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A Global Cavalcade of Animated Shorts #DirectedbyWomen – Part 1

Gathering short animated films less than 10 minutes in length for an evening celebration of work by women directors from around the globe.

A Global Cavalcade of Animated Shorts #DirectedbyWomen will take place in Bloomington, Indiana as part of the 4th Annual #DirectedbyWomen Worldwide Film Viewing Party, which brings the global film community together for a film-viewing party appreciating an incredible diversity of films throughout the month of September. During the Worldwide Film Viewing Party, film lovers will gather together in their communities around the world for film screenings and guest filmmaker visits—all designed to focus attention on women film directors and their work. Film lovers everywhere are invited to co-create the Worldwide Film Viewing Party by creating their own events—large or small.

A Global Cavalcade of Animated Shorts #DirectedbyWomen screening is FREE, open to the public and will be held at The Indiana University Libraries Screening Room—a beautiful, intimate venue with great projection and sound.

Curated by filmmaker Laura Ivins and Barbara Ann O'Leary, catalyst behind the #DirectedbyWomen initiative.


Lotte that Silhouette Girl [9:58]
Directed by Carla Patullo and Elizabeth Beecherl

Dating Apocalypse [2:25]
Directed by Mary Nittolo

Peace Carpet [4:06]
Directed by Ziba Arzhang

UkeLayla [7:57]
Directed by Haleigh Mooney

Sonámbula [3:25]
Directed by Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez

The FBI Blew Up My Ice Skates [7:00]
Directed by Sara Zia Ebrahimi

Wild Woman [3:41]
Directed by Vanessa Sweet

Meeting MacGuffin [9:58]
Directed by Catya Plate

My Darlin' [4:16]
Directed by Edy Szewy

Story of Aishan [5:15]
Directed by Hong jia bao

Pitiguá [2:36]
Directed by Paula Martínez Cirilo

Panic Attack! [3:00]
Directed by Eileen O'Meara

Derma [1:10]
Directed by Antonia Neatby

Mothers and Daughters [2:20]
Directed by Gabriella Marsh

They Call Us Maids - the Domestic Workers' Story [7:00]
Directed by Leeds Animation Workshop

349 [3:10]
Directed by Kristen Lauth Shaeffer

Thanks to every woman director who offered her animated short for consideration. It was an honor to receive your work.

The screening is free but seating is limited. Please visit the IULMIA Screening Room event calendar to reserve your seat:

There will be no charge for admission to the screenings and no awards or prizes. The celebration is purely for the art of watching and talking about the work!

The films need to (a) be directed by women, (b) not exceed 10 minutes in length, (c) be animated, and (d) be available for screening (no exhibition conflicts of any kind).

Overall Rating
  • This is a fantastic event that celebrates Animated films made by Women. The festival is created and curated by passionate festival organizers Barbara O'Leary and Laura Ivins. I wasn't able to attend the screening but the communication with the directors throughout was impeccable. I was honored to be part of this amazing lineup of films. I highly encourage Women animators to submit their short films to this event.

    October 2018