Gold Star Movie Awards is a monthly competition which takes place in front of a live audience every month in an event where entry is by invitation only due to the current pandemic.

We promote world cinema and quality scripts to a wide range of audience both locally and internationally.

Every month, the winners from shorts category shall be screened in front of a panel of esteemed judges.



Best Film of the Month (of any length)

Best Script of the Month (of any length)

Category Awards

Films/Videos -

Best Short
Best Feature
Best Documentary Short
Best Documentary Feature
Best Drama Short
Best Drama Feature
Best Sci Fi Short
Best Sci Fi Feature
Best Thriller Short
Best Thriller Feature
Best Horror Short
Best Horror Feature
Best Romantic Short
Best Romantic Feature
Best Experimental Short
Best Experimental Feature
Best Social Short
Best Social Feature
Best Women's Short
Best Women's Feature
Best LGBTQI+ Short
Best LGBTQI+ Feature
Best Comedy Short
Best Comedy Feature
Best Sports Film
Best Inspirational Film
Best Fantasy Short
Best Fantasy Feature
Best Animation Film
Best Ad Film
Best Web Series
Best TV Series
Best Young Adults Film
Best Children's Film
Best Music Video


Best Short Script
Best Feature Script
Best Micro Script

Best Romantic Script
Best Thriller Script
Best Drama Script
Best Social Script
Best Horror Script
Best Sci Fi Script
Best Comedy Script

Additional awards

Best Actor (Single award, not dependent on the gender of the artist)
Best Make-Up
Best Special Effects
Best Cinematic Treatment
Best Color Grading
Best Director
Best Directorial Debut
Best Producer
Best Cinematography
Best Costume
Best Sound Design
Best Music Director
Best Choreographer

We provide Cash Prizes ($100 USD) to the following title winners every month-
1. Best Film of the month
2. Best Screenplay of the month

The selection process for Best Film/Best Script of the month is a completely independent process and doesn’t bear any relation with the winners in Best Short/Best Feature for films and scripts.


Films/videos either short or of feature length are accepted without any production year restrictions.

Original scripts of any length are accepted.

English subtitles are must for films/videos which are not in English.

Scripts are accepted only in English.

If any open source content is used in any film/videos, the same needs to be mentioned.

Submission fees are non-refundable.

The judges' decisions are final, non-negotiable and non-questionable.

Any film/script that promotes bias against any community, faith, gender, race, culture, sexual orientation shall be disqualified.

Non-English films without subtitles shall be disqualified.

Scripts not in English shall be disqualified.

Winners shall be provided with a printable certificate and laurel.

All information shall be on the public domain of FilmFreeway and our official website.

Spammers shall not be entertained.

Overall Rating
  • Bethel Bates

    I am so humble and my heart is full with gratitude. Thank you Global Star Movie Awards! You rock!

    June 2021
  • Thank you for providing Black Eyes an Honorable Mention for the Gold Star Film Festival. As director and producer on the film MJ Palo is thrilled to report that Black Eyes has been selected by the Venice Film Festival, AOF Film Festival, Hollywood Global Shorts Film Festival, LA Indies Film Festival, and the LA Sun Film Festival.

    Black Eyes is also proud to announce that Nicole Epper star of No Virtue and Narcos is our main lead character as Victoria Sparks who watches her sister raped and murdered. Jasmeet "Jazz" Baduwalia who plays Ravi Shaw, the Blue Ranger in Power Rangers Beast Morphers is also playing the sinister Ryan Gallow in Black Eyes.

    Black Eyes was filmed shortly after Halloween and while filming we used a spooky Jack o’ Lantern that provided flickering candlelight in the background then decided to go with the flow and added a colorful Day Of The Dead mask to cover Jazz’ face. This acted as a great reveal when Nicole pulls off the mask exposing Jazz’ bloody then slashed his throat for using a bat to knock out his wife’s eye.

    Last but not least we used part of the credits to show a public service message to shout out the phone number for the National Domestic Abuse Hotline #1-800-722-SAFE to help provide women who experience domestic abuse at home like my mother did when my father pushed her down the stairs causing a miscarriage of my unborn sister.

    As our main character says... “In order to catch evil you must become the evil you must catch.” This quote becomes the heart and soul of Black Eyes.

    Thank you again for honoring 👀 Black Eyes 👀

    Allan Tamshen
    Executive Producer, Writer

    June 2021
  • A great festival all around and amazing with their communication. Thank you for the honorable mention!

    June 2021
  • Tom Thorpe

    This festival was exceptional for me because my entry was awarded Best Thriller Script. Communication was timely and the recognition is appreciated.

    June 2021
  • I had a good submission history with this festival thanks!

    June 2021