Il Centro Studi Sereno Regis presenta GIVE PEACE A SCREEN, primo concorso cinematografico per cortometraggi dedicato al tema della pace e della soluzione creativa dei conflitti. Il festival è rivolto a giovani registȝ italianȝ e stranierȝ. Saranno ammesse opere di finzione e film documentari.
Il Concorso, che apre la call per lȝ autorȝ lunedì 17 aprile 2023, organizzerà le proiezioni pubbliche venerdì 6, sabato 7 e domenica 8 ottobre 2023, a conclusione della quinta edizione del Festival della Nonviolenza e della Resistenza Civile. La scadenza per l’iscrizione al Concorso e per l’invio degli elaborati è il 15 agosto 2023.
saranno attribuiti alla
miglior regia e alla miglior sceneggiatura.

Centro Studi Sereno Regis presents GIVE PEACE A SCREEN, the first film competition for short films dedicated to the theme of peace and the creative solution of conflicts.
The festival is aimed at young Italian and foreign directors. Works of fiction and documentary films are eligible.
The Competition, which opens the call for the author on Monday 17th April 2023, will organize public screenings on Friday 6, Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 October 2023, at the conclusion of the fifth edition of the “Nonviolence and Civil Resistance Festival”. The deadline for registering for the Competition and for sending the entries is 15 August 2023.

Il concorso assegnerà tre premi principali: il premio gli occhiali di Gandhi, storico riconoscimento del Centro Studi Sereno Regis; il premio istituito da Michelangelo Pistoletto, La pace preventiva; il premio alla memoria di Adonella Marena, la filmaker torinese che ha dedicato la sua professione ai temi dell’ambiente e dell’antispecismo. Tutti i premi avranno una dotazione di 1000 euro.

Pay close attention to the regulation: works that are not related to the themes of the festival will not be accepted!

The competition will award three main prizes: Gandhi's glasses, the prize in memory of Adonella Marena, the Turin filmmaker who worked so much on environmental and anti-speciesism issues, and the Michelangelo Pistoletto’s “Preventive Peace” prize. Each prize is worth 1,000 euros. Other prizes will be awarded to best director and best screenplay.

1. The GPAS Short Film Fest is a project of the Centro Studi Sereno Regis. Participation in the Competition is free: you can register and send video works starting from Friday 14 April 2023. The deadline for registering for the Competition and for sending the works is 15 August 2023. The screening of the films to the public selected will be held in Turin
from 6 to 8 October 2023.

2. Fiction and documentary short films made by Italian and foreign authors that reflect on the theme of the current edition are admitted to the Competition.
The Give Peace A Screen competition welcomes works that deal with all the themes included in the nonviolent culture: opposition to war, education for peace, denunciation of injustices, struggles for the affirmation of rights, the search for a nonviolent relationship with Nature . During the festival the films will be presented divided into thematic areas.

3. Films made no earlier than 1 January 2021 and whose duration does not exceed 30 minutes, including opening and closing credits, are eligible. Two works for each director can be entered in the festival.

4. Only those who, on the expiry date of the announcement (15 August 2023), have not completed the thirty-fifth year of age will be admitted to the Competition. Authors over 35 and works longer than 30 minutes may eventually be selected for the Out of Competition section.

5. All works not in Italian must be accompanied by a file of subtitles in Italian and English in .srt format and by the list of dialogues in Italian and/or English. Works already entered in other festivals are also admitted.

6. All the works received and considered compliant with these regulations will be viewed by a commission which, at its sole discretion, will choose those admitted to the Competition and presented to the Jury which will award the prizes. The selected works will be evaluated by a Jury which, at its sole discretion, will award the prizes:
Gandhi's Glasses prize of 1000 euros for the best film;
Michelangelo Pistoletto’s “Preventive peace” prize of 1000 euros;
Adonella Marena prize of 1000 euros.
Pertinace Award for Best Director;
Aurora Award for Best Screenplay.

7. In order to participate in the Competition, the authors must necessarily send an email to by and no later than August 15th 2023 containing the following materials:
a) the unlisted link (e.g. on youtube, vimeo) or private link with password to allow the selection committee and the jury
to view the film online; the indication "Section - Title of the work";
b) a brief synopsis (max 500 characters) indicating the name/s of the authors and the director;
c) 3 good resolution images relating to the film (minimum 300 dpi) and a photograph of the director;
d) indication of whether or not the film is free from rights and whether it contains literary or musical passages for which
authorization has not been requested;
e) an indication of whether the short has already been screened before and on what occasion.

8. Only in the event of selection in the Competition will the authors be required to promptly send the high definition file of their film, in the manner and within the times indicated by the organization of the Competition.

9. Participation in the announcement implies acceptance of all the rules contained in these regulations and implies the release of consent to the Centro Studi Sereno Regis to use the works for the purposes of the competition, also in any future non-profit screenings, consistent with the spirit of the proposing entity, with the mention of the intellectual property of the author who will be informed of any eventual projection.
The selected films will become part of the Centro Studi Sereno Regis archive, which will be able to use them for any free screenings for educational, research or other purposes, in various venues and in various contexts linked to the competition, always and exclusively non-commercial nature.

10. The request to register for GIVE PEACE A SCREEN implies the unconditional acceptance of these regulations. This document, duly signed by each director – bearing the title of the work and name and surname of the author/author in capital letters – serves as a release for the screening of the works held by the CSSR association during the events organized by the Association (subject communication to the director/production company).

11. For information, write to the following email address: