For the sequel to the anthology film, Gravedigger Dave's Halfway House, we're seeking YOUR shorts! We're looking for genre films of all kinds: horror, docu-horror, sci-fi, haunted house, superhero, supernatural thriller, true crime, and just about anything with a bizarre twist. Any country, under 20 minutes in length, any language (as long as you can provide English subtitles).

A bit of background: Gravedigger Dave's Halfway House, which premiered to a sold-out crowd on 3/1/20, is a collection of short films that focused on the hauntings of northern Minnesota. It's currently free on Amazon's Prime Video globally-

For Part 2, we want to expand the scope of the first film by including shorts from across the globe, as well as including a wider variety of genres. The accepted shorts will be edited into a FEATURE LENGTH ANTHOLOGY FILM that will premiere at Gravedigger Dave’s Anthology Festival on 8/8/2021 at Zeitgeist Zinema Theater in Duluth, MN. After the festival, the anthology film will be released to stream globally online for free. It will also be released on DVD and sold at-cost (meaning it will be priced to only cover the costs of manufacturing the DVDs). This is an artistic endeavor only, and the festival will not profit by selling your shorts.

The idea with this project is to include AS MANY SHORT FILMS AS POSSIBLE, either as "Official Selections," or as "Semi-Finalists."

Accepted short films will screen live at Gravedigger Dave's Anthology Festival, edited into the anthology sequel to Gravedigger Dave's Halfway House. Accepted filmmakers will receive "Official Selection" laurels, and be credited as DIRECTORS in the FEATURE ANTHOLOGY FILM. That's right, Official Selections get a Director credit in the film and on IMdB when it is released online. This could be an easy way for you to jump from a short film credit on IMdB to a feature film credit.

Semi-Finalists aren't being left out, though. The concept of this anthology sequel has two characters telling each other stories (the official selections). But as they each struggle to think of the next story to tell, we see them cycle through a variety of stories that appear in the form of rapid flash-frames. This is where the Semi-Finalist films come in. We'll only be showing a brief flashes of the semi-finalist films, but we need a ton of content to make the story work. These filmmakers will receive "Semi-Finalist" laurels and be included in the credits and on IMdB as Associate Directors.

Submission Guidelines:
-Minimum resolution 1920X1080
-Maximum length 20 minutes
-No censorship rules

By submitting your film you are agreeing to grant nonexclusive rights for the live screening in Duluth, the free streaming globally in perpetuity, and the DVDs sold at-cost in perpetuity (meaning it will be priced to only cover the costs of manufacturing the DVDs). Nonexclusive means you are still free to distribute your short film in any way you choose in perpetuity. You are are the owner of your film, not us. We only have non-exclusive distribution rights. You can still screen your short at any festival in the world, monetize your short in any way you can, and release your short on YouTube, Vimeo, Prime, television, or anywhere.

Overall Rating
  • I wasn't able to attend, but they selected me and made me a finalist so I LOVE this festival!!!...Thank you so much!!!

    July 2022
  • Thanks for the Honorablr Mention!

    September 2021
  • Can't fault this brilliant festival, so well organised and friendly. 👽🙌
    We were very proud to be part of with our film AREA51?52!

    September 2021
  • Emmet O'Brien

    Very happy to be involved in any way with this wonderful festival!

    August 2021
  • Alexandre Totti

    We love having participated in this prestigious festival! Cinema Always!

    August 2021