited insurance responsibility. It should also be pointed out that guests of the festival are not covered by the festival insurance. The inclusion of any film or video considered technically unfit for public screening may be refused. The appropriate laws of the Federal
Republic of Austria apply.

The festival director’s decisions are final. Entry and inclusion of films implies acceptance of the regulations.
In unspecified cases, the festival management will make a final decision.

HUMAN VISION film festival
Färbergasse 15 | Rhomberg's Fabrik
6850 Dornbirn | Vorarlberg
Tel: +43 5572 2193320