Global Mobile Film Awards™ (GMFA) is an Awards Ceremony which takes place annually online globally. The ceremony is open to filmmakers who shoot their films with only mobile phones and who have won official awards at any film festival or film/video contest.

GMFA was launched on February 2017 and held it's first inaugural awards ceremony in December 2017. Global Mobile Film Awards™ has been dubbed as the "Oscars" of the smartphone mobile film industry.

Awarded films receive official recognition as the Best of the best with laurel and certificate and a claim validated on the website along with publicity in press releases and social media. Because all films nominated have won official awards, awardees by GMFA are considered the best of the best. Awardees are listed on the website for the year they are awarded with their film title, a photo and brief biography along with a brief statement or written "acceptance speech."

Every film selected for a nomination to compete receives a prestigious claim to have been nominated for this award. Names and film will be listed on the website indefinitely as nominees for the year in which they are nominated.

The only films that can submit to Global Mobile Film Awards™ are films which can prove their film received an official award from a qualifying film festival. Usually, a qualifying film festival has built a professional and ethical reputation. Festivals do not have to be “mobile” or exclusive to mobile phones or devices.

Submission guidelines for films to be considered for nomination:

-Films must be shot with only smartphones, exception of only 10% of total footage by drone. Horizontal format (widescreen) only.

-Films must have received an official award by a film festival

-Legal clearance for all films with copyrights, media licenses and other “license to use” proof may be requested

-All films must be widescreen format (no vertical videos)

-English subtitles must be included for films of non-english films and/or inaudible speaking dialogue

-Films should not be shorter than 3 minutes or longer than 90 minutes.

-No Nudity or pornographic content, no offensive content

-These are the basic rules to keep in mind before requesting to submit a mobile film for nomination and depending on your film and circumstances, we may ask for proof of things such as Talent Release, Minor Consent, etc.

Submission fees on FilmFreeway are non-refundable. We want to make sure you qualify before you pay for submission. Feel free to contact us using the contact form on our website at

A limited number of films will be nominated each year. The non-nomination of a film does not mean a film does not qualify.

Note: All filmmaker’s who shot their film with smartphones should always check to see if the film festival which they received their award from, is a GMFA Member Film Festival before submitting a film to us.

ALL FILMS MUST BE AVAILABLE ONLINE FOR PUBLIC ACCESS. Films may be shown in their entirety before the awards show. Films must be uploaded to YouTube account and made public December 19 through January 19.

Overall Rating
  • Stefen Harris

    We are very excited to be part of the Global Mobile Film Awards. This is so much more than a festival and Susy has helped us network and meet other filmmakers and discover many more opportunities for our film.

    February 2020